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  1. Week 10 Open Discussion.

    How soon would the Eagles be able to lock up the division? If they win next Sunday they would be 9-1 with 6 games to go with the next closest in the division being Dallas at 5-5 who the Eagles would have a 4.5 game lead on.
  2. Aaron Rodgers-hurt

    Well there is one less NFC top tier team for the Eagles to worry about...
  3. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    I kept saying it during the lead up to the draft, he will be nothing more than Reggie Bush in the NFL.
  4. Week 4: Bears @ Packers

    Glennonis a more expensive Nick Foles.
  5. Is McNabb a Hall Of Famer?

    He has no business being in the Hall of Fame.
  6. Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    Such a nice thing that must be for Goff to have a back like Gurley.
  7. Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    Their helmet is blue and white.
  8. Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    Hold up, why the Rams allowed to use a different helmet for their alternates but the Eagles can't use a different helmet with kelly green uniforms?
  9. Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    Foles has shown he and Hoyer are on the same level of awful QB. One good fluke season and then just garbage from there on out.
  10. Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    What use would Foles have for the 49ers? Foles is a turnover machine too. He would have just been another tanking option for them. Hoyer or Foles it's all the same result in the end.
  11. Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    I can't wait for the Goff - Wentz game later this season. It should have been a MNF game that week instead of a Sunday afternoon game.
  12. Week 1: Saints @ Vikings

    Bradford is killing it. If the improved Vikings oline holds up he is going to have the best season of his career by far.
  13. Week 1: Giants @ Cowboys

    The Giants offense is so pathetically bad.
  14. Week 1: Giants @ Cowboys

    Let's go Brandon Marshall. Put money on the Giants and picked them in all my pools and now ODB Jr isn't playing.
  15. Thursday Night Football: Pats vs KC

    Pats goal line running game not missing a beat. Makes you wonder how much of Blount's season was Blount and how much was that Patriots offense.