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  1. Jay90

    Tom Brady

    Probably afraid Nick would lay the hammer on him. Either that or he’s too busy having quiet time with his son.
  2. Maybe it's because I'm an Eagles fan, but... because everyone thinks we're going to get 5+ sacks, I feel like the pitiful Giants line will hold up finally.
  3. Not gonna happen. You'd think if McCoy were available there would have been some sort of conversation, whether we started it or not, when the Darby trade was in the works. I know things have changed since then I.E. JMatt getting hurt, Boldin retiring, etc, but even so. That and I don't think I can remember a time teams made a trade and then made another trade a week or two later.
  4. Theoretically we should have all of those things that we "need". I wouldn't overreact to a couple of preseason games
  5. Jay90

    Saints shopping CB Breaux

    Kelce and a 5th for Breaux and a 3rd
  6. Jay90

    Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    What makes you say this? You're entitled to your opinion, but Mariota is absolutely better right now.
  7. Jay90

    Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    Too early to say, but MM is clearly the better QB so far and really, it's not close.