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  1. Could the NFL and NFLPA have found a way to make this even more embarrassing
  2. Because despite eerily similar stats compared to Kaepernick, and the Heisman trophy winning 2012 OROY son of military parents, we know damn well his attitude and fragility just isn't worth having him as a backup. People either get it or they don't. It's like when T.O. was at the end and got cut from Seattle. The talking heads went on and on about how Owens was still good enough to at least be a 3rd or 4th receiver in the NFL. The truth was, it didn't matter. If TO had a drama free history, he would have probably had another 2 years in the league. Instead, no team felt a diva who was guaranteed to drag a media circus with him with potential to divide the locker room who was at the end of his career. Simply not worth it. Teams would much prefer the lesser talented guy you never heard fighting for his job and willing to go all out on special teams. This isn't complicated
  3. While more attention should have been spent on the line, since 2013 the Giants have spent 2 1st round picks a 2nd round pick, signed the best offensive lineman from the CFL, and signed several FA starting lineman. Again, it's rather amazing how much better than line has looked the last 3 weeks especially when Hart is on the bench. Let's not forget, the Giants were going up against a top 5 Defense last night and yet for the first time in recent memory, got actual push in the run game. I still point more towards scheme and coaching. Again, who's decision is it to start Hart when he's probably at best, their 3rd best option at RT?
  4. Nah. Same guys were there the last 2 years
  5. Yeah. Bobby Hart must have pictures of McAdoo or something. What ever could possibly explain him starting after having been blatantly outplayed since preseason?
  6. I put on number on it because the Giants let the previous 3 games slip through their fingers mostly due to boneheaded HC coaching decisions. It's not just the playcalling. Giants tweaked the oline a few weeks ago and it made a world of a difference. However, even if the Giants were 4-2, the season would still be lost due to missing 3 of their top 4 receivers for the season and staring down a gauntlet of schedule. Just an unfortunate season
  7. Not for nothing but the line actually hasnt looked half bad when Hart has been out of the lineup post tweaks.
  8. Weeden/Fitz having gigs really proves nothing considering that guys like RG3 can't even get a phone call.
  9. Everyone loves to point the finger at Jerry Reese. Don't get me wrong, he deserves plenty of blame. However, McAdoo deserves the blame for this season. His incredibly predictable playcalling to go with questionable decisions cost the Giants the previous 3 games. McAdoo takes a step back and finally gives up playcalling. The result: Even without the top 4 WRs, Olivier Vernon, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie the Giants went into Denver and won convincingly. Same talent that Reese provided. Same OL that Reese put forth have actually held up well when Hart wasn't starting(coincidence?)A shake up or 2 and suddenly the Giants can run the ball. Just imagine of McAdoo pulled his head out of his arse a month ago... The Giants would be sitting at 4-2 Instead, they're now just losing draft position
  10. Yep. Mine too. Guess I'll grab Luck if he ever actually gets activated
  11. Don't compare a WR to a QB. WR's job is to make plays. QB's job is to lead the team.
  12. This was probably his last season as Giants anyway. Great player but he's in his early 30s now and is chronically dinged up. He also takes up a nice chunk of the cap. Best bet is to hope for a trade offer for some desperate team trying to get into the playoffs
  13. Neither of the guys in the pic will be suiting up for the Giants this month
  14. Carson. I love Luck but I get the feeling that his shoulder has permanent damage. Cam is an incredible talent but is still way to immature
  15. Dude has pretty much been my fantasy team MVP