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  1. vincent_NJG

    Giants fans...

    Yeah but on the bright side, draft day will be fun for the next half decade
  2. vincent_NJG

    Giants fans...

    Oh I agree. I see the reasons why he was signed unlike the majority of Twitter My lone real issue with it was too much money.
  3. vincent_NJG

    Giants fans...

    I agree that they gave him too much but at the same time I think we're putting to much into his coffee break in Philly. He was on pace for 90+ 1000+ 7+ line before the trade. Also, there's a need for savvy veterans during a mass roster turnover Way too much money though. Especially guaranteed money.
  4. vincent_NJG

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Agreed. Even those that supported Kaep don't care. Especially considering that at best, he sold out which in the minds of his supporters, is about the worst thing you could do as a wealthy activist.
  5. vincent_NJG

    Tyreek Hill under investigation for beating his son

    As the father of a 3 year old boy, this is beyond sickening
  6. vincent_NJG

    Giants fans...

    He kept the pot stirring to say the least. Yeah, definitely concerned especially since the last 2 years would have been an absolute paradise for him with what has happened and now. Hope all is well with him.
  7. vincent_NJG

    Giants fans...

    Couldn't agree more (outside of DJ. I'm lukewarm on him at best). Talking heads want clicks and bashing gets them just that. It's fun and easy. That last part is dead on. Since his headbutting of Josh Norman, the very same media that has ripped the Giants all day everyday for not disciplining OBJ enough and supposedly being stupid for daring to sign him longterm is now ripping the Giants to shreds and is painting OBJ as a wonderful guy on and off the field. It's just irritating to say the least. Whole lot of piling on
  8. vincent_NJG

    Giants fans...

    Not sure why everyone is so hell-bent on Eli getting cut. It's the final year of his contract and there isn't any real major FAs out there that warrant freeing up immediate cap space. Giants are already leading the league in dead money. There's really little to gain from getting rid of him now. To me, it's wiser to keep him one final year to perhaps if nothing else, mentor Haskins if they take him or someone else and then let his contract expire after the season.
  9. vincent_NJG

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    I loved Landon Collins but his last 2 season were nowhere near what he accomplished in 2016. LC struggled mightily as a rookie and then went beserk as a sophomore. Since then he's been ok. Jabrill Peppers and Landon Collins were basically the same player last season. The difference this year is one will be making about $14 mil while the other will be making $1 mil. I'd say Jabrill is about 85-90% of the player that LC is for less than 10% of the cost.
  10. vincent_NJG

    Giants fans...

    You're most positive than I.
  11. vincent_NJG

    Giants fans...

    I think an extra 2nd would have done it for me. Unlike many, I'm not too upset by this. Ive grown tired of him. Unbelievable player but he's just so much drama. Only a matter of time before he goes turns into Antonio Brown.
  12. vincent_NJG

    Giants fans...

    Landon Collins 2.0 for a fraction of the $$ and a couple picks. Giants should have received more.
  13. Dead on. He's a good player but way overpaid.
  14. vincent_NJG

    Case Keenum Traded To Washington

    Rumor has it, DC is trying to get Rosen from the Cards. Keenum is their backup so they won't have to pull Sanchez out of retirement again
  15. vincent_NJG

    Bears new kicker....BWahhhahhhahahh!!!

    It's like trusting your money with a guy named Madoff.