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  1. ESPN is desperate. They went and alienated much of their followers due to not only becoming political but even taking a political side. Now after having a load of layoffs along with breaking up their one show that was actually bringing them ratings, they've been reduced to grasping at straws. Bringing back Hank Williams jr is a straight up PR stunt to appeal to those who bailed on ESPN for leaning left. Now they're just irritating everyone else. That Monday Night Football intro song was overdone, self indulgent and mostly unwanted. Lame move by ESPN. Don't worry though. They'll just keep blaming their falling ratings on people "cutting the cord".
  2. I think the final straw could have been his praising of Fidel Castro. Remember Ozzie Guillen? Dude had some controversial views involving racism and had anti LGBT language but still was a well respected manager who was lauded especially for leading the White Sox to their first World Series in forever. Then in Miami, he heaps some praise onto Fidel. He does this in an area with a high amount of Cuban exiles and descendants of Cuban exiles while being in a sport with a high Cuban American population. Attendance and ratings dropped to go along with his team not winning. Ozzie goes from beloved to hated overnight and has been out of MLB ever since. Many shrugged at Kaep until he threw praise on Fidel right before playing in Miami. It was in that game that son of a Cuban exile Kiko Alonso, drilled Kaep to end the game and afterwards spoke of the "bad blood" he had with Kaep due to his praise of Castro. Calling the ways of the US oppressive while talking up a guy who made his career out oppressing people to the point that the bottom of the ocean between Cuba and southern Florida is littered with the skeletons of hundreds to possibly thousands of Cubans fleeing Castros regime. It also doesn't help that he didn't do any activism until AFTER he he got benched and he didn't donate a dime until AFTER he got called out for it.
  3. Possibly but who cares? Hes now involved in his new career in professional Activism where he takes in contributions for the "cause" and then can let everyone know about every humanitarian deed he does.
  4. The best part is that the bad teams in the NBA and NHL still proceed to tank. Far more games than in the NFL. In the NFL, even if you start 0-7 at the you still in some cases, have an outside shot at making the playoffs if you were to go on a run. Only a handful of teams are eliminated with a month to go. In the NBA/NHL you can be eliminated with 20+ games to go.
  5. Are you implying that I'm some sort of eternal pessimist? Im optimistic sometimes... For example, I believe that out of the upcoming new batch of reaches and injury prone "steals" that the Giants will be getting from the draft, that perhaps 1 or 2 may have a positive impact...
  6. I think you're all being a little too hard on him. After all... It's not all that often that a sports fan calls into a local sports show and claims that their team is getting hosed... Oh wait.... Nevermind.
  7. So a Giants fan just did what eagles fans have been doing for years and you're shocked?
  8. I couldn't agree more. I always felt that the bye nowhere near as relevant as so many make it out to be. When a team is on a roll, a bye can bring it to a stop. When a team is struggling and banged up, a bye can help. That's about it.
  9. I think I recall eagles fans on here crying about facing 3 after their bye or something. It is what it is.
  10. So if he comes back to life he would be a free man? That's quite a loophole there. Perhaps he was just trying to exploit it.
  11. Or the even more heinous thought that there are people who desperately desire objects that have Eli's forehead and ear sweat on them...
  12. That's exactly what I was thinking. ...And not a single tear was shed.
  13. Real simple.. If Eli plays like ish in 2017, then he's guilty AF and should be publicly shamed on top of having the book thrown at him. If Eli plays well, then it was probably just a misunderstanding.
  14. I think we should all wait and see how well he plays in the 2017 season before we jump to conclusions
  15. Bradford only got that pass while wearing green. Other than that, he's been heavily criticized. Just go look through this thread. No one cares where Foles was selected at this point. Like no one cares where RG3 and Cousins were drafted. RTK may have some personal vendetta against Foles but many others can't stop viewing Foles through Rose colored glasses. They can't come to grips with the fact that 2013 was an aberration. I as a Giants fan have nothing against Foles. He's a good guy overall. I still don't get why saying Foles is a low end starter/high end backup is so wrong. If he was better than that he wouldn't have to accept 2 consecutive backup positions.