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  1. jfluke

    Should the NFL go to a draft lottery?

    To let a new, presumably better coach, get his program in place. Would make it easier on s rookie qb imo. As for a lottery, I am completely neutral on it. I don't care if they do or they don't.
  2. jfluke

    Keeping the Old Proven Guy Over The Young Buck

    But if they keep Manning, the Offense is already installed and doesnt need time to get it together. Hasn't Luck missed almost 2 years playing time already?
  3. jfluke

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    Yay the Saints lost! Boo the Rams won!
  4. jfluke

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Reid is the most likeable coach left. But really, not much interest in who actually wins.
  5. jfluke

    Broncos hire Vic Fangio as HC

    I could see them trading Von Miller if Fangio is going to a 4-3. Get more pucks for a new scheme that way. *Edit nvm. Bears ran a 3-4. Von Miller going nowhere lol As for migraines, which have been described as mini strokes, being in the booth could help if its climate controlled. Plus, he's less likely to be on the camera, so its easier to kind of hide any episodes.
  6. jfluke

    Conf. Championship games

    I cant see the NFL playing the AFCCG in the Chargers tiny stadium.
  7. jfluke

    Conf. Championship games

    So, say the Eagles, Rams, Chargers, and Colts all win this weekend. LA would be host to both games. Where would the Chargers play?
  8. jfluke

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    I disagree. That was gonna be Brady no matter what, imo
  9. jfluke

    Head coaching carousel

    Except Williams seems like such an a-hole. His personality, from what Ive seen, is grating.
  10. I think it comes down to, are you an offensive coach or defensive coach. If you are an O guy, does the QB, particularly the young guys, match with what you want to do Offensively? As a defensive guy, your OC needs that reassurance, or you just go with the HOF vet. And of course, cap situation should be looked at. The team might look great talent-wise, but if you can't keep 'em...
  11. Didnt they ley his contract expire once, then re-sign him?
  12. Wow. Took long enough. Dude should have been fired years ago.
  13. jfluke

    Any more debate on ELI being HOF'er

    He's in. The SB wins and start streak (which is pretty impressive actually) gaurantee it. Whatever his numbers last night, he lit up the Eagles SB team twice.
  14. If hes innocent, this makes little sense to me.