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  1. Its really hilarious at this point . I have never seen a team destroy so many QBs so fast . Poor kids confidence has to be shot at this point
  2. They Swap out Kizer yet again .....
  3. Still will never understand how people call Cam newton a good QB
  4. but you also have to take percentage of population in account to those numbers as well
  5. Carr better be careful he does not get hurt again ... he was running around like a mad man .
  6. Im not going through all that mess you have posted over past few days . I didnt say you are hateful, I said you come off hateful. There is a difference there
  7. The problem with goin by first game is both teams are not the same teams they played week one. Both teams had new players geting adjusted to their new team . I know our Offense is heads and tails better then week 1 now and our front 7 has been playing better as well . But same can be said for the Redskins ... Div games always tough :) But I think the Eagles win this one just do to the fact of the 5 game streak and the passion they will play with to prevent that :)
  8. you do come off pretty hateful
  9. I had to double post this one
  10. I liked the fact it was outside , I dont like the idea of it being in a stadium .
  11. The only race that should matter is the human race ..... Stop looking at things black and white . But there is people of all ethnic groups that are extremists and radical. The media loves to keep the hate alive .
  12. RG3 , Kessler , Hogan and Kizer . Already wasted a 2nd and a 3rd on QBs ..... Its not just the picks that are wasted ... its the devolvement time as well . Since the Browns have come back its been a crap show .... but its been worse since Haslam bought them from Lerner.
  13. yes
  14. most dont have a problem with his protest or how he did it ..... Its him they have a problem with. He is a fraud ... which we talked about this before in this topic and you ignored hwne the facts were shown