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  1. Is the Cowboys defense good?

    I think this defense is going to come out hungry ... But will be shut down by half time and worn out if we can win TOP . I dont think that will be too much of a problem unless we keep scoring too fast .
  2. yup with the year it took him under investigation and his actions during it . People already had their opinion one way or the other .... It was silly and foolish to fight it . I think he would of looked better with a Statement and just taking his suspension.
  3. I miss the old fashion buying pools at work . Job sites during the NFL season used to be the best . Hit big one week your Set for Xmas
  4. problem is too much money being made from fantasy football .... its been around since the 60s though
  5. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    but then we could not make fun of him and the cowboys all season ... well we could , this was just extra fuel for the fire Hide yo Wives , Hide yo Daughters
  6. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Well hopefully we get a rusty Zeke not a pissed off at the world eating machine .... Although it might be a worthless game if we are already clinched
  7. sounds like your fault for letting the wife out of her areas she is allowed to be ..... Kitchen , Laundry Room and bedroom. Easy fix
  8. Is the Cowboys defense good?

    NFCE has consistently one of the hardest divisions in NFL . COuld you imagine if the NFCE teams were split up and put into some of these other pathetic ones ?
  9. Kaepernick still no job

    Which one does Kraperdick look more like ?
  10. Kaepernick still no job

    It only gets worse and worse ..... FFS this guy is gonna start thinking he is Jesus Colin Kaepernick hasn't played in an NFL game in 317 days but he's now more (in)famous than ever because he was the first player to kneel for the national anthem to protest social injustice. The movement has grown in the months since, thanks, in part, to an unlikely source: President Donald Trump, who referred to kneeling players as "sons of b------" during a September speech that widened the partisan divide on the issue nationally, but also served to strengthen the resolve of NFL players who protested en masse in the days following Trump's remarks. All because Kaepernick took a knee during a preseason game in August 2016. And now Kaepernick is on the cover of the GQ Men of the Year issue as its Citizen of the Year. View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Kaeperick was on the GQ cover in 2013 for completely different reasons: He was one of the NFL's best young players. Four years later and a lot has changed. From the GQeditors: But others have taken up Kaepernick's cause, including former teammate Eric Reid, who has continued his anthem protest this season. "My goal this year has been to get the narrative back on track," Reid told GQ. "We started having communications with the NFL, and they said they're going to help us make progress on these issues. But the next step is to get Colin back in the NFL. Because he's the one that started this. I think we're finally getting where me and Colin envision this going. Now it's time for him to get back in the league. SPONSORED BY ADT ADT Puts Your Family First For a limited time, ADT Security Starter Kit installed for only $49! Keep your family as top priority and get the protection they deserve. "These issues are real, and people know they're real. But some will do anything to distract from that, to change the narrative, and it's gotten Colin blackballed from the NFL. The Bible talks very explicitly in Proverbs about being the voice of the voiceless and speaking up for the vulnerable. Another verse is: "Faith without works is dead." I guess selfishly I'm trying to get to heaven." Reid isn't alone in his protests or wanting to see Kaepernick play again. In October, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett said that any negotiation between the league and its players as it relates to the anthem should only happen after an NFL team signs Kaepernick. "I think the first step to even being able to even have a conversation is to make sure that Colin Kaepernick gets an opportunity to play in the NFL," Bennett said at the time. "I think before we even negotiate anything about whether we sit or whether we stand should be a negotiation about opening up the doors for Colin Kaepernick and give him an opportunity again, because I feel like through everything that's been lost, I think all of us are having opportunities to be able to speak to our employers, but to think about the guy who started everything not to be able to have a voice at this moment, it just doesn't seem very right to me." Despite the demand for starting-caliber NFL quarterbacks outstripping supply, Kaepernick remains a free agent.
  11. Sean Lee likely to miss next two weeks

    It doesn't , remember Jerry wanted some "War Daddys" this year ..... I heard to fill his glory hole now did Jerry mean war daddy A term used to describe a particularly impressive football player, mostly offensive lineman of substantial girth. Originated in the deep south and used primarily by southern football coaches. or War Daddy It is an inmate slang term for a pimp in a male prison; one who sets up sexual liaisons, just like a pimp on the streets does. The opposite of a sugar daddy.
  12. Why not , we did it for the world series . Best tailgating I ever did IF anyone of you were there We were the ones with the 60 " tv in back truck and the comfy furniture
  13. Dak needs to learn how to move in the pocket better now that Zeke is gone . a Few times all he had to do was slide up and would of bought enough time . But then again he is a 4th round QB ... people forget that because he has played better then his draft postion for so long ... But its showing more and more its because of the cast around him,not so much him was reason for success
  14. how long do you think we see Zeke in the News getting in trouble with his time off ? I hope the Cowboys were smart enough to give him a babysitter or put him on house arrest