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  1. Eagles fans get a bad rep ..... But those browns fans booing a hurt OBJ .... they seemed pretty happy with themselves
  2. after running off the field and into the locker area .... He through his helmet and ball. His mangina was hurt was tough because defender slipped a little and OBj jumped too
  3. If the few Cowboys fans in the thread bother you , dont read it . There are by far more Eagles fans that are worse on this site. You sure your a Eagles fan ? cant handle a little text from a Cowboys fan ? We have fun and goes both ways its just rivalry let me ask do you know what is . Beleive it or not , Im treated very well over at the Cowboys site . Cant say that about the RedSkins
  4. We have a great many people that come here that are fans from other teams . Most of the them are well knowledged and polite and do realise where they are .... They come to talk with liek minded people . YOu do realise this is Around the NFL section and not in the Eagles right ?
  5. Lane was playing LT instead of RT because peters had a personal family matter . So they were playing around with the line , since its preseason and games dont matter
  6. well bigger then a smurfs thats for sure . But there is plenty to see if you actually watch Wentz play
  7. I dont think anyone is arguing that Dak has been better so far .... but Dak has a lower ceiling the wentz
  8. its more mental then anything else . Some peple just cant handle the pressure
  9. its the whole point of all these little things .... Zeke seems to also be in some ish .
  10. on in NE off the Blvd is always Jammed packed . I myself am not a fan , but my kids love it .
  11. You know what happens when you assume ?
  12. its true .... I once tried to run from cops in those leg shackles they put in .... I face planted on asphalt . Had some nice road rash for bit :( I was drunker then drunk . I fought the law and the law won that night .
  13. right , when i do actually go to games we still sneak in food . beer is not as easy anymore I use a camel pac for that though . Nothing beats a big fat Tony Luucs or De bruno bros snadwhich ;D
  14. Firing the Docs is BS scape goat crap .... It could of been a hairline next to impossible to see and him and Docs knowing mad it worse . Coming from a family of medical professionals i find it hard to believe . If he was still hurting he should of went back and told Docs hey Im still hurting bad .... but he was prob on so many pain killers he didnt know . I had a fractured wrist that went 2 weeks before going to a hospital .. only time I really noticed the pain was when i swam
  15. no shot at Dak at all .... 60% is not bad at all let alone for a rookie . But the drop off without Zeke is pretty big , even more if you account for him maybe throwing more now . Trust me , you will know when I take shots :) . Like a tell all Im a Eagles Fan first , but I am also a fan of NFL / Football . I dont just watch the birds games