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  1. Jets WR, Robby Anderson arrested

    Is it racist to call this moron a thug ?
  2. NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    Trust me I know all to well about the Vikes . My Uncle "From Minnesota " owned a trucking company . He dresses up the compnay trucks Vikings style during the football season . I have to see if I can find photos for you , its pretty dam funny . Because of him I root for Vikes as long as they are not playing Eagles and they do vice versa .
  3. NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    LOL been reading the Vikes message boards .... they actually have a bucn that are active. They seem to think the Refs were against them . Missed calls will always be there ... but what I saw was a ton more missed for the saints , and even calls that Vikes got the Saints did not . Talk about a whinney fanbase ... the almost act as if the lost . They also seem to think we stink and they will steam roll over us . I guess they are ignoring Kennums stats when he does not have no wind and its 70 degrees indoors . I have family that lives in MN and they are just as bad as fans ..... maybe its the Air up north so close to Canada who knows
  4. Kirk Cousins Would Think about Playing for Browns

    Thank you Capt obvious , I never said he IS , I said he has chance to be the browns . Even if he wins just a couple games they will worship him . He does have that abilty . Browns have 2 good Wrs a good TE and decent RB with a Oiline that is right in the middle .
  5. Giants hire Pat Shurmur

    hopefully this messes with the locker room now for Vikes . Any advantage is a good advantage.
  6. Kirk Cousins Would Think about Playing for Browns

    If Kirk was loyal to the Skins ... he would of got the LTD done right away ... not wait until free agency . I know he is far from stupid .... he felt the effect this year of not having quality around him . If he tried to take skins for all they are worth he has to know that they will not be able to get him the players he needs to win Even last year he fooled Danny and Bruce by saying he would not talk :LTD until he was tagged . Dumb arse Skins tagged him . Kirk knew that it would increase his value instantly and could fight and say , why would I take less then the tag because not Im making XXX . Now it seems he want even more Guaranteed money even though he just got 44 million last 2 years . If Skins were smart , which they are not they let him walk .... thye should of called his bluff last year . At least if they did it last year they could of maybe been in position to draft QB this year. Its like a band aid they need to just rip it off . Although I could see the skins given him another 60-80 Mil guaranteed with 28-30 Million a year . As a Eagles fan we can only hope they do because it will hurt them cap wise for another year or 2 and by that time who knows where the team will be . Its sad because Kirk has done nothing besides put up a few stats here and there , he loses when it matters mosr. Nick Foles , Case Keenum both have better W/L and playoff wins. Both FAs . Then you Have a few others that you can say are Kirks level going to be FAs like Bradford , Bortles and Tyrod. Kirk imo over played his hand .
  7. NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    We can beat the Vikes ... would of been a lot easier with Wentz . But this team can knock them out all the same . Just have to not turn dam ball over
  8. NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    Id say just a tad LOL
  9. NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    Cant blame them too much , Vikings and media going nuts all over the field
  10. NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    Vikings Stole the SKol Cheer form Vikings History Channel . They have only started that a few years ago and the Show is in its 5th season
  11. NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    So who is going to Vikes message board with a SKOL meme
  12. Haters going to Hate

    how is it premature when we already above expectations ? Ahh some people only read what they want
  13. AFC Divisional: Jaguars @ Steelers.

    This game makes me wish we got to play the Steelers in SB . I think Steelers could beat Pats , but dont think the Jags can