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    I say Im a fan since birth because its the truth . My family has had season tickets since 1975 . The first season I can remember is the 84 eagles with Jaws ... I was 4 years old

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  1. you know me bro I try to get my crap right. I know you have always been on point with your views with rarely letting bias out .
  2. you know me bro I try to get my crap right. I know you have always been on point with your views with rarely letting bias out .
  3. yet same thing you guys are crying about losing only 2 WRs ..... Wentz had 3 games no Alshon , Djax and Godfart ... still no Djax since week 1. Numbers will keep going down for Dak . Wentz has improved his game each year since his rookie. Dak has not even come close to match his . oh there is this ..... because its not all about the stats ...
  4. GB game Dak should of had 5 picks but 2 were called back and then what 3- 4 that were dropped....
  5. NE.Jon

    Dak vs Carson

    Dak and even Romos biggest hurdle was always the coaching around them. Wentz hands down is the better talent by far not even a question. Dak is a good QB and has the tools to get a SB win. Dak like most players with talent that go to Dallas , have more obstacles then other players / teams. Jerrys culture does the team no favors " not complaining either
  6. NE.Jon

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    They needed something to keep Kap in the news. Now that he sold out and was paid to just go away, he needed to start a new War on America.
  7. NE.Jon

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    It never ends in Rword land ..... Glad we didnt pick up this guy as a lot wanted. Did he get hurt cheering on sidelines?
  8. NE.Jon

    Ex NY Jet Mark Gastineau Is Very Ill

    The players have a Union for a reason ... that's on them. They should start taking percentages out of their checks and put towards a health plan. Not many places give a lifetime insurance plan. I get with some of the older players as the money was not what it is today. But today's players should be paying it as those players paved the way for them. The NFLPA could get a great deal ... workers unions have similar .... Hell even if they have to 50% of the plan the discount they will get from having xxx amount of players. No way is it on the NFL though. You want to feel bad for people, go take a visit to a local VA or talk to some Vets about no care
  9. except your mole is proven cancerous and should be removed. I can only imagine the things he does when he knows no one is looking.
  10. LOL More Giants fans BS .... they are trying to their best to justify this Jones pick. Hell I didnt even know Duke had a football team Dotn they have good hoops program . So the Manning brothers vouch for him ...... Same POS brothers , that whine and pout to force a trade, selll fake goods , use HGH, whips D out in front of girls because of entitlement. Maybe they want to screw over Giants for all the ELI bs past few years ... liek messing up his perfect games starting record ? Who knows the truth ..... but dont act like its not a long shot that was drafted 50 picks too early .
  11. ITs obvious that they paid them to just shut up already. I'm sure owners got tired of the privacy intrusions and time spent from dealing with it , either themselves or staff. Kaps lawyer used the annoying them to death . Kap and Reid are shown for the sell out fakes they are .... plus they have really done nothing to change social injustice. They only have benefitted themselves
  12. whats funny is Rams fans disputed and fought to not have those guys ..... Saints fans were laughing about it . They even thought it might help them. I know I sure would not want to be the ref for game after having like 1 million people sign a petition against me
  13. NE.Jon

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    I thought Ive might some whiney a** fans before, Saints are pure entertainment .... I see them crying and talking about Class action lawsuits LOL. Bad calls go both ways ... I could ony imagine how butthurt you all would be if you had a game like ours Vs Cowboys and cost you division. Your team had a chance in end to finish it .... they didnt ...... they got it back first in OT and Brees Choked and through a int
  14. NE.Jon

    Hey Alvin!