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  1. Jmac cries a lot ... remember he cried when he left Philly saying he did not get a call as well . maybe he needs better provider and wont miss calls ;D
  2. Everyone should know only the guaranteed money matters ..... and he is not even top 5 for QBs .... he is 6th . Rtarter just because someone is giving that amount of money does not change anything ... even Bradford god paid a kings ransom and list could go on
  3. Both have 0 playoff wins ..... Carr seems to have weak bones. Romo had that problem and had a huge contract too
  4. you are lucky that you were able . So many have no choice but to be stuck in bad situations. At same time people do not always handle the situation correctly on both sides . One day we as a people we learn :(
  5. its a lot of things ... his off-field stuff is not doing him any favors . He has not played well , lost 20 lbs of muscle after going vegan . Wants to be starter ... seems to have a set price for himself . I say that because he did not want to go to SB champions Broncos for less . You cant blame a team for not wanting a average QB that has been shaking things up with the country . Lets also not forget .... he had a job but opt out of contract
  6. He is a shoe head .... So he likes to spend and waste . Its funny all of these changes came with his new girlfriend .
  7. Well Doug has stated that black Qbs do not get enough chances . The whole Kirk Cousins thing really is a lose / lose for the skins at this point . The way they handled it and gave Kirk all the cards . Really makes you say , THANK GOD Im not a Redkskins fan and at same time Thank them for being them
  8. you cant fix stupid
  9. Dak very well pan out ... But wont know the real Dak until things dotn go well for him . Im tallking about more then a game or two , he needs to hit the bottom a bit . From there whether, he sinks ior swims will tell you the QB he can be . We got licky in a way with Wentz , because he started of great and the team did hit bottom. I think he handled it great . Now we just have to see if he can sustain the higher level with better players around him
  10. your chance was the past 2 years .... biggest chance was 2015 when the NFCE was a mess . the only team that has not been improving is the Redskins .... and even more so did not improve during the offseason. Giants even with Eli still at helm are dangerous not only on Defense but with Bmarsh and that TE then picked up .... Cowboys Did amazing last year with a Rookie QB , I dont see a huge drop from what they had last year but it wont be as good . Eagles Rookie HC and Rookie QB with added weapons which was the biggest problem of the team got improved . Also so far the Oline is ok , and does not sem like you guys will get a chance to T off on a Rookie at RT . Im sure there will be payback for last game because of sproles and Cellek hits
  11. Im not sure he was on last of anything .. pretty sue he was rebuilt from ground up
  12. maybe ... But he has puppet written all over him
  13. WENTZ ... Because just look what happens with players Chip Kelly fell in love with example " Dion Jordan "
  14. isnt he the guy that said not enough black Qbs / backups get a chance to be starters? How do you try and pull the race card with football players .... Bad enough the rooney rule that was 60 years late . I dont like him personally and he does not seem to be the best fit .. not a surprise coming from Danny . We all know he just wants yes men around him and then someone to deflect blame when it comes time