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  1. Reuben Foster

    he might just not want to cast the first stone ?
  2. Reuben Foster

    it was never a good move ... that diluted UT screamed dont draft me . Thats not even including the fighting with medical staff. Who in their right Dam mind fights with ANYONE in the medical field like that.
  3. OBJ being sued for assault

    His men and his house , makes him liable
  4. OBJ being sued for assault

    You care obviously enough to keep posting here ... yet you call some of us morons. You got picked on a lot in school huh ... LOL you still might have that problem . Yet Im so wrong .... right ? Mara seems to agree with what I am saying and what I said. I've found that people in your situation that getting a puppy or another similar pet can help with your loneliness, depression and just plain be a miserable **** You cant fix stupid in people .... this guy is beyond that
  5. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    .... Rtarter did though . He did it by leaving forums and not come back . The day he made the Alt Account and posted here was the day we knew he lost the Wrntz , Foles vs Carr debate Iluvda was something else I got my ban from fighting with him
  6. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Nah not even RTK is as bad as Rtarter .... YOu should of been around for the Vick / Foles battles .
  7. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    THe problem with Rtart .. he is too stupid to insult . He would not realize he was getting burned.
  8. OBJ being sued for assault

    yup ... your Bias is pouring out of you . I dont even think its just fandom at this point . I think he might be your man crush at this point . You are just blind to see the truth it seems . Where there is smoke there is fire . OBJ is right there in the blaze
  9. OBJ being sued for assault

    and the net won
  10. Its not even Snyders place to give them one .... Snyder was still a kid himself back then . It should of been the Cook family and since they failed the NFL should of stepped in . Its funny reading Redskins fans all haooy about it . Danny And Brucie strike again by distracting the moronic Skins fanbase from the disaster they are so far this offseason. Its funny even the fan that loved Kirk and no matter what to keep him there . Are just as happy its over and a decision was made regarding the situation
  11. Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    Nottingham must be either Bruce Allen or related .... all I keep thinking is Kurt Cousin now
  12. OBJ being sued for assault

    no I didnt miss it . Like I said before . People places things . Trouble follows him ... its the people he sourounds himsel f . He put himself in these situations .... All this while he wants a big pay day . What is the moron gonna do after he gets paid ? I pray the Giants keep him and pay him 500 million a year
  13. OBJ being sued for assault

    people places things .
  14. The Browns might win a few games this year

    If I were the Browns .... Id go Barkley with #1 then Baker Mayfield #2 I would also Grab Lamar Jackson if he was their in the 3rd . Nothing worng with getting 2 QBs . Even more so when you have browns history as of late . Even if they do mess up , the browns with draft in top again more likley top 5 next year again anyway
  15. @Gmen4ever Lets hear the excuses for him this time ? Partying up with some tramp doing Coke and weed ... a week later fighting in a club and now this .... All in a month . LOL the guy cant keep his cool on the filed and wants to be the highest paid WR . The dude is out there ODELL BECKHAM JR.SUED FOR $15 MILOver Alleged Brutal Assault 613 88 3/23/2018 2:45 PM PDT Odell Beckham Jr. Sued For $15 Million Over Alleged Brutal Assault EXCLUSIVE 3:22 PM PT -- Beckham Jr. vehemently denies the allegations, and issued the following statement through his attorney, Daniel Davillier: "Ishmael Temple has expressly acknowledged in his own lawsuit that Odell Beckham, Jr. never once touched him; and yet, Mr. Beckham is being sued for an alleged altercation that definitively did not involve him at all." In the statement, Beckham's legal team also claims Mr. Temple arrived at the party drunk, belligerent and made threats to several attendees ... at which point he was repeatedly asked to leave. They claim he was repeatedly asked to leave, and got into a fight -- but NOT with Odell -- and was then escorted off the premises. They point out, Temple himself says Odell wasn't involved in the physical altercation -- but they claim he demanded money from Odell. Davillier added, "This guy claims somebody assaulted him to near death, but there’s no police report, no hospital record, no evidence of an actual injury, and he asserts that Odell is responsible. This is clearly a frivolous lawsuit. We’ll see him in court.” Odell Beckham Jr. is being sued by a guy who claims all he did was go to Beckham's house and he got the crap beaten out of him. Ishmael Temple claims in a new lawsuit he's been friends with Beckham. Temple claims he was invited to Beckham's home in January. He says he was shaking hands with people inside the home and went for the hand of Beckham's hired muscle, Charles Puryear, when the bodyguard pulled out a gun and pointed it toward him, saying, "I bet you've never gotten shot before." Temple says he then pulled Beckham aside to tell him what happened and says Beckham just laughed it off and told him to relax. He says 20 minutes later, when he was ready to leave, another guy punched him in the back of the head and Puryear joined in, stomping Temple. Temple says he blacked out and woke up to kicks to his face and Beckham did not order security to stop. He says the beating stemmed from an incident the week before, when he says Beckham's security verbally assaulted him when he sought to retrieve his phone from Beckham's house. He thinks security resents him because, "as a Hollywood social event organizer, [he] knew many of the female ladies present at Beckham's residence." Temple says he was beaten to a pulp ... his 2 front teeth got chipped and his lip was busted. He says his earring got ripped out of his ear and his knee got messed up. Temple says he's spent $18k just to fix his teeth. And there's more ... Temple, an event organizer, says he's been blacklisted as a result of the fight. He's suing for $15 million.