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  1. [News] Roseman Reiterates Support For Bradford

    This has the smell of Howie all over it!! I swear Howie makes Chip look like a master communicator. Hey, Mr. Owner, is there a prize for the most dysfunctional front office that the fans should know about? If so maybe we could understand this BS. Flash: Roger Goodell just announced that the Eagles will be awarded an extra 2nd round pick in the 2017 draft for winning the most dysfunctional front office in the league. He also announced that the football wonder Howie has been named to replace Brady when Brady serves his suspension. Roger was quoted as saying: We all know how bad Howie can screw the pooch so we just know he can blow any chances that the Patriots have this year if we make him fill in for Brady. Our only concern is if the Howie cancer spreads beyond Philly. We will leave that up to the CDC.
  2. [News] Tommy Lawlor's Final Eagles Mock Draft

    If Kelly had given up as many pics and players last year for Marcus M. he would have been crucified by the fans and the media. Howie does it and get's everything from a pass to high praise. Go Figure????
  3. [News] Chris Givens Added To Eagles WR Corps

    This still leaves us the weakest at that position in our Division. Dallas has Dez, NY has Beckham, Washington has Jackson and the Eagles have ??????????? I hope there is a major improvement or the NFL lets us go back to using stick-um. Just saying....
  4. [News] Eagles Release WR Riley Cooper

    Please remember the Cooper deal was done when Howie was still in charge, he did that deal. It WAS NOT a Chip deal. Chip made some decisions that have been shown to be mistakes but will we have to listen to people blame Chip for everything that has gone wrong? I thought that only happened in politics. So Please stop "It's still Bush's fault" I mean "It's all Chips fault" I wish both Coop, Chip and any other "cuts" success wherever they go and thank them all for their efforts while with our Eagles. Now if only Jeffery can find a football guy for a G.M. we may have a chance for a Super Bowl in the future. GO EAGLES