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  1. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 15 Open Discussion.

    I feel like the AFC is the same each year. Yet the NFC east is the only team where a different team gets in each year. I cant wait until the Steelers and patriots go into the basement.
  2. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 15 Open Discussion.

    Another day of steeler fans saying there the great football team. 😒
  3. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 15 Open Discussion.

    Im so tired of the Steelers; I hate their fans.
  4. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 13: Chargers @ Steelers

    Another morning of seeing the Steelers fans flex there muscles.
  5. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 12 Open Discussion.

    Steelers loss! Day is complete!
  6. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    I agree; has that feel.
  7. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 16 Open Discussion.

    Man this saints game Ugh ?
  8. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 12: Vikings @ Lions (Thanksgiving)

    They paid mat Stafford what now?
  9. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 11: Titans @ Steelers

    Another mariota interception.
  10. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Of course the Steelers win. Gotta hear from the many Steelers fans who live in Philly those front runners.
  11. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 8 Open Discussion.

  12. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 4: Bears @ Packers

    Ugh started ty Montgomery in fantasy and just got hurt.
  13. Nickwonderfoles

    Week 4: Bears @ Packers

    Oh god this singing