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  1. bdawkins711

    Your team can't win Super Bowl LIII ...

    I'd like to see the Chargers win it. I've always had a soft spot for them
  2. bdawkins711

    Call your sleeper team now!

  3. bdawkins711

    How does Dez not have a team?

    I truly think he's just waiting until a team loses their WR for the season and gets desperate, that way he has leverage for a bigger contract. High-risk, high-reward move by him.
  4. bdawkins711

    Week 11 Open Discussion.

    I was literally coming in here to post this. Watching Osweiler play QB is painful
  5. bdawkins711

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    The Chargers are slowly turning into the Browns it seems with their bad luck. 35-yard field goal, defensive delay of game makes it 30, they partially block the FG but it still goes in, probably wouldn't have at 35
  6. bdawkins711

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Both teams were just making boneheaded decisions at the end of regulation
  7. bdawkins711

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Marquise Lee is a Fing ****
  8. bdawkins711

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Why are you getting so mad?
  9. bdawkins711

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    I'm relaxed bub. Just accept that there are other good teams in the NFL.
  10. bdawkins711

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    I don't know why you have to compare. Saints and Rams dropped over 45 points each on the road last two weeks. That doesn't mean they're better, but they're definitely both scary
  11. bdawkins711

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Jesus 47-3 Saints smoking the Bills in Buffalo
  12. bdawkins711

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Saints are looking good, man. They're a scary team
  13. bdawkins711

    Week 6: Colts @ Titans

    Pagano blows, he'll be lucky to survive the full season
  14. bdawkins711

    Aaron Rodgers-hurt

    How tf is Wentz a FA in any fantasy league?
  15. bdawkins711

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    The Buccaneers are trash, so much for that preseason hype