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  1. PHL27

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Think Jags beat them next year
  2. PHL27

    The real coach of the year was Doug

    I check NFL news every day but missed this award. Anyway, should be Doug.
  3. PHL27

    Brady Has A Throwing Hand Injury

    He’ll most likely be fine, unfortunately.
  4. No booing home team!!! Be loud and cheer on a win. If they struggle, at least let them know we appreciate the great season and bright future. This team worked hard all year, and overcame a lot. They were best team in NFL most of the way. They deserve unflagging support.
  5. PHL27

    Is the Cowboys defense good?

    Cowboys w/o Z, Smith, possibly Dez against Falcons. Let’s see if they can step up. IMO probably not. Eagles beat them following week they go to 5-5. Eagles to 9-1.