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  1. Welp give it time, these young WRs are surely paying off
  2. We will never see anything like it again from this defense I still remember that hit like it was yesterday Fox took a long commercial break and came back with him still on the field and took another one. Then they came back and it still took him a few mins to get up.
  3. I just want to say there are 6 officials for the game. There is a difference in missing a call that was not seen and not calling something when there are refs staring straight at where the penalty took place. Yes you should know the rules and make calls when you see them right in front of you, that is a refs job across all sports which I don't think is to much to ask for. If it is then why are they even out there? I guess if you don't know or remember something at your job just tell your boss I forgot and it will be ok. If they did know then it shouldn't be a refs call as to where to draw the line, just follow the rules that's why they are in place.