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  1. I would love him back but we are pretty stocked now at wr. Only couple of them as good or better than Maclin though. Wonder how much he will get. Maybe if Eagles get a Philly discount he comes back. I am surprised he was cut. Maybe something went down at his wedding last week lol.
  2. Losing my NFL game virginity. This will be my first NFL game I am attending in my 36 years of existence. Going with all Giants fans of course. Hope to see some EAGLES fans there. If anyone has any tips or tricks for live games let me know.
  3. Tell ya what. I wouldn't trade Bradford to St. Louis for Foles and a 2nd round pick. That's for sure. Even considering he already knows this offense.
  4. Next week is the real test. Hope your clipboard hand is strong Foles. I had hoped he was closer to the 27-2 season but guess he was even worse than last year. So many teams need qb's. Way worse off than the Bradford Sanchez combo. Hopefully Eagles get their guy before the rest.
  5. Damn you take out that one abysmal game against Green bay and Foles stats seem decent. I know you can't cherry pick games to pad stats and it mean anything. They sure don't run many plays over there in STL. I think Foles will actually fit in rather well there. Especially once they work more together. Good luck to the Rams and him. I hope they make some noise in the NFC in the future. As long as they don't get in the way of the Eagles.
  6. This is sad. Watters is the reason I am an eagles fan today.
  7. this is like deja-vu. Wonder if he will head over to the cowboys next when the skins let him go? I don't think the giants would take him but the cowboys love questionable characters I hear.
  8. rumors starting to stir that Desean will not be a redskin next year. I guess paying someone millions of dollars and them not playing or when they do, not catch a single pass is just too much for the skins. Riley Cooper > Desean Jackson in 2015 LOL crazy but true. Yes I know the season is still young.
  9. Foles looked good today. If their run game continues he will look even better. The old "nick foles wins games" seems to be continuing in STL. Can not believe they beat the seahawks and cards. Good for them. They seem like a team on the rise for sure.
  10. Damn I swear I had it here in CT. Guess they changed it or I misread the guide.
  11. After watching Luck get banged around all I gotta say is good luck next week Bradford.
  12. Way to go rams and foles. Great game! I want foles to do well.
  13. when we play the pats we should just claim they aren't working even if they are so they can't use their headsets. Then we just rely on ...
  14. I am just happy watching Fletcher and Chung play not wearing midnight green.
  15. In the words of the great demarco "move on with your life"