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  1. Richard Sherman done for the year

    Hate to see players going down like this. Though it does benefit the Eagles. I think the Eagles are good enough to beat healthy teams this year. But it's a two way street since nobody is facing a healthy Eagles team either. And they are probably lucky for that.
  2. Week 10 Schedule

    So what is the best possible outcomes to help the Eagles this week on their bye? I highlighted who I hope wins in Green. Yes I did pick the Redskins winning. I agree with posters above that it is more beneficial for the Vikings to lose at this point than the Redskins. Some of the games I picked really don't even matter but I was on a role picking LOL. I'm already bored on the bye week.
  3. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Seems you may be the one living under a rock my friend. Antenna users are skyrocketing while cable companies are losing subscribers at an alarming rate. I am a proud cord cutter. I have cable access but refuse to drop $200+ a month on what usually ends up being background noise. My antenna gets a better HD picture than anything xfinity was putting out. I get 35 channels (not all hd) with an antenna. I have other streaming services as well. There is more content to watch now and even after all the streaming services I pay for my bill is less than half of what it was. The further my point there was plenty of people right in PA that didn't even get last weeks Eagles beat down of the Broncos. I got it in CT with my cheap antenna with a crystal clear picture. Screw the cable companies. Wish I didn't need them for internet but I can't find an alternative in my area at this time. Back to the topic though, as I said I am not alone in ditching cable. NFL wants ratings they need to get the games to people in ways without the need for cable. Sure they tried twitter and amazon prime. But I'd rather the over the air approach. Hell they should do that and start selling NFL branded antenna's in the NFL shop. I'd trade in my white/black Mohu leaf antenna for a midnight green with an EAGLES logo on it. I'd even pay a couple of extra bucks for it :D.
  4. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Put MNF on the a channel we can get with an antenna and drop TNF all together. I would be happy with this.
  5. Am I the only Tony Romo hater?

    I am a Tony Romo fan. I think he is funny. Some of the stuff he says cracks me up.
  6. Chiefs Cut Jeremy Maclin

    I would love him back but we are pretty stocked now at wr. Only couple of them as good or better than Maclin though. Wonder how much he will get. Maybe if Eagles get a Philly discount he comes back. I am surprised he was cut. Maybe something went down at his wedding last week lol.
  7. @ NY Giants 11/06/2016

    Losing my NFL game virginity. This will be my first NFL game I am attending in my 36 years of existence. Going with all Giants fans of course. Hope to see some EAGLES fans there. If anyone has any tips or tricks for live games let me know.
  8. Nick Foles benched for Case Keenum

    Tell ya what. I wouldn't trade Bradford to St. Louis for Foles and a 2nd round pick. That's for sure. Even considering he already knows this offense.
  9. Nick Foles benched for Case Keenum

    Next week is the real test. Hope your clipboard hand is strong Foles. I had hoped he was closer to the 27-2 season but guess he was even worse than last year. So many teams need qb's. Way worse off than the Bradford Sanchez combo. Hopefully Eagles get their guy before the rest.