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  1. Hello I haven't been able to find I don't know exactly what to call it I guarantee it would be a live chat room that Eagles fan got on and gave their opinions during the football game you could only get on it when the Eagles was playing when I got in that room I did from the Eagles website I would have to sign in but I haven't been able to find that room so I was needing help with where can be located if someone could help that would be appreciated thanksĀ 

  2. jcclive


    They haven't won a super bowl yet
  3. jcclive


    There wouldn't be nothing wrong with green on green or white on white and the Eagles look damn good in black on black so you have your opinion and I have mine fella
  4. jcclive


    The final home games in 2003 and 2004 they wore the black jerseys with green pants
  5. jcclive


    All I can remember it was a home game and McNabb was the QB Trotter was LB Dawkins but don't remember what year
  6. jcclive


    I just put the uniform change up out there to see what people would say and it would look pretty good as Brian Dawkins says look good play good have a wonderful day and God bless eagles fans
  7. jcclive


    Yes they have I don't know what year it was but Jeremiah Trotter was playing
  8. jcclive


    That's what I figured they would wear that the Patriots are gonna wear their white jerseys but I thought it would look really cool if the Eagles wore their white jerseys with their black pants or since the Eagles are wearing green jerseys it would look cool if they wore their green pants green on green Go Eagles!!!!!!!! Let's get that first NFL championship
  9. jcclive


    I guess you can throw that out the window I just seen the Patriots just said they are wearing their white jerseys maybe the Eagles would wear green on green they won't but just a thought or maybe black on black