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  1. This has been a hot topic as of late. With the rumor that he had began drinking again being leaked by someone who was a team employee, Chris Cooley from their radio station from what I understand. They finally made the decision to fire him, effective immediately. He hadn't been at any of the scouting events, and although the Redskins social media accounts tried to pull a fast one by saying he was still involved, just at home watching tape and whatnot. Looks like that was just words.
  2. Sproles signed a one year extension didn't he? Also I feel it is kind of foolish to say Barner and Smallwood are not good enough. Majority of the time when they come in, they have productive runs. Smallwood is a rookie who still needs more time to develop, and Barner we just haven't seen enough of except in the return game, which he shines at. I don't see us drafting a RB, even though I hear it's a great RB draft, I could be wrong though. I think we wait until 2018 draft for RB.
  3. Sproles signed a one year extension didn't he?
  4. I still can't believe they didn't give him an interview at least. I mean I don't know the inside workings or whatever, but I am disappointed they didn't cover all their bases in depth.
  5. So he is good because he is about to start a game? Danny Watkins started games too. Doesn't mean this kid will be any good other than maybe as a backup. Plus, we would be expected to wait that long for him to bulk up and learn a new position? Just doesn't make sense. Not all draft picks are going to hit their mark, just the way it is.
  6. Giants literally handed the Cowboys that win. How does a veteran, Super bowl mvp not know to run the play clock down with the lead and less than four minutes in the fourth? He was snapping the ball with 20 seconds left on it at times, makes no sense to me, I don't get it. He easily would have left them with like 40-50 seconds if he did.
  7. Yea but that is only if it makes sense. Like most of the teams previously listed, those happened before the switch to digital, which it is all explained on why this shouldn't happen in the article. I don't know what to believe. It just always seems to be something with the Pats. Even if it's nothing, the NFL's explanation of it is just bad. They need some better people handling this stuff. It didn't take long for someone to dissect their explanation and show there is only one case where their explanation could happen, and if it is, the Pats are STILL in violation lol. This is what I have been saying. They lose a million bucks and a first round draft pick every time they cheat. They don't care about that, they still have their rings and Lombardi trophy, take that away and I guarantee they won't cheat again...if they did cheat..