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  1. It's crazy. So many Pats fans can't just admit it was a bad call and enjoy that it went in their favor at the same time. They have to argue that it was the right call. Yes he did lose possession but there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the call considering he had possession in the other hand when he went out of bounds but there was no clear indication that he did not have possession regained before going out of bounds. I am amazed by this.
  2. I saw this score and had to turn the game on. Jets taking advantage of that shaky Patriots defense but Pats are moving. Jets having a lot of trouble stopping the run, they're ranked 30th. Very questionable call there right before Pats first touchdown. The defender had his head turned toward the ball and Gronk looked like he was the one to interfere.
  3. Damn man, what a drive. If Wentz can progress into a Rodgers caliber player, so damn calm and confident, and I am liking where Wentz is so far in his career. Cowboys played a hell of a game though. Their D just doesn't help their offense all that much.
  4. That was big! COME ON PACK!
  5. Come on Rodgers, work your magic!!!
  6. Dak getting loose is killing them. Playing soft, wide open as usual.
  7. Punter got hammered there, I mean they were pushing the lineman but still lol.
  8. Looks like this is going to be an offensive game, both defenses having trouble making a stop.
  9. Wow that damn throw, absolutely perfect. Rodgers so damn good.
  10. Rookie Aaron Jones with a nice run. Kid looks good. Very close there, could have went either way with flag or not.
  11. TD gift, not surprised.
  12. Not a good start for the Packers giving up 49 yard pass on Dak scramble and allowing 4th and 1 conversion.
  13. Week 5 4:25 EST on FOX. Green Bay Packers 3-1 visit the Dallas Cowboys 2-2. Can Aaron Rodgers hold off the Cowboys from picking up their 3rd win and gain their 4th? Game time thread.
  14. So embarrassing when you try dumb gadget crap like that, especially when it goes nowhere and you can't even get the first lateral off.
  15. It looked like Andy tried icing his own QB lol when they cut to him before kick.