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  1. Tin foil hat - Everyone will get it but they are doing this now to slow down the process not end it. So there are enough hospital beds..maybe? but add me to the list of job losses. (unable to get unemployment in NJ right now as I was a wedding photographer)
  2. they should just resign the whole team and go after Teddy. Would cost you half what Dak wants and let him "test" the market. Dallas imo would be better but it would feel so sweet to see Dak cry in FA.
  3. So that report was true he really did push away 33m a year? In the report it said he asked for 33m THEN said he wanted more? Like seriously what has he done, outside of always being healthy and in this league that has value. Who is whispering in this kid's ear to ask for more?
  4. This makes a lot of sense only if Brady takes a team discount. I saw a report that Dak turned down 33M (not sure if true of course) he was close to signing then said he wanted more money. I think Wentz is in that number as well if not slightly lower. Dak is over valuing himself and if cowboys want a new QB they need a 1-2 year rental. I think Brady is that rental, plus a young QB can learn from one of the greats.
  5. Sturm

    SUPER BOWL LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

    I feel bad for Andy, the plays look good just the players (Mahomes) are just playing up to the speed they need. Though the Niners Rush is insane. KC is folding and I feel bad for big red.
  6. Sturm

    Nick Foles Gets Life

    This man has done so much for us. Can't wait to watch him tomorrow.
  7. Dak is a fine QB in this league. Better than a lot of the ones that got paid. Though I am still waiting for him to beat a legit team. Beating the Eagles which are not a good team right now is not much to hang his hat on. I expect a deal like Carson’s for Dak. I think that is fair. Anything more or less would be silly. Honestly what you are paying for with Dak is his durability. Something that does not get talked about enough. The dude is tough. Might not be the sharpest person and he looks like he screams every time he throws the ball (lol). I think a lot of his flashy plays comes from having an amazing offense. Dak has honestly amazing weapons around him. Bit jealous of that. Thinking about it more, if you put an elite QB in the cowboys offense right now? Yikes..
  8. Sturm

    Rams acquire Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey

    Funny enough someone else made this comment but it stuck with me. Maybe Howie didn’t pull the trigger because he feels this is an 8-8 team. The pick would be to high compared to say a 10-6 Rams. I think Howie really over values his picks, which he should honestly. If 1 player is not good enough to fix the team this year. Then wait till off season next year to fix everything. We are losing a lot of players next year and will be like a mini blow up in the team. I personally would have done 2 1st for a player like him. Ramsey is a game changer, but as everyone has said. This is a team game. That being said. Still would have been nice to finally have a legit shutdown corner wearing our colors. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Nnamdi Asomugha.
  9. Sturm

    Another one bites the dust.

    Sweet Susan that looks painful.
  10. Sturm

    Dak vs Carson

    You know, I live and work with Dallas Fan. We both came to the same conclusion as of right now about both QBs. We both don’t know what we really have. Do our Eagles have an MVP QB who can stay healthy for a few years? Do Dallas have a consistent QB who is a game winner for years to come? Or do the Eagles have a QB who dances with MVP till hurt, and do Dallas have a QB who changes from week to week. I will wait till end of this season to really feel it out, but if both play at the level they did over the weekend. I think we will have 2 teams that will seal a Division win and Wild Card every year. Both Teams right now as of last weekend look damn scary for NFC.
  11. Scary to see the same injury just a few years later. Could be a fluke or something to be concerned for the rest of his career. Seriously though one of the few people in the league that does not deserve this to happen to him. Breaks my damn heart.
  12. Saints are slowing moving my hate list. Already passed Washington (i just feel sorry for them now).
  13. Holy Smokes that price tag, Jerry was all talk and Zeke called his bluff. Jerry took a beating. Kinda reminds me of the ewoks beating storm troopers with clubs. The ewoks always win.
  14. I mostly stay away from these threads but I gotta say this. I like Zek and what he brings to the table. He is part of a hand full of RBs you need to factor when you consider your playbook. Now I don’t watch any cowboy games outside the ones they play vs eagles. Unless it is Thanksgiving because well, football! Anyway, I watch Dak and I just see a standard QB. The guy he durable I will give him that and in this league that is worth a lot of money already. He is pretty good if not great game manager of a QB. He is not flashy, he is not going to drop 50 yard buckets every throw. The guy gives it to his playmakers and lets them do the work. That is where the contract is an issue even at 30 mil. – I am a huge fan of Nick and would rather have him over Carson, but I will be the first to say Nick sits between Great game manager and maybe elite level QB. He sits there. He took a salary 24mil(I think) a year. While Dak who I think can be on that level of Nick in a couple more years wants over 30 mil. I struggle seeing the value in that contact when the playmakers around him are doing the work. Problem is it is hard to find in the NFL a game manager who is durable and I would not fault the Cowboys to spend 30mil. I figured that was his price tag honestly. Still high but you get a QB who you know will start games and give it to playmakers. It will be harder to replace Dak with another QB mostly because of durability. That is his true value imo. Go birds! (so I don’t get my a** kicked in philly tonight)