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  1. That has been invited by all sports teams since the early 50s .I don't recall when kneeling and being but hurt because ya weren't good enough to play so ya cry because you're not playing was introduced. Oh wait...its about police brutality against criminals
  2. Pisses me off these guy got paid to shut up. We as providers of their salaries are just as bad. When all this political bull started I should have just stopped watching. These players are paid by us fans and by all means should shut their mouths and play. You wanna take a stand do it at you're sons birthday party at chucky cheese otherwise play the game your paid to and shut ur hole . I don't wanna hear about political inequality according to them when I'm enjoying a game I pay to see.
  3. giggity_goo

    Hey Dallas

    At least you take your lumps..respect
  4. What statue ? Eli ? Naw not at all.
  6. giggity_goo

    Kaepernick still no job

    Why don't they take a stand for that poor white teen whom was burnt alive by a black man we read about in the paper. Oh wait...she is white. I keep forgetting we don't count until we pay reparations.
  7. giggity_goo

    Kaepernick still no job

    You would think they would have to have some of the owners saying , on record that they don't want him because of his protests. He isn't entitled to work for the nfl..its a privilege
  8. giggity_goo

    Kaepernick still no job

    The whole problem I have here is he feels entitled. He acts as if he should be signed to a team no matter what. If a team doesn't want to sign him for what ever reason whom is he to file a law suite that days they have to. That's like me going to the highest paid company here and saying u have to hire me just because I'm entitled to have this job.