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  1. dms9950

    Why are NFL refs this bad?

    I've been watching football for 30+ years and while it's always been subjective, the play from the refs has gotten a lot worse in the last ten or so years. It was when Fantasy Football and football betting became wildly popular. Those garbage yards are critical to fantasy roster and those garbage points oftentimes can affect whether a spread is covered or not. All the while keeping people in the stadiums buying overpriced beer and food. I'm not saying that refs are directly dictating the outcome of the game but they definitely have their thumb on the scale.
  2. He needs to be blackballed. If they are gonna blackball Kap over police brutality on minority communities, they need to blackball this jacka55.
  3. Lawrence is one of the better DE in the game and got paid accordingly.
  4. Hey if you're into it I guess.
  5. OMG I just had to to a PH lookup of her and the first vid was her with Nina Mercedes. Holy crap how long has she been doing porn?
  6. I think every team goes through periods of being an average team. And this Renaissance that they are having isn't as much Belichek but Brady. Everything goes through him and he is the reason why they are the team the are. He also the prime example that in the NFL the quarterback is by far the most important position on the field. How many Patriot coaches have done anything after leaving? O'Brian is all I can think and even there he's on the hot seat -Watson saved his job. We remember the great teams for their great quarterbacks save for a very few exceptions.
  7. I remember it actually being called against Blount, Lynch & the big dude that was out in Arizona... Highttower?
  8. Winner winner chicken dinner. What this is just another tool that refs can pull out in the second half of the game to stop momentum of a winning team from taking the score too high so that the score is close down to the buzzer. Every single rule that they are passing is all about ref discretion to keep the game close so that people don't leave the stadiums early.
  9. So when was the last time you watched gladiators?
  10. I think the lowering of the head rule is a long time coming. They need to do it for the longevity of the sport. Kids aren't playing football at the same rate they used to. In ten years the game maybe sitter but at least there will still be a game. Ultimately I would like to see the NFL use all soft pads so that the players focus on technique. I would also like to see the players focus on speed and skill rather than strength and impact. NFL players are getting too strong for the game and we're seeing the effects in blown out knees and hamstring issues.
  11. dms9950

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    Cousins is no Brees... he's taller. I think, I don't know really. He's an overpaid qb and marginally better than Foles.
  12. dms9950

    Giants asked for 2 first round picks for OBJ

    As soon as this dude get's paid he's gonna checkout. He's not about the game, he's about the money. Talent trumps a lot but this is the type of player that brings out the worst in other players and brings down the entire team.
  13. Have contracts been capped in the NFL the way they have in the NHL? I'm recalling some of the QB contracts... Bledsoe and his $102m/10 year, McNabb 115m/10 year, Favre 110m/10 year, Vick's $130m and Culpepper's $110m. You don't see contracts in those lengths anymore.
  14. dms9950

    Texans to shun kneeling FAs?

    Back to on topic - did the Texans actually sign any FA's?
  15. dms9950

    Texans to shun kneeling FAs?

    I see USCG-green is trolling elsewhere throughout the EMB about politics. Hey @Moderator12 @Moderator5 - y'all banned me for far less than this dope... time to clean out the trash don't ya think?