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  1. I know where you WON'T be able to watch it in Philly.
  2. Check out the tailgating section of this guide.
  3. You should check out this game guide. Have fun!
  4. Purchased ticket

    You should double check what you bought. That might be a parking pass for Lot M/N, and not a ticket to the game. Or maybe you're looking in the wrong spot for the section number? How much did you pay for each ticket? If it was less than $80, it was definitely a parking pass, not a game ticket, unfortunately. Update: I pulled up the ticket exchange site and saw for a couple games (like Eagles/Raiders) they have parking passes mis-categorized under the event tickets tab, instead of having them listed in the parking pass section. You should contact Ticketmaster customer service right away to point out their mistake and get a refund. Good luck (and PM me if you're interested in lower level seats for that game, and don't want to pay the ticketmaster fees.)
  5. Expect some good-spirited jeers, but as long as you're not obnoxious or taunting Eagles fans, you'll be fine. Especially if you share your story. Most Eagles fans will be hospitable and want you to have a nice first experience and probably will get you welcomed into any tailgate. The only opposing fans that get into trouble at Philly games are the ones that are looking for it.
  6. Where to Sit?

    Lower level sidelines, mid-field (between the 20's) is awesome, especially if you're row 10 or higher. You can see the entire field and sidelines while also still hearing the game action from the field. The closer rows do have some sightline issues with not being able to see the play when it's on the near sideline (because of the players/coaches standing on the sidelines) but you're still seeing 90%+ of the game action from a really close perspective. My main seats are SBLs and on the 30, 18 rows up. I also have non-SBL, season tickets in the upper level endzone. No question lower level is the way to go, over upper level, especially if it's your first time. As for club level, the indoor concourse with special food options is nice and all the views are good. But, as mentioned, there's a premium you pay for that. PM me if you're interested in a pair to the Bears game in Sec 122 (25 yd line) and want to avoid the mark-up/fees from the re-selling sites.
  7. Yep, all activities and autographs are free. They usually have 8x10 or 4x6 photos, too, if you don't have a ball or jersey you want them to sign. Here's the schedule of events: My 5yo daughter won an Eagles Kids Club contest and gets to be a junior cheerleader for practice, so I'll be there, too! My son won the same contest last year, and got to catch a TD pass from Wentz during practice.
  8. Section 106/107 is by the Eagles tunnel, so first few rows there will be where most people will try to sit. But, after practice last year the players walked all around the outside of the field to interact with fans. So, the first row in any lower level section will give you a good chance. There will also be alumni signing autographs at tents/stations in Headhouse Plaza and on the concourse, if they set it up like last year. They usually give you a map of where to find everything, when you walk in.
  9. You can't buy them in advance unless you are a season ticket holder (and even then only for the full season/10 games, not single games.) Any single-game passes would have to come from someone re-selling one, from the full season passes they purchased. So secondary market like Craigslist, eBay, StubHub, or most ticket brokers that also sell Eagles game tickets, is where you will have to look if you want a specific lot in advance.
  10. 1st game

    Once inside you can watch the pre-game warm-ups, with the teams out on the field stretching, doing light drills, etc. Also gives you time to walk around and check out food and drink options. You can also get a "first game" certificate from any of the guest services booths (behind sections 121, 136, 206 & 226.) Player intros, national anthem, etc. start about 15 minutes before kickoff.
  11. 1st game

    Outer gates usually open 2-2.5 hours before kickoff, which gives you access to Headhouse Plaza (some food trucks, giveaways, entertainment, activities, etc.) Inner gates, to go in the stadium and get to your seats, is 90-minutes before kickoff.
  12. 1st game

    Must be a UK thing. I just checked and, almost an hour since tickets went on sale, there's plenty of tickets for the MIA game. But, like someone said, you might be able to get really good seats for under face value, on the re-sale market, since it's a preseason game and many people look to dump their tickets.
  13. 1st game

    No, they don't do the tour on game day (or days when they have concerts, soccer, Temple football, etc.)
  14. 1st game

    Tickets go on sale tomorrow, 5/16, 10am.
  15. 1st game

    Any day now the Eagles should announce when 2017 single-game tickets go on sale. So keep checking.