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  1. Not really. The M sections, especially M12-M14, will have a lot of the visiting team's family and friends, as that's where the Eagles usually set aside the required tickets for the visiting team. Otherwise, opposing fans are usually spread out wherever they can get tickets. Will this be your first game at The Linc?
  2. Sounds like you need the ultimate guide to attending an Eagles game! I'll have it updated for this season, before the opening game.
  3. More info, with the history of the price increases.
  4. Super Bowl Viewing

    Xfinity is already sold out. And most sports bar-type places have big table minimums or have no open reservations. Going to be tough, good luck!
  5. Cash lots?

    Answered in the other thread.
  6. Lot times

    All of the Citizen's Bank Park lots (in red on this map) are cash, and open at 3pm, so there will be spots. There are other non-Linc lots to park at, too, so no worries that you won't find a space. Check out the parking section in this Eagles game guide for a good breakdown.
  7. Lot times

    Yes, M/N are the "Jetro" lots. If you have an M/N pass, you are guaranteed a spot since it's a reserved lot. It's not a cash lot (like the Citizen's Bank lots), so you can't just roll up on game day and pay $40 to park there.
  8. Lot times

    11:30am - M, N, P and Wells Fargo lots 1:00pm - K lot 3:00pm - Citizen's Bank lots 3:30 - Outer gates/Headhouse opens 4:30 Inner gates open
  9. Been $40 all season. Haven't heard they will be raising it for the playoffs. And Season Ticket Members were charged the same as the regular season parking rate for this game.
  10. Confirmed lot open times: 9:30am - Wells Fargo Lots, Lot M/N (Jetro), P 11:00am - K Lot 1:00pm - Citizens Bank lots
  11. Parking lot open times, from the email that included the game guide: 9:30am - Wells Fargo Lots, Lot M, N, P 11:00am - K Lot 1:00pm - Citizens Bank lots
  12. I would guess the usual 6 a.m. time for Lot M/N (Jetro), like a regular season 4 p.m. game. From this game guide: Opening times for 1pm games: 6:00am: A-H, M, N 8:00am: K, J, L Opening times for 4pm games: 6:00am: A-H, M, N 11:00am: K, J, L Opening times for night games: 7:30am: A-H, M, N 2:30pm: K, J, L
  13. Playoff date / time?

    Yep! At least it's the concert goers that are screwed and will have to deal with trying to find parking as we are leaving the game.
  14. Seating

    This guide to attending an Eagles game has a section on Standing Room tickets that will be helpful for you.