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  1. the noid

    Fantennial Season Ticket Contest

    At, contest rules: "Contest open only to individual legal residents of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont" At "a United States resident of the state of Minnesota"
  2. the noid

    Fantennial Season Ticket Contest

    Every contest they run directly, for years, has that qualifier. I would guess it's an NFL rules thing, similar to the TV viewer regions.
  3. More info from this guide (also, the sponsor name has changed from Panasonic to Hyundai): Club Level (Sections C1-C40): Located mostly around the middle of the stadium, on both sidelines, these seats are wider and offer more legroom than regular seats. You also have access to the indoor lounge (Tork Club on the visitor’s side, Hyundai Club on the home side) where it’s climate controlled, casual seating, flat-screen TVs, and premium food options not available at the lower or upper level concessions. There’s also usually one or two Eagles alumni that do autograph signings before the game, in each club lounge.
  4. The Linc has great sight lines all around. No obstructed views and the upper level isn't so high that you're too far away and the players look tiny.
  5. This guide to attending an Eagles game might also be helpful.
  6. And one more thing, the "W" rows (which Row 7 is), are usually temporary seating, meaning folding chair-type seats they set up behind the last row of the sections. That's so the seats can be moved around as necessary, to accommodate however many wheelchairs there may be.
  7. For all of NET1, even though you're in the corner of the field, because you're elevated there's a decent view of the whole field. I think the stair platforms next to each of the NET sections make for the best Standing Room Only places to watch the game. So if you're getting a good price, that's not too much higher than a SRO ticket, you're getting the same view but with a guaranteed place to sit. You're also under cover so you have shade from the sun, or protection from the rain/snow, depending on what time of year the game is that you're going to. Here's a quick description of the NET sections, from this guide:
  8. 5 full rows with about 40 seats each. Then there is a 6th (Row 1W) that has 10 seats and 7th (Row 5W) that has 4 seats, that can accommodate wheelchairs.
  9. First 4 rows of the upper level are the "loge" sections. They are a bit closer to the field and divided from the rest of the rows in the upper level.
  10. the noid

    Single Game Tickets

    Yes. For the cheapest seats, in the upper level, this is the face-value breakdown: Tier 1 (2 preseason games, TEN & BAL): $36 Tier 2 (NYJ, CHI, SEA, DET): $90 Tier 3 (NE, WSH, DAL, NYG): $117 All the tickets are priced similarly, with Tier 2 being the "regular price" and Tier 1 being 40% below regular price and Tier 3 being 30% above regular price.
  11. the noid

    Single Game Tickets

    Yup. It's past noon and there are still over 300 tickets (with up to 4 together) for the Giants MNF game, all at face value.
  12. the noid

    Single Game Tickets

    They also pulled down all the "Verified Ticket from the Eagles" tickets that were listed for sale on the NFL Ticket Exchange. Makes me wonder if they were trying to sell them at secondary market prices for about month, and then whatever was unsold would be offered in this on-sale offering.
  13. Check out this guide. And, yes, public transit will get you everywhere, from the airport, to the city, and to the stadiums, if you want to avoid having a car and paying for parking in the city (or at the game, or at the hotel.)
  14. the noid

    Single Game Tickets

    Hope they do, but even if so the inventory will likely be even smaller than usual (when they would sell out in 5 minutes) because, at last count, Ticketmaster had almost 600 tickets, to the 8 home games, listed for sale on the NFL Ticket Exchange as "Verified Tickets from the Eagles."
  15. the noid

    Single Game Tickets

    Single-game tickets (like we usually know them) may have already went up, right after the schedule was announced. They changed things this year. There may be single SEAT and Standing Room Only seats gong on-sale at some point, but looks like the single game tickets for 2 or more together, are just being sold on the resale market by the team.