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  1. Well, that profile pic you got there was a nice little gift they gave us 😉 The cost and logistics put into those sessions, over the course of several weeks, was probably 5x the cost of sending everyone some pint glasses.
  2. Unfortunately, no. On Eagles game days, Lot K is run by the Eagles and is reserved for certain season ticket holders, club and suite owners, etc. to purchase reserved passes, issued only through the team. For other events, the lot is handled differently and you can often secure parking there through third-parties, like you saw.
  3. Have a K Lot reserved parking pass that I'm looking to get rid of for the last preseason game, against the Jets, on 8/30. Message me for info.
  4. Saturday's open practice will have free parking in Lot K.
  5. How long should I wait? You could wait until as late as the week of, all the way to day of when they will be lowest if you really want to gamble and get the absolute best deal. All the tickets are mobile now, so you get them instantly. Or, wait until you see something in your budget in a decent section and pull the trigger for the peace of mind of having something in hand that outweighs saving another $20.
  6. If you're looking just for a single and don't care where you sit, yeah, you're likely to see something much lower as it gets closer.
  7. Mine were e-tickets. Originally they had June 30th listed as the release date, but I got notifications yesterday they were now available and was able to pull them up.
  8. Update: tickets are now in hand and available for transfer.
  9. NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Canton, Ohio, Saturday, August 4th at 7pm. See Philadelphia Eagles legend Brian Dawkins get inducted and give his speech! Tickets will be in-hand for delivery on June 30th. Have singles on the field and some pairs in different sections of the stadium. PM me for details.
  10. Can't go because of family reasons so looking to move my pair of tickets that include pregame sideline passes. Don't know the exact seats yet (package is coming from the team so I assume they will at least be decent seats), and should have in-hand around August. Anyone planning to go over (or any U.K. fans looking to go), send me a PM. Nosebleeds are going for $400-$500 USD each on reselling sites so serious inquiries only, please. Looking to get back what I put into them and recover some of my non-refundable travel costs.
  11. Not really. The M sections, especially M12-M14, will have a lot of the visiting team's family and friends, as that's where the Eagles usually set aside the required tickets for the visiting team. Otherwise, opposing fans are usually spread out wherever they can get tickets. Will this be your first game at The Linc?
  12. Sounds like you need the ultimate guide to attending an Eagles game! I'll have it updated for this season, before the opening game.
  13. More info, with the history of the price increases.
  14. the noid

    Super Bowl Viewing

    Xfinity is already sold out. And most sports bar-type places have big table minimums or have no open reservations. Going to be tough, good luck!