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  1. 5 full rows with about 40 seats each. Then there is a 6th (Row 1W) that has 10 seats and 7th (Row 5W) that has 4 seats, that can accommodate wheelchairs.
  2. First 4 rows of the upper level are the "loge" sections. They are a bit closer to the field and divided from the rest of the rows in the upper level.
  3. the noid

    Single Game Tickets

    Yes. For the cheapest seats, in the upper level, this is the face-value breakdown: Tier 1 (2 preseason games, TEN & BAL): $36 Tier 2 (NYJ, CHI, SEA, DET): $90 Tier 3 (NE, WSH, DAL, NYG): $117 All the tickets are priced similarly, with Tier 2 being the "regular price" and Tier 1 being 40% below regular price and Tier 3 being 30% above regular price.
  4. the noid

    Single Game Tickets

    Yup. It's past noon and there are still over 300 tickets (with up to 4 together) for the Giants MNF game, all at face value.
  5. the noid

    Single Game Tickets

    They also pulled down all the "Verified Ticket from the Eagles" tickets that were listed for sale on the NFL Ticket Exchange. Makes me wonder if they were trying to sell them at secondary market prices for about month, and then whatever was unsold would be offered in this on-sale offering.
  6. Check out this guide. And, yes, public transit will get you everywhere, from the airport, to the city, and to the stadiums, if you want to avoid having a car and paying for parking in the city (or at the game, or at the hotel.)
  7. the noid

    Single Game Tickets

    Hope they do, but even if so the inventory will likely be even smaller than usual (when they would sell out in 5 minutes) because, at last count, Ticketmaster had almost 600 tickets, to the 8 home games, listed for sale on the NFL Ticket Exchange as "Verified Tickets from the Eagles."
  8. the noid

    Single Game Tickets

    Single-game tickets (like we usually know them) may have already went up, right after the schedule was announced. They changed things this year. There may be single SEAT and Standing Room Only seats gong on-sale at some point, but looks like the single game tickets for 2 or more together, are just being sold on the resale market by the team.
  9. the noid

    draft party

    Might want to check your account has the right e-mail, or your e-mail's junk/spam filter. We got an email Monday about it, saying we would get a pre-sale code on Tuesday for early access to tickets (11am, before public offer at noon.) Got that e-mail around 10am, and had no problem grabbing tickets at 11am. The Eagles twitter account also sent out a tweet the week before about the Draft Party in general and the VIP/Charity ticket details, and there was a banner ad on the team website last week, too. Definitely wasn't a secret!
  10. Well, that profile pic you got there was a nice little gift they gave us 😉 The cost and logistics put into those sessions, over the course of several weeks, was probably 5x the cost of sending everyone some pint glasses.
  11. Unfortunately, no. On Eagles game days, Lot K is run by the Eagles and is reserved for certain season ticket holders, club and suite owners, etc. to purchase reserved passes, issued only through the team. For other events, the lot is handled differently and you can often secure parking there through third-parties, like you saw.
  12. Have a K Lot reserved parking pass that I'm looking to get rid of for the last preseason game, against the Jets, on 8/30. Message me for info.
  13. Saturday's open practice will have free parking in Lot K.
  14. How long should I wait? You could wait until as late as the week of, all the way to day of when they will be lowest if you really want to gamble and get the absolute best deal. All the tickets are mobile now, so you get them instantly. Or, wait until you see something in your budget in a decent section and pull the trigger for the peace of mind of having something in hand that outweighs saving another $20.
  15. If you're looking just for a single and don't care where you sit, yeah, you're likely to see something much lower as it gets closer.