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  1. Be interesting if MSII shows up tomorrow.
  2. Just got to see improvements each day.
  3. Any way to free up Cox is huge. So even though he is only here for possibly a year, lets see him have a monster year along with our entire D line.
  4. Its hard to say that last game of the season meant anything when saying we were 5-1 with him. Good we won but that season is over now. Lane knows he has to get everything tested before he takes it. He should have though done that after the first suspension so no excuses. Glad we have him and was thankfully a good pick by potato.
  5. Sounds like he has laid off the supplements!
  6. Just got to take it one day at a time. The younger player making the big steps will go a long way at this point. Will be interesting to see the developing stories as the off season workouts continue.
  7. Salute to all those that have fallen fighting for our freedoms. May you never be forgotten!
  8. Still no reason to rush back, get him in when 100% unless we get two CB that really shine, which I have my doubts about.
  9. If he was planning on being back in 6 months it might have just been a partial tear then.
  10. I still cant say I have heard if Jones' Achilles was a partial or full tear? Any one have those details?
  11. This group might be tough to watch. But the praise that (even though its just shorts right now) that Barnett is looking really good should help get the pressure to the qb needed and take it off the secondary.
  12. They need to shine.
  13. Need all our 1st round picks to shine. Any of them taking a good step forward this year can only help this club at this point.
  14. Ready to see if this kid knocks Agholor out of the line up.
  15. Excited to see what he brings. He could be kicking Agholor out quickly.