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  1. how many RBs are they keeping? Sproles seems to be the only "lock" I think blount and smallwood are leading contenders but then you have Clement, Pump,, and Marshall... I think if pump puts another on the ground he will be PS at best... Marshall I don't think has shown as much as Clement... Gonna get interesting.
  2. there are going to be a bunch of tough decisions, and as usual, I wont agree with some, but if they make a playoff run, I won't complain.
  3. It's called a protest against racial injustice, to do what he can to keep the issue from quietly slipping back into the background. I'm sure he'd completely agree with you about 'one race'. That's his point. sorry, but the black panthers, although they started out to do it right, ended up another racist group. Raising that fist in the air , to me is him supporting racism against whites... I spent quite a bit of time in VA, and racism goes BOTH ways. Hate only spreads hate.. I am all for equality in all ways, but he can find a better way to protest... and something I have said since Kaep... Call a press conference and leave the game out of it.
  4. Before I fly off the handle with rage, I suppose I should give Malcom Jenkins a chance to explain how raising the black panther fist is NOT just spreading more HATE. Malcom, when you see the ignorant **** in VA using the NSDAP salute for their hate message, guess what,? how that makes you feel is how white people feel when you raise your racist fist. Stop Generalizing, stop stereotyping, and stop HATING. ONE RACE !!! if you can't accept that, the YOU ARE SEGREGATING YOURSELF.
  5. I really like this kid, he is humble with extra ordinary talent.. Glad he is in Philly !! GO EAGLES!!
  6. First thing I would like to say is Doug...Blount is a down hill runner don't dial up perimeter runs for him. I also think for Carson to get into the groove they should pass more early. would like to see a little better run defense, but overall they looked good. Get these W's when they count :-)
  7. IMO Pumphrey would never make it to the PS, another team will pick him up. If that happens I predict we'll be regretting it in a year or 2. Agreed, they are basically priming him to take over for when Sproles retires, ...BIG shoes to fill, and that's gotta be a lot of pressure on a rookie. Not saying he will do it as well, but I think he can be groomed into that "swiss army knife "player... If he puts the ball on the ground a few more times, though, he won't make it.
  8. I would give a 6, however, I am factoring in rookie qb, and terrible WRs(lets be honest) He made a ton of rookie mistakes himself IMO, and blew at least 2 games with play calling. Be aggressive Doug, but when you are in a tight game, in FG range, TAKE THE POINTS. :-) maybe 5 is better after thinking about it... hope he is a lot better this year.
  9. Not sure, we haven't been to the playoffs since I started buying it. Besides all the playoff games are on broadcast TV you can get them, after they finish the game on game pass, like regular season. I still watch the playoffs even if we aren't in it. ... I am not 100% sure on that but I think i watched em at home on computer last yr.
  10. They need an Eagles radio station up here in ND now :-P
  11. I want them to put some decent plays on tape AND come out of it healthy. Only preseason, so don't really care about the W
  12. I want to see a 2 back set with Blount and Sproles, and motion sproles to the slot and see the look on the defenses faces :-) They really can throw a ton of looks at a defense, might need to pass sometimes to open the run and visa vera.
  13. sounds like what the Eagles needed, I hope so.
  14. Very good signs from Barnett, and most of the D line played pretty well. I hope this Darby Kid is as good as advertised.
  15. hot pass or not AG got his hands on it, he needs to come down with it. this is the NFL some passes are coming at you at a high velocity.. 3rd year should be used to it.