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  1. PhillyRod

    [News] Jim Schwartz Prepares For Potent Chiefs

    those rankings are a joke, this week the Texans dropped 12 spots, and some other team jumped up 10... they are going to take a while to settle in, and team records will ultimately determine the order... right now it is one persons biased opinion after one game, and obviously keeping in mind last year. they should do a consensus of many analysts and post all of em , and an average... still probably won't be 100% accurate, but should be closer than the joke they post.
  2. PhillyRod

    [News] Jim Schwartz Prepares For Potent Chiefs

    I actually think the Eagles match up well against the Chiefs. Don't get me wrong, it will be tough, Andy and company had 3 extra days to rest and prepare, but I think the D line is going to make Smith uncomfortable, much like Cousins, and offensively I think the Eagles have some good match ups with Berry out. I do think it will be a chess match with Doug and Andy. I think certain backs need more carries to get in the flow of the game, and so sometimes RB by committee isn't the best choice, especially if you are going to be pass heavy. Some of the early runs also seemed telegraphed to me. Hope Dougie P cleans up some of that, but his play calling was generally better than last year(so far)
  3. Been an Eagles fan my whole life, and grew up near Philly, but been out here in ND for a few years now... and Eagles now have more fans up here after drafting NDSU's Carson Wentz . Soon as he takes the field, I bet stores up here sell out of his jersey.