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  1. yup, when blount is in you can't stack the box with these receivers. or they will burn you. And if you don't stack the box, Blount will work you over. Pederson has to feel like it's Christmas this year with all the weapons he has now... Carson too. Gotta be a weight off his shoulders having WRs who catch the ball... 35 drops last year ... That has to improve.
  2. being aggressive is ok, but when you go for it 2x 4th and short in FG range, and dont make it and lose the game by 1 point, I think there should be a lesson learned... in a close game, TAKE THE POINTS.
  3. Hard to run a QB sneak or up the middle with an undersized C getting blown up. I'm glad he put on a little weight this off-season hopefully we will see an improvement in his power and ability to stand stout when run blocking and not get pushed around as bad by bigger defensive lineman. I used to love Mcnabbs QB sneak, he got a yard every time it seemed.
  4. Defenses are going to have issues, stack the box because of Blount, and get burnt deep, and visa versa. Jeffrey is an absolute monster, who you can't really cover, and Smith will stretch the field... I think this Mack Hollins, has a chance to be similar to jeffrey, aggressive at the point of reception. Possibly the future no 1 WR in philly. Don't pump the breaks on pumphry, yeah he is classified as a RB, but will probably have a lot of receptions out of the back field.(the future Sproles) I couldn't be much more excited about the future of this team, not just this next year but yrs to come. Yeah this is about the WR, but I can't help but believe that having a solid run game will help those WR a ton. And having reliable receivers will help the running game... Carson is in for a really good season IMO. Can't wait, GO EAGLES!!!
  5. I believe Nelson's money is guaranteed this year, so it would make no sense to cut him. I am glad to hear good reports, he looked to be a star in the making coming out of college, maybe working with alshon, and tory helped too? It sounds like this kid worked really hard in the offseason, so I hope he pulls it together for the real season. He wasn't the only culprit, the Eagles had 35 drops last year.
  6. with all the dropped balls from last year, it is hard to trust your receivers, having reliable hands will make him better. Also he loves play action passes, and blount will force teams to stack the box. I think Wentz is in for a stellar year,
  7. Okay Joe, don't keep me hanging on a string. You got to tell me why the Cowboys are only going to win 9 games. Is it because of the sophomore jinx of their QB or defenses being ready now to defend Elliot? Down year for a couple of their players? The teams in our division being better this year? Their overall schedule? Lets have it! Wrang .... Yes ... Yes... Yes ... Yes ... and Yes. They won a few close games last year due to poor coaching from the opponent... the PA teams. They go from last place to 1st place schedule... (yeah its 2 games... Green Bay and Atlanta, much harder than the 49ers last year! ) Bye weeks, losing 2 OL..etc. Dak had a Foles 2013 year, dropped INTs, guys were wide open...etc. Give them all the credit for LAST year, you still have to take advantage of all that, they did just like Foles and the Eagles did in 2013... until as Ham says, Rodgers stole it from them. 10 wins this year from them will be extremely impressive in my mind. Don't see all those things going right for them THIS year. yeah they also lost most of their secondary, and picked up Carroll(who led the league in PA penalties), in a division with great receivers. more film on dak, and I have to agree, they will be lucky to win 10, I do think their O line and Zeke will carry them to a few wins... The Eagles took them to OT in Dallas, with the talent signed by the Eagles, and secondary lost by the Cowboys, I feel a sweep coming on.
  8. JP still has 2 years on his contract, and he probably has 2 more good years in him.. You can see he is slowing down some, the holding penalties are a little more frequent, etc. Could be a pro bowler his last 2 years too, but I don't see much after that. Really smart guy, when he retires he would make a great O line coach.
  9. that was a sweet pass and catch, would be very tough to defend that. I am excited for the season to get here, the Eagles really have improved(IMO) in so many ways. CBs still concern me a little, but if that front 4 bring it like projected, they should be ok. I may be overly optimistic, but I think Carson is going to have a stellar year. Adding the WRs was excellent, but adding Blount to the back field is perfect for Wentz and the Eagles. Don't stack the box, and they can easily run, stack the box, and PA passes are Carson's favorite. I don't usually go overboard, but this looks like the best Eagles team in a long time. They should all know, that if they bring a Lombardi to Philly they will be Immortalized Forever in the city of brotherly love. GO EAGLES!!!
  10. if Sproles still wants a roster spot in 2018, he should get it. Pumph can learn even more from him then.
  11. That second week of the year is going to be a good one anyway, Doug going up against Andy. Can't wait for this season to begin.
  12. Hey if he is willing to sign for 5 mil or less then maybe.... maybe just sign to win a SB so that he be immortalized in Philly and never have to by another Cheese Steak as long as he lives Who do you think is the best receiver at this point in time between Maclin and JMatt? Mac is on the decline and JMatt is on the incline, Mac still runs better routs, but time is on Jmatts side, if everything was riding on "right now" I would take Mac, but factor in another year or 2, and I would take JMatt.
  13. Love Mac, but I don't see him back in Philly with all the new additions. They are kinda stuck with AG for at least one more season, DGB, Bryce Treggs, Paul Turner(I liked this guy) but they are all probably gone when they cut to 53...I really have no idea how these rookies stack up against the likes of them, so didn't include them. It's a crowded room, and though the competition would be even better with Maclin in there, I think they will use what little cap room they have left on a CB if anything.
  14. they put him in a read and react , and he will fit this scheme much better.
  15. front 4 look scary :-), and have some depth to rotate too. :-D