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  1. Might be sensitive though.
  2. Are you blind? His a** cheek clearly hit the ground.
  3. I heard more on this story from a video, but I can't find the video. Pretty much Kap began sleeping with Alton Smiths gf which lead them to split and kap still kept going with her. Crapersnatch is just an a hole through and through.
  4. Overall TV ratings went down last year, so I'm going to say that with this information, the NFL ratings going down is now a little misleading. I'm not sure that many people cared about the Kapersnatch situation. Its just that less people are watching TV and are streaming instead or watching YouTube or illegal sites.
  5. Wally, I love you. Just saying. Never change. Next, you're going to say the NFL Draft should be a snake rotation. The worst team picks 1st in round one, but last in round 2. 1st in round 3, last in round 4.
  6. When your joke even correlates to the wrong spelling of Pederson
  7. 2016 highlight video?
  8. Love? You're being ridiculous. Its called respect. The last time any of us Eagles fans were able to enjoy a fun Eagles season, it was 2013, led by Foles and that fun to watch offense. Stuff like that leave a lasting impression on fans. Its about respect. Who cares what he has done after? Enjoy the fact that for one season in the past 8 or so years, we had a QB and team lay it all on the line. Respect much deserved.
  9. I just like the college OT set up, I have no clue what he turned it into
  10. Never mind.
  11. Aren't going to use any actual reasons? I mean, it's one of the better structured OT's out there.
  12. Please let me know why they wouldn't work in the NFL?
  13. I like the college ball overtime rules.
  14. Its like the falcons played this game to give Tom Brady the legacy.