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  1. Won’t be the Raiders, the Raiders will have to open up the new stadium in week 1, more likely than not. Im thinking it will be the Falcons and I don’t really know why, it just seems like that’s what the NFL will do. Texans are my second choice.
  2. Mrkingofspades

    CBA discussion thread

    Yikes. I only had to read the first sentence.
  3. Mrkingofspades

    Antonio Brown turmoil related to unhappiness over helmet

    AB has been released by the Pats
  4. Mrkingofspades

    Week 2: Buccaneers @ Panthers

    McCafferey really screwed that play up, he should’ve cut inside as Williams got around
  5. Mrkingofspades

    Week 2: Buccaneers @ Panthers

    That was an awful philly special wannabe
  6. Mrkingofspades

    Week 2: Buccaneers @ Panthers

    Wait, did the Bucs just take two TO’s in a row?
  7. Mrkingofspades

    Week 2: Buccaneers @ Panthers

    Winston is advertised as good?
  8. Joey bosa held out too. So it has something to do with contract language and injury clauses I’m guessing
  9. Mrkingofspades

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    I wasn’t aware Nick Foles had a weak arm until I read this thread.
  10. Mrkingofspades

    The Colts Might Be Setting Up For A Crazy Offseason

    Devin Funchess?? I guess..
  11. Mrkingofspades

    NFL Trivia Game!

    Jake Plummer
  12. Mrkingofspades

    NFL Trivia Game!

    I though chad Johnson at first because all of the receivers he’s played with have retired and the little thing about "or died” led me to think of Chris Henry. But he hasn’t been selected all pro that many times.
  13. Mrkingofspades

    NFL Trivia Game!

    I’m gonna throw out John Randle
  14. Mrkingofspades

    NFL Trivia Game!