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  1. Uscg-Green

    Any more debate on ELI being HOF'er

    I meant the fact that Elis stats are so mediocre but ok. Hes literally a .500 QB
  2. Uscg-Green

    Any more debate on ELI being HOF'er

    Wow that's an eye opener right there.
  3. Uscg-Green

    Any more debate on ELI being HOF'er

    Nick Foles had an outstanding Playoff run and was Super Bowl MVP. Does he get considered? Lol no.
  4. Uscg-Green

    Any more debate on ELI being HOF'er

    And lost. What's Elis record all time against Eagles? I believe its 10-20
  5. He had 2 great playoff runs. Outside of that average. Hell hes not even average anymore.
  6. Uscg-Green

    If the Eagles lose to the 1-4 Giants Thursday night....

    Silly fans! We never lose to the Giants! God I wish we played them 8 times a year.
  7. Uscg-Green

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Ahahahahaha! 2 years in a row gnats lose to 60 plus FG!
  8. Uscg-Green

    Dak vs. Wentz

    Eli= done washed up
  9. Uscg-Green

    Dak vs. Wentz

    Debate is a very generous term. Its fact now lol Maybe Foles backup somewhere
  10. Uscg-Green

    Kaepernick still no job

    He has a job guys hes fighting for all those down and out multimillionaires by sacrificing EVERYTHING cough cough
  11. I brought up a legitimate point about quality of officiating this year. A good conversation started until the mods exiled it to wait for it.... NFL draft and College football lol where the hasnt been a post in months and what the discussion has nothing to do with lol.
  12. Uscg-Green


    Wentz last 4 SNAPS on a torn acl - 1 TD throw Dak last 4 GAMES completely healthy - 1 TD throw
  13. Uscg-Green

    Cowboys cut Dan Bailey

    That move looked just brilliant today. You know bailey just loved that miss.
  14. Uscg-Green


    Remember who you have as a head coach
  15. Uscg-Green


    Remember when everyone was clamoring about how much better Dak was over Wentz? Pepperidge farm remembers. ( psst there's a reason Wentz went number 2 overall and Dak went in the 4th round) I hope Jerry lives forever.