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  1. Uscg-Green

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    They keep doing CPR on our season.
  2. Uscg-Green

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    I think the NFCE should say no thank you to the playoffs lol. Seriously the fact one of these teams is gonna host a 10 or 11 win team is a joke.
  3. Uscg-Green

    Week 13: Bills @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    My Cousins all had matching Dak to the future tshirts and talking about MVP all morning.....
  4. Uscg-Green

    The Bills made Jerry cry

  5. Uscg-Green

    Week 13: Bills @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    With a big Thanksgiving dinner. Surrounded by family who are Cowboy fans who mocked you and your team all morning. These are the moments you savor
  6. Uscg-Green

    Week 13: Bears @ Lions (Thanksgiving)

    Youd think they would do a better game on Thanksgiving. Think the Lions having to play today tradition should end.
  7. The problem with that is its just not popular. They tried having a league in Europe. It didn't work.
  8. No. I've been around the world. I just lived in Seattle for 6 years.
  9. Uscg-Green

    Pats vs. Cowgirls

    Dak isnt spectacular himself.
  10. Uscg-Green

    Pats vs. Cowgirls

    What's the score
  11. Uscg-Green

    Pats vs. Cowgirls

    Just somthing about him rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's the party boy wont grow up thing. I dunno