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  1. ...and even more have no idea when to let a coach go, and for what. A lot is knee jerk reaction to how the ball bounced that season for a team.
  2. I thought that we went through this with Jeremy Maclin?
  3. Gregg

    Cowboys just traded for Amari Cooper

    I'm surprised TATE isn't burning up the internet over this one. Guess I misjudged.
  4. As an NFCE opponent, trying to beat them twice a year should be important.
  5. Team sports 101; when you talk bad about your own team, you only make yourself look bad.
  6. Gregg

    Rae Carruth to be released from jail...

    Cool, I think the Raiders may have some interest
  7. Enough, our goals are the same this year as last year; win the division. NOBODY thought this was a SB team week six last season.
  8. Gregg

    Dak vs. Wentz

    One more not so fun fact...Dak Prescott has thrown for under 200 yards in 5 straight games, the longest streak by a Cowboys QB since Quincy Carter (5 straight) in 2003. (Careen Falcone)
  9. I never thought Cousins was a bad QB at all.
  10. Gregg

    Kaepernick still no job

    Vick had a job because he could play after coming out of jail; Kap does not because he cannot play. Look at his numbers from the pocket, it didn't work and like RGIII, the Run read option or whatever was going to get them killed, and was all they could pull off for a number of years. It's over. It's not like we're keeping the on the field QB talent of Montana or someone.
  11. Gregg

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    Look, I'm not in love with the guy as far as QBs go, but his record vs the Eagles speaks for itself, and he CERTAINLY played well enough to with both of those games the Skins lost to the Eagles this season. It's just that the Eagles were the better team overall this year. As in we won the Super Bowl better team this year.
  12. Gregg

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    I'm just glad 'Eagle Killer' Cousins is out of the NFCE.
  13. Gregg

    OBJ being sued for assault

    OBJ is one of those guys that when give the chance to make a's fun to watch. Almost every week.
  14. Gregg

    No, thank you Mr. Lurie

    Just remember, this is the guy who showed up at training camp concerned that there was a player running around wearing #20. Jeffrey Lurie said this morning that as long as he is the owner of the Eagles that no other player will be issued the #20 jersey. The only other player he has ever made such a comment about was the late Reggie White, whose #92 was retired the same year the defensive end was posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame.. l
  15. Glad Fox has this, the NFL Network commentators have been improved, but brutal i the past.