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  1. You mean the 11th year option.
  2. Nice jacket. Looks like he's starting a Siegfried and Roy cover show.
  3. He signed it, "Your Tight End" Not after 14 years, he's not.
  4. Players seem to celebrate after just about every routine play. It is all "look at me" stuff.
  5. The best thing for the Cowgirls would be to re-sign him as backup QB. The smart play for Romo would be for him to retire while he can still walk.
  6. I wish I was smart enough to settle for 24M.
  7. I'm shocked that that five way trade fell through.
  8. His next stop is at Barrett-Jackson. They're looking for an auctioneer.
  9. I thought the exact opposite, especially the way they lost.
  10. Watched part of it once. In the '80s.
  11. I loved Buddy's personality. He was a regular guy that said whatever the hell he wanted and was funny and genuine. He also gave us an underdog team with a smash mouth defense that regular people could relate to. That's why people loved him. Andy was too closed off and reserved. Despite being a much better coach, he also wasn't good enough in the end.
  12. My dream job is getting paid millions of dollars for playing video games and taking afternoon naps. Chip now has two of those jobs.
  13. I remember paying $25 for some good seats on the 45 yard line.
  14. He's going to revolutionize the NFL. Every team will have a losing record!