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  1. Mortimer

    Anyone watching XFL?

    Is "He Hate Me" still playing?
  2. Mortimer

    SUPER BOWL LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

    Not sure if this was posted yet, so here goes...
  3. Mortimer

    This is Andy Reid's Year

  4. Mortimer

    Reid Brings McNabb In To Speak To The Chiefs ??

    I blame him already.
  5. Mortimer

    Thank you Eli

    Well, Joe Namath is in and he mostly sucked.
  6. The Cardinals won a Super Bowl? Never mind. I got confused by the bolded part of the above post appearing to say something quite different than the thread title.
  7. Mortimer

    AFC Championship: Titans @ Chiefs

    Reid and Conference Championship wins are an elusive combination. The Chiefs are on fire now but I would love the Titans to keep winning with the ground game. So cool to see a team really commit to it when it works.
  8. Think it was 35-0 at the half and the Oilers lost 38-35. IIRC
  9. Mortimer

    Kevin Stefanski new Browns HC

    That seems to be his plan. It would be hilarious if Belichick would name Jason Garrett as his successor.
  10. Mortimer

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    "Great googely - moogely!"
  11. Mortimer

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I get that the fans hate it, but Green seems like a baby to be mad about it. Didn't he get a ring with Rypien or whomever in '91? And I thought the players in this division only hated the Cowboys. The Eagles have been also-rans for near 60 years and this dude is mad we won it all one freakin' time?
  12. Mortimer

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I guess I missed the hubub with that. Is he a Patriot's fan?
  13. Mortimer

    Week 13: Bills @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

  14. Mortimer

    Love him or hate him, Romo needs to be an OC.

    Probably biding his time until Garrett gets fired. He's going to get paid like nobody's business.
  15. Mortimer

    Chargers Potential Move to London is messed up

    I gather you've never seen The Fly.
  16. Mortimer

    Nick back at practice today.

    That Rappaport tweet is so clickbaity, with that beautiful babe that is in the clip for all of a half second.
  17. Mortimer

    Chargers Potential Move to London is messed up

    Hipsters watch football? They could change the name from the Chargers to the Artisans.
  18. Must be nice. I can only afford Stouffer's frozen french bread pizza and my imagination.
  19. Mortimer

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    Let's see how he does in the postseason. Call it a hunch, but I'll wager he won't be #1.
  20. Mortimer

    Micheal Bennett Suspended by Pats

    Best part of that movie is when Santa boots him down the slide.
  21. Mortimer

    Micheal Bennett Suspended by Pats

    They probably think it's French or something. Anything longer than four letters can really throw some people off.
  22. Now is the time to up his price to $50 million.
  23. Mortimer

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    You're greatly exaggerating Wentz getting "killed". It seems any criticism of him qualifies as bashing in some people's eyes. Some of those same people were crowning Wentz MVP before the season even started. If he really is of MVP talent, he will overcome the deficiencies of the rest of the team. That is what MVPs do.
  24. His body may be on the football field, but his mind is back home on Endor.
  25. Mortimer


    Has Barnett received a fine for his hit Thursday night? Seems like kind of the same thing, but he doesn't have a history of cheap shots like Burfict does.