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    Micheal Bennett Suspended by Pats

    Best part of that movie is when Santa boots him down the slide.
  2. Mortimer

    Micheal Bennett Suspended by Pats

    They probably think it's French or something. Anything longer than four letters can really throw some people off.
  3. Now is the time to up his price to $50 million.
  4. Mortimer

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    You're greatly exaggerating Wentz getting "killed". It seems any criticism of him qualifies as bashing in some people's eyes. Some of those same people were crowning Wentz MVP before the season even started. If he really is of MVP talent, he will overcome the deficiencies of the rest of the team. That is what MVPs do.
  5. His body may be on the football field, but his mind is back home on Endor.
  6. Mortimer


    Has Barnett received a fine for his hit Thursday night? Seems like kind of the same thing, but he doesn't have a history of cheap shots like Burfict does.
  7. Mortimer

    Week 4 Open Discussion.

    68 attempts for Goff! Andy Reid is turning green right now.
  8. Mortimer

    Giants fans, Talk About The Giants

    Technically, fame and popularity are one in the same. If Manning had not won the SB twice, there would be a 0% chance his name would even be in the conversation for HOF.
  9. Mortimer

    Antonio Brown cut by Pats

    Somebody finally topped Sam Bradford!
  10. Mortimer

    Antonio Brown cut by Pats

    Surprising he didn't get along with Big Ben. They are kindred spirits.
  11. Mortimer

    Cam Newton in a babushka

    Those two were always fans of the Packers and the Oilers.
  12. Mortimer

    Week 2: Browns @ Jets

    The only team that comes to mind is "Skillz That Killz", the inner-city team from the Dodgeball movie.
  13. Mortimer

    Dak vs Carson

    What about what he did in the first half?
  14. Tougher, yes but Couch factor? Like Dak is an expert on fine couches? Bet he has a faux zebra skin couch in his bathroom. Wentz seems more like the Adirondack chair type.
  15. 100% Mayock would have been fired, as well as a lifetime ban from the league. National media would blare it non-stop, to stir up racial tensions even more than they do now. But since the racism is attributed to the protected race and directed at the targeted race, everything's cool. Nothing to see here.
  16. Mortimer

    Tyreek Hill 3 year, $54M extension

    Just like in the real world, where there are different rules depending on your connections; if you are an outstanding player, you get preferential treatment. He should be breaking rocks right now and if he sucked, he probably would be.
  17. Mortimer

    Is Antonio Brown worse than Terrell Owens?

    One thing is for sure, the dude is off his rocker.
  18. Mortimer

    Goodbye McCoy

    Yep and his best days are behind him. Not much tread left on those tires.
  19. Mortimer

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    2022 is a long ways away. I could see Darth Belichick pulling that off.
  20. Mortimer

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Gillette would rather he tell you he's now a woman. The best a Ma'am can get.
  21. Mortimer

    The Double Doink Broke Matt Nagy

    If the Eagles get a playoff rematch against the Bears, they should go for a 43 yard field goal. Even if it is 2nd down.
  22. The same thing happened to Louis Winthorpe III. I'd bet you a dollar, that Clarence Beeks is behind this.
  23. Mortimer

    The Double Doink Broke Matt Nagy

    Not that long ago, plays like the double doink would not be a surprising way to end to an Eagles season. Things sure have changed around here.
  24. Mortimer

    Andrew Luck

    If the "Suck For Luck" campaign is still going on, it will be quite some time before that happens.