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    Kareem Hunt brutalizes and kicks woman in hotel video

    There are two sets of rules in society, those for the haves and those for the have nots.
  2. Mortimer

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    Knowing that some of the guys you are drafting are not exactly boy scouts is one thing. You can still root for them, because they haven't been proven to be scumbags. Drafting a proven scumbag is another thing. You know he is a scumbag and it makes it very hard to root for him.
  3. Mortimer

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    I didn't get sad watching, I got aroused. Wait, what were we talking about again?
  4. That could be just the move that puts them over the top.
  5. Mortimer

    Sam Bradford released by Cardinals

    Does Bradford have a criminal record? Probably the only thing holding Jerry Jones back.
  6. Mortimer

    NFL Owners Already Re-thinking Chargers in L.A.

    They should move the Raiders in too, to complete the trifecta.
  7. Mortimer

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Carr can make all the throws, even the ones to the other team.
  8. Mortimer


  9. I remember that well. 1943 was the year I sold my first silver mine. Made a tidy profit, I might add.
  10. Mortimer

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Rstarter might be trapped in a rectory somewhere near Pittsburgh. I'm starting to be concerned for his safety.
  11. Mortimer

    Raiders agree to trade Khalil Mack to Bears

    See? The trade is already paying for itself.
  12. Mortimer

    Week 3 Open Discussion.

    Maybe that will be enough to get better fitting sleeves.
  13. Mortimer

    Week 3 Open Discussion.

    Sounds like Andy Reid was special guest OC.
  14. Mortimer

    Raiders agree to trade Khalil Mack to Bears

    "his approach has often raised eyebrows."
  15. Mortimer

    Antonio Brown skips team meetings

    That's because they never had Chip Kelly.
  16. Mortimer

    Raiders agree to trade Khalil Mack to Bears

    You forgot Wendy's free medium Frosty coupons for every man on the team.
  17. I made more than that selling pork bellies last week.
  18. Think my first was Outland in 1981.
  19. I don't know about that. My brother Randolph and I had a bad experience with FCOJ back in 1983.
  20. Mortimer

    Johnny Manziel

    At least he picked the appropriate jersey number.
  21. Mortimer

    Jones stated that Cowboys will stand.

    After eight years of that racist, isn't it great to have Trump in charge now?
  22. Mortimer

    49ers QB Jimmy G Likes His Women Meaty and Sleazy

    Jimmy G was the actor that played John Cusack's little brother in Better Off Dead. He snuck that book on How to Pick up Trashy Women off the set and it is really starting to pay dividends now.
  23. Mortimer

    Tebow's Hypocrisy vs. Wentz' genuineness

    What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports are you talking about? Taking marriage vows involves being in a relationship in which both people are in love with each other, not some "You've reached Age 30 - it's time to get married!" check box.