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  1. 9 hours ago, dawkins4prez said:

    If there is one thing I have absolutely ZERO doubt about, it's that if Dak had been in that building against that D flying around the way it was, and down Gallup/Cooper/Jarwin in the 1st qtr, he would have totally and completely caved.  No doubt in my mind and I am about as bullish on Dak as anyone in here.


    What Carson did in that 2nd half is something only elite Qb's can do.

    What about what he did in the first half?

  2. On 9/11/2019 at 7:57 AM, nipples said:

    So let’s say Brown gets hit hard by this allegation and ends up suspended or on the exempt list... you can already count on Gordon inevitably failing another drug test. They just traded D Thomas to the Jets... the Patriots could realistically be down to just Edelman and a bunch of guys at some point soon. 


  3. 2 hours ago, gch said:

    Hey in 2016 no one knew much about Dak. All the so called experts drool all over Wentz and and he is good no doubt. He has a strong arm and a lot of talent. 

    Dak is better at some and Wentz is better at some but I’m not sure Wentz is clearly a better QB. Dak is a lot tougher then Wentz for sure and a has that couch factor that Wentz hasn’t shown much of

    Tougher, yes but Couch factor?    Like Dak is an expert on fine couches?   Bet he has a faux zebra skin couch in his bathroom.   Wentz seems more like the Adirondack chair type.  

  4. 7 hours ago, VaBeach_Eagle said:

    The NFL needs to step in and suspend him, if the racist remark accusation is true. Had it been the other way, Mayock would have been suspended, if not fired.

    100%  Mayock would have been fired, as well as a lifetime ban from the league.   National media would blare it non-stop, to stir up racial tensions even more than they do now.

    But since the racism is attributed to the protected race and directed at the targeted race, everything's cool.  Nothing to see here.

  5. 9 minutes ago, McNabbIsGone said:

    There's a part of me that wants him back . . . I guess because of fond memories like "The Snow Bowl"  etc.

    But he has had off-the-field issues which are well known to all of us. And last year's productivity was none too special:

                         Attempts              Yds.                     Avg. Rush                  TD                        Recieving Yds.

                             161                    514                            3.2                          3                                  34

    He may have a few years left where he could at least be 'adequate' in the right scheme . . .

                   but my sense is the Eags should be developing the talent they have.

             After all: it's not like the Eags are hurting at the RB position.

                       If he were to fall into our hands for almost nothing, sure: why not??

                                 Otherwise: PASS.                                       


    Yep and his best days are behind him.   Not much tread left on those tires.

  6. 6 hours ago, Pallidrone said:

    Isnt that exactly what she is doing and what she said?

    Kicking on Thursday would be a publicity stunt. Training in the offseason to see if she can kick in the NFL and then trying out in the off season is not. If she wants to do the job and she can do the job, she should get a fair shake at it just like any one else.


    So because there is a possibility that some players might be morons then the NFL shouldnt do it? If someone has the ability to do a job, then they should have the right to do that job, end of story. She or any other female that can play in the NFL should not be shunned away because of the possibility that some players might act like complete jerks and we should not just let them off the hook for that either.

    I am far from a feminist but I do believe in equality for all regardless of sex, race or religion. If they can do the job and they want to do the job, then they should have an opportunity to do that job - end of story.


    I believe in equal opportunity but the sexes are not physically equal.   Otherwise, there would be no telling what sex a person is, like Rachel Maddow.