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  1. 1 minute ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

    Ok keep putting his career on a couple of games that's fine. Excuse the many poor and average performances.

    Those couple of games were something that took 57 years to happen.  Results beats potential every time.  The best laid plans mean nothing if they don't work.

    Foles certainly has had quite a few low points, but his high points are off the charts. 

  2. 6 hours ago, NIBGoldenchild said:

    The expression on Darrell Green's face has been the same as mine since Dan Snyder took over as owner. I haven't gone in hibernation, just lurking and too depressed to engage in conversation in here. As far as my depression goes, this last week has taken it from a -30 to a -26. 

    I guess I missed the hubub with that.   Is he a Patriot's fan?

  3. On 11/4/2019 at 12:38 AM, zenclaybourne said:

    In those four wins, Minshew was 76/129, 951 yards, 8 TDs, 0 INTs and 102.6 passer rating, along with 22 runs for 96 yards, 0 TDs and 2 lost fumbles.

    In his other four starts against the Texans, Panthers, Saints and Texans, he was 90/153, 1,059 yards, 3 TDs, 3 INTs and a 78.3 passer rating, along with 19 runs for 133 yards, 0 TDs and 6 lost fumbles.

    The Jags have scored 150 points during that span, an average of 18.75 points per week. That would be 8th worst in the league.


    That Rappaport tweet is so clickbaity, with that beautiful babe that is in the clip for all of a half second.