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  1. EricAllenPick6

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Heard on the radio that Belichick basically re-did his whole defense because he thought Goff would not be able to figure out zone coverage. And.... Belichick was right. Again.
  2. EricAllenPick6

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    I dunno. Maybe. The Pats played probably their worst game of the season and still won. They got a little help from the refs, but not much. Based on the Pats history, you have to think that Belichick takes "competitive advantages" anywhere he possibly can. Then again, maybe not. VInce Lombardi once said that more football games are lost than won. That was this game exactly. The Rams lost because Goff was wildly inaccurate all night long and Gurley was a huge disappointment.
  3. EricAllenPick6

    Should teams be able to challenge penalties or non calls?

    I truly hate this idea, and Saints are bad losers. The Saints think that there were no missed calls against them, right? They are wrong. I have a number of problems with this one. First, I think you could review 70%-80% of all plays in the NFL and find somebody, somewhere that did something that could be penalized. Hands to the face, brief hold, touching a facemask, etc. If implemented the strategy going forward will be this: (1) late in the game challenge every play to make them look again for a hold, a PI, hands to the face, etc.; (2) challenge all big plays to see if you can get it overturned for some reason. Second, games need to be called consistently. If you call something PI, it should be called that way every time regardless of replay review. A team getting a stricter interpretation of a rule because they had a challenge flag is also garbage. Third, LET! THEM! PLAY! I truely hate when the refs step in and decide a game. Drives me nuts. We ABSOLUTELY should not ENCOURAGE this.
  4. EricAllenPick6

    Adam Gase

    Well, to be honest, there has to be something wrong with you if you want to coach the Jets...
  5. EricAllenPick6

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    This is an interesting theory and it makes a lot of sense. Foles to the Saints or Patriots would hurt my brain, but it makes a lot of sense for those teams.
  6. EricAllenPick6

    Adam Gase

    I'm laughing so hard at this. I heart you Adam Gase.
  7. EricAllenPick6

    Hey Dallas

    They are still a pretty one dimensional team. Shut down Zeke, shut down the Cowboys. That’s what the Rams did last night and it worked.
  8. Wonder what’s next for him. I hear he could get scooped up as a coach?
  9. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Spot on article. A new low, even for the Redskins. They are an absolute joke of an organization. LaFamina basically said that he wants to "put the fans at the center of every decision", and the Snyder turned around and fired him. Sound right.
  10. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    An experienced safety? Oh hell yeah. Get him today. He can play against the Skins in the finale.
  11. EricAllenPick6

    Go Bucs! Dallas Sucks!!!

    I am having such a hard time getting past your picture. Andy Reid + Data? That's something... But yes, insert football comment here, too...
  12. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    ... and there's a video of Nicholson fighting in the street. He's got some good moves, actually. I like the bodyslam.
  13. EricAllenPick6

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    I can almost guarantee that it won't be the Redskins. They have a TON of money going to Alex Smith, now all fully guaranteed because of the injury. For financial reasons alone, I think Alex Smith stays on the roster next season, but I doubt he will play. Redskins really like Colt McCoy, who may actually try to play in week 17 against us. Jags or Dolphins would really benefit from Nick. I still think he's coming back. I don't think he wants to leave Philly.
  14. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    More trouble in Washington...
  15. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Doesn't this article ignore the obvious fact that you can't cut a player that is hurt? You'd have to come up with some sort of injury settlement, right? If he fully heals, it won't be until the next season. No, the Redskins have no options with Alex Smith. They are screwed. If he does not retire, I anticipate that they will keep him on their roster for at least next season. Whoever is playing QB is going to be basically keeping that seat warm for either Alex Smith to return or a rookie QB to come in and replace him.