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  1. EricAllenPick6

    Jay Gruden let go...

    @paco right you are. I think this is pretty much why he still has a job. Allen is paid a ton to be the fall guy for all of the Redskins failures.
  2. EricAllenPick6

    Jay Gruden let go...

    It's so amazing that Bruce Allen still has a job. He's botched so many personnel decisions. He gave Jay Gruden the keys to a Honda Civic and told him to go win the Indy 500. Somehow it was Gruden's fault for losing.
  3. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Haskins has looked terrible when he went in. To be fair, he has no offensive line and no receivers. They are about to hit a new rock bottom when they lose to the Dolphins next week.
  4. EricAllenPick6

    How come Brady's receivers never drop passes

    He doesn't suck, he is just really inconsistent. Sometimes, he flashes brilliance. That TD run showed how well he can move with the ball. His speed is good enough for him to get open a lot. His problem is that for every outstanding play, he's got 2 that make you shake your head. He had a few really bad drops yesterday. If he could eliminate those mistakes, he would be an outstanding football player. Our problem is that in his 5th year, he should not be making these mistakes anymore. Some of that would be understandable from a rookie or maybe even a 2nd year player, but a vet receiver needs to figure things out. We also had some uncharacteristic drops by guys that normally would make those plays. How many of those TD passes does Goedert drop? Maybe just a bad day. Guys worked harder in practice than they were used to?
  5. EricAllenPick6

    Antonio Brown cut by Pats

    Hard pass. Hell no to the circus.
  6. EricAllenPick6

    Jalen Ramsey asking for a trade.

    He's also talked about hooking up with the Texans and expressed a desire to go back to Tennessee, so nothing to get too excited about here. Have the Jags said anything about whether or not they are willing to trade him?
  7. EricAllenPick6

    Cam Newton in a babushka

    Methinks he does NOT have a future in the fashion industry. Maybe he's trying to put on an act to get himself noticed? In some strange Cam-Newton-World maybe all you need to do is get noticed to get respected as a QB?
  8. Just breaking on ESPN. This team went from loaded on offense to nothing in like 2 seasons.
  9. EricAllenPick6

    Week 2 Open Discussion.

    Looks about right, too.
  10. EricAllenPick6

    Week 2 Open Discussion.

    No kidding. Washington defense is garbage. I thought this was supposed to be an elite defense?
  11. EricAllenPick6

    Week 2 Open Discussion.

    Big roughing the passer call on Monteaz Sweat. Dallas down to Redskins 5.
  12. EricAllenPick6

    Week 2 Open Discussion.

    Pathetic showing by Redskins fans today. Literally half of football fans in DC are Cowboys fans, so no real surprise.
  13. EricAllenPick6

    Another Antonio related article....

    Can I say, thank you dear sweet baby Jesus lying in a manger that Howie didn't go after this guy.
  14. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I honestly don't understand how this Redskins team seems to suffer so many injuries to starters. People dogged Chip Kelly, but this was in fact one of his focuses. He tried to minimize injuries on the team, and had some rather unconventional ways of doing it. It worked. Maybe the Redskins need to hire Chipper!
  15. EricAllenPick6

    Packers @ Bears (100th NFL Season)

    Bears defense looks legit. Their offense looks like garbage. You think they miss Jordan Howard yet or nah?