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  1. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Not to mention, he's a 2x violator of the substance abuse policy. A third failure means that he's gone for a solid season. Holy sheet, that page is great for reading. 🤣🤣... like a discussion with you and your friends!?!?! We traded for Jason Peters when he was a very accomplished left tackle, durable, never failed any substance abuse tests, we gave up a 1st in that draft and a 4th in the next draft. No way are you getting a 1, 2, starter, and another player. You've got to be high. A 1st is not outside of the realm of possibility, but a 1st and a player, 1st and a low pick, something like that sounds reasonable.
  2. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Can we trade for Trent Williams? Mailata for Williams straight up, whaddayasay?? Seriously, I'm not sure what to think of this. Sounds like this dude is straight up done with the Redskins. Incompetent training staff, he's way underpaid for his talent, wasting his prime years on a terrible team. If I was a betting man, I'd say this one is gonna drag on for a long time. If the Redskins were smart, they'd swap him ASAP for some picks or young talent.
  3. EricAllenPick6

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    It’s strange. If the Giants thought they were in rebuild mode then why start now? They are going to waste a few if Saquons best years with no QB, no WR, iffy line, etc. it may end up being a good move king term. Diva WRs rarely win championships.
  4. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    There's a strange obsession with Alabama right now in Redskins-land.
  5. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Dear Santa, please have the Redskins sign RG3. That would provide me with probably about 6 months worth of amusement.
  6. EricAllenPick6

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    Very true. Addiction is a hell of a thing and nothing to laugh about. You have to wonder if some of these guys would have been better off with a disciplinarian like a Belichick.
  7. EricAllenPick6

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    Why is it that all the troublemakers seem to make their way to the Cowboys, and then proceed to surprise none of us by continuing to be troublemakers. Also, it boggles my mind that Johnny Manziel never made it onto that roster. Seems like a perfect fit for what they have going on down there.
  8. EricAllenPick6

    Case Keenum Traded To Washington

    This is actually not as bad of a deal as it may seem. They swapped 6th and 7th round picks in next years draft. This is basically the NFL equivalent of a bag of chips. Denver is paying him a $500K restructuring bonus and will pay half of his salary, so his cap number for the Redskins is $3.5M. Even if he rides the pine, he's a capable backup that they have under contract for $3.5M and they basically got him for free. I haven't heard anybody with the Redskins say he's the starter. I would be highly surprised if he was given that job without any competition. Jay Gruden loves Colt McCoy, there's a really good chance that McCoy will get every chance to earn the starting job. ' I could be wrong about all this, but it really doesn't look like that bad of a deal for the Redskins front office. The only question to ask is could they have signed him in free agency for $3.5M or less?
  9. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    What in the world is that supposed to be? Is that a fish? In another twist on this Redskins QB situation, I heard on the radio (link probably somewhere...) that Kyler Murray's interviews and overall football IQ were not that impressive. Arizona may not care and may take him anyways, but if they were to pass on him, there's a chance that he'd fall to the Redskins at 15.
  10. EricAllenPick6

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Heard the potential Rosen deal referred to by some Redskins fans as a "lifeline" that Arizona is offering to the Redskins to fix their QB situation. The "consensus" is that the Cardinals had a terrible offensive line, terrible offensive coordinator and that it's tough to judge a QB under those types of situations. So, I guess the Redskins are optimistic that they can make this work. Can't say I watched a lot of Cardinals games last year, but I know he was well regarded coming out of college, so could be OK? The biggest problem with this move is that, as usual, the Redskins are only thinking about what happens this season. They don't really think 2-3 years ahead. Rosen is on a 4 year deal. You need to use this time to sign the big free agents, make aggressive moves for guys by trading picks, re-signing your own with big contracts, etc. This is how the Rams, Eagles, and Seahawks had success. The Redskins cannot do that at all. They have another 3 years (I think) with Alex Smith's contract on the books. Also, what if Alex Smith wants to play next year? Now you've got a real mess on your hands. I think the Redskins would be better off long-term by embracing the suck this year. Go with Colt McCoy as your starter. Sign somebody crappy / cheap like Osweiler or Tyrod Taylor as the backup. See what happens with Alex Smith, and if he can't play, then go all in for Tua next year. But hey, the Redskins gotta Redskin, right?
  11. EricAllenPick6

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Heard on the radio that Belichick basically re-did his whole defense because he thought Goff would not be able to figure out zone coverage. And.... Belichick was right. Again.
  12. EricAllenPick6

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    I dunno. Maybe. The Pats played probably their worst game of the season and still won. They got a little help from the refs, but not much. Based on the Pats history, you have to think that Belichick takes "competitive advantages" anywhere he possibly can. Then again, maybe not. VInce Lombardi once said that more football games are lost than won. That was this game exactly. The Rams lost because Goff was wildly inaccurate all night long and Gurley was a huge disappointment.
  13. EricAllenPick6

    Should teams be able to challenge penalties or non calls?

    I truly hate this idea, and Saints are bad losers. The Saints think that there were no missed calls against them, right? They are wrong. I have a number of problems with this one. First, I think you could review 70%-80% of all plays in the NFL and find somebody, somewhere that did something that could be penalized. Hands to the face, brief hold, touching a facemask, etc. If implemented the strategy going forward will be this: (1) late in the game challenge every play to make them look again for a hold, a PI, hands to the face, etc.; (2) challenge all big plays to see if you can get it overturned for some reason. Second, games need to be called consistently. If you call something PI, it should be called that way every time regardless of replay review. A team getting a stricter interpretation of a rule because they had a challenge flag is also garbage. Third, LET! THEM! PLAY! I truely hate when the refs step in and decide a game. Drives me nuts. We ABSOLUTELY should not ENCOURAGE this.
  14. EricAllenPick6

    Adam Gase

    Well, to be honest, there has to be something wrong with you if you want to coach the Jets...
  15. EricAllenPick6

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    This is an interesting theory and it makes a lot of sense. Foles to the Saints or Patriots would hurt my brain, but it makes a lot of sense for those teams.