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  1. Would like to see us dominate vs the cowbelles.I am sick of hearing from my Dullaz buddies.I want to snuff Zeke in the backfield and make Dak run for his life.I make few predictions,but I predict this defense takes Eli out for the year :)
  2. He trusted his players,nothing wrong with that,but believe he thought they were better than they were and it cost us some games.With the new additions maybe they are better then WE think now.I'm sure he;d like to have a few of those calls back.If he would have pulled them all off,we'd be calling him a hero
  3. i reposted once, only to find out that it eventually posted... hard to say with this site. Ho there were like 68 posts on here before you became "first" lol. The IT is NOT the A team-we're using scrubs
  4. R.mat is just one player we could release to have cap space will be more and we still have some cap room as well.....If the Eagles want to make a move for a CB they could and if by the end of PS we think we need to we likely will We got Robinson,so else ya gonna drag in here? Any FA worth anything is already gone.We had to take Blount because we didn't draft a RB high because there were other holes to fill.We hit CB heavy in the draft,so adding more camp bodies at the position seems a waste to me
  5. Never said it had to be a top CB but plenty of FA could help us like how you talk band-aids and FA being FA for a reason but you wanted Blount(didn't get resigned for a reason) and is the complete definition of a band-aid player Cause we had no banger back with Rmat on the way out
  6. Likely to release players R.Mat alone frees up 4m So you're gonna get a top CB for 3-4 million? BTW they are FA's for a reason and your just going to spend money on another camp body-terrific
  7. How many have we really overpaid to fail Nnamdi and Maxwell(who really never got a chance was stuck in Chipper terrible D and went on to play well for Miami).....Troy Vincent another CB we signed that played well for us Maybe we have the staff now to bring young guys along and avoid the band-aids again???? Rmat is still here,so if you plan on pulling this off,your timing best be perfect
  8. We have done the drafting method as well and have the same number of rings no correct way to build a team I said after PS and camp not before 3 years of failed drafts,now we have people who GET IT,so the draft method works if you have the right people drafting
  9. We did the band-aid baloney numerous times and we have a ring for that??? NO,keep building from within.We;re on the right track why louse it up again?
  10. And who are you gonna trade before camp even starts?
  11. And we get the cap money from where?
  12. I hate this excuse we have been burned by high priced FA at numerous positions just because one guy is bad though doesn't mean all will be..... IE we paid Asante Samuel pretty good money and he was great for us It's not an excuse it's the TRUTH-ok one guy out of how many we overpaid to underperform?
  13. We've tried the "grab a highly paid CB" trick more than once.Have we learned nothing? Promote from within unless you are totally desperate.We have begun that process and where the heck would we get enough cap space to hire Revis who as you said is on the backside of his career? No more band-aids,lets build this team from the foundation we finally have in place
  14. Ah the disappearing post trick(again)
  15. where did he say that?