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  1. MJK dunno dude.Altough most say it's a PASSING league,you really need to have a solid ground game,so I don't know why people say the running game is "going away" I say BUNK.More talent now in the passing game yes,more important? Jury still out for me
  2. As far as Zeke,there is no proof he is guilty(or not guilty) and in my view the NFL should not be judge/jury/executioner.If found guilty in a court of law I could not agree with you more,however as there is no proof to date(and the fact the accuser asked her friend to lie in text messages) then I have a problem with the NFL doing things with no restraint.I hate Dullaz,but fair is fair and his guilt to date are unproven.Goodell ad the NFL should not be above the LAW,but they are acting like dictators
  3. IMO it's a sad day for the NFL and sports in general.Sports should be non political,but the NFLPA simply does not agree with me
  4. Agree it should be based on ability/skill levels,however the NFLPA is NICELY asking the NFL to make a diversified roster,which in my view can only be achieved with quotas.Although I do not agree with them,this is the plan they have laid forward
  5. Sen,I have preached against politics on this board as most already know.This however IS about football and what the future of it will look like.I did NOT bring up this subject,the players association DID.Do not shoot the messenger.The NFLPA has itself chosen to inject politics into the football arena.I merely posted it
  6. You are contradicting yourself.First you say people need to "do something" and all should be treated fairly,then you say affirmative action is not the answer.So tell me how else you acheive it in your lifetime.I'll wait
  7. They are asking for racial equality.if they want it,then it has to be done with a quota system so all races and peoples are included yes? There are more blacks than whites in the NFL,but do I protest that? NO color has no place in the NFL,it should be skill level no matter who you are.Social justice should not mean a majority has to take the brunt of everything because of their skin color
  8. I'm revolted you can't handle the truth.TRUTH comes in all colors as does FAIRNESS.If you are indeed "for the people" then you will have quota's in the NFL to ensure a diversified roster
  9. Sadly,I once again ask someone to define "social justice"(GL with this)
  10. OK here we go!!!! Then I want 50% white guys per team-only fair,some asians,latinos,South Pacific Islanders,some native Americans,some Euro guys and 2 mongols per team-get it done
  11. I wouldn't use shocking-IMO Seo just isn't quite ready yet and Warmack has experience
  12. I didn't wish it,I am merely predicting it lol Some run blocking would help!!!!! TE blocking has been atrocious for the most part
  13. Start Curry,let him play awhile.When we get Eli in a 3rd and long,stick Barnett in there and let him get his first "rookie take-out" (you want fries with that?)
  14. Still sticking to one of my rare predictions(other than score) that we pancake Eli and he's OUT for the season
  15. even more reason now to DT Beckham early.After we rattle Elis bopnes a few times,we can back off that even(but dont fall asleep).What I like about this team now is they PLAY60 not the 56 mins under Chip/New band name BOYZ2BIRDZ