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  1. 39 minutes ago, cunninghamtheman said:

    Can you avoid it? That’s the real question. Seems like they just want to slow it’s spread so hospitals can try and keep up. Leader of Germany already stated 80 percent of her people will get it. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. But I don’t think there’s much avoiding it.

    I agree,you cant be isolated forever.We have to go to the grocery store and out to get meds.Everyone gets their mail every day.Boxes delivered.Let's hope they find a med that works soon

  2. 3 hours ago, 1wrangler said:

    No GBFL yet today, he must be studiously packing for tomorrow's move and that 10 hour drive. 

    Yeah packed the truck.I got my zero turn on it with a ramp that was too narrow(this was a circus act HAHA).I also drove my Honda PC800 up the ramp,got my scooter on there too.I played Evel Kneivel today.Didn't get everything on,but oh well.I'll live(I hope).Tomorrow Am I take the comp down 

  3. 1 hour ago, trini said:

    Don’t be trying to pull no disappearing act because you moving to ****ahlacky we need u back here with your insights, intelligence and belligerence. Differing points of views are essential in a Democracy 🤔 Keep bringing it. Don’t know why the first 4 letters were blocked out. Did NOT say anything disrespectful.  I had a home on a few acres and lived with my first wife in a place called Southgate near Fayetteville. Beautiful country. 

    Yeah,where I will be is a string of tiny towns.Seems relaxing where they give directions like " Welp make a left dere at Jakes old barn,head down the road a piece till you see that green rock" lmao

  4. 1 minute ago, trini said:

    Definately BS....It is all Fake News.. The scientist, Doctors Smart people the rest of the world ...BS... I will say .... Corona Virus is coming to your location sometime soon. Please continue to enjoy the Bars and beaches...please go on and infect your fellow citizens your families This Pandemic is BS....hahahaha... Nuff Said ... no more from me on this topic... A hard head always makes a soft u know what,. Hahahahaha.

    yeah trust China,great idea

  5. 2 minutes ago, 1wrangler said:

    When I lived in Pa before I retired, I had a room down stairs that had Eagles and PennState wallpaper on the walls. You might think it wouldn't look good together but I had a lot of compliments on it. My wife even made pillows with penn state and eagles material on each side. Now I get to see about 3 Penn State games each year. Enough to know I don't like their defensive coordinator either. LOL

    LOL yeah I have the exact color codes for the birds.I willl buy the exact paint not "just close" Daughter buys me gear every year.I will have nice man cave.Neon signs,lamps,clocks,name it I got it lol

  6. 2 minutes ago, trini said:

    Perspective you say. A US president and a Deputy govoner feels it OK for Millions of Americans to die so that he and his Billionaire buddies could make money in the Stock Market Hahahaha... Common sense u say. Every Developed country in the world are protecting their citizens. China has defeated the virus but we refuse to learn anything about what really works. I don't remember the flu destroying the Stock market.? EVER. All the science from around the world. I already decided that I will NOT talk politics I responded to a comment from Joe.

    ASG15... I hope you're right, I hope all those Medical Experts from around the world and here in America are wrong. This virus DOES NOT CARE about yours or TRUMPS politics . Coming soon to a city near you Corona virus you know what I am disturbed about is the UNNECESSARY loss of American citizens lives . I will have you all in my prayers.


  7. 3 minutes ago, mjkline1958 said:

    We've been running a campaign to close the bridges to out of state passenger vehicles. We're under a shelter in place yet each day more cars from NY and Conn are showing up - our mailperson told me - we haven't been out.

    Yeah running away(or trying to),but just spreading it around.Same situation here.College kids saying "if I get it I get it,but it's MY vacation" selfish fools