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  1. Does anybody that lives in PA in the York County area know of any Eagles specific fan bars in the area for thw game on Saturday. I know the local bars will be showing them and all but, Im looking more of atmosphere.
  2. Anyone going to Baltimore?

    Me and my ravens fan friend are going to the game anyone one else gonna be down there tailgaiting?
  3. I stopped after the 3rd sentence
  4. Going to the game this weekend with my girlfriend due to lack in any taste why she is with me and likes the redskins haha, we would like to tailgate a little and I'm trying to figure where the best spot to do that at is.
  5. Looking at tix for section M14...does anybody know about this section is it a good environment and is it accessible to food and restrooms?
  6. Vrabel rejects offer to become SF's DC

    Billy davis is available chip...