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  1. AzBirdGang

    should we start working about the BOYS ??????

    Let them win again and give Dak a huge contract lol. He will never be able to out duel elite Qbs.
  2. Screw RG3. Remember how he showed up to browns camp with that other girls name tattooed on him? Next thing ya know he has biblically come out about his side girl relationship. He seems way too into himself.
  3. AzBirdGang

    Kaepernick still no job

    Posts like this really irk me. You seem to paint in your mind that everybody you interact could be racist based on their responses. My two bestfriends from college are Muslim and Haitian. Their names are Bikram and Fidlin. I would do anything for these guys. Don't racially profiling people on the board that you have no clue about. Do you think comments like this will help get rid of racism in the world? One could argue that you are fueling the fire. Take a step back here and realize that many of the people on this board are not crazy white supremacists.
  4. AzBirdGang

    Concerning DirecTV

    Is this going to work still? I live in Arizona and I'm trying to find a way to stream all the Eagles games. Worried about signing up for something and it doesn't work.