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  1. jamiller

    Thank you Eli

    Interesting. I always worried if Eli had the ball in the 4th against us. I view him, rightly or wrongly, as pretty damn clutch. This further cements that notion for me.
  2. jamiller

    Most hated teams

    dallass Seahawks from Sunday forward forever including wanting that MF'er to get hurt. (F' him. Rooting for injury. Don't care) Aints Pats (they will drop now that they will suck) Giants DC Carolina NFCCG Tampa NFCCG AZ NFCCG GBay for Rodgers laughing at us Atlanta rivalry Vikes rivalry Raiders for SB but offset a little for when they beat the Vikes and we backed into the playoffs
  3. jamiller

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    KC-Rooting for Andy. I like the Muppet kid too, he is unique as a QB. LA-who cares NO (dammit)-bitter bitter pill NE- I cannot have this happen.
  4. jamiller

    Anyone going to New Orleans this weekend?

    Agree. There is a LOT of life in NOLA. Besides Hurricanes and Lucky Dogs on Bourbon Street at 2 a.m. in a crowd of a bazillion people. A food and music scene that is pretty amazing.
  5. jamiller

    Anyone going to New Orleans this weekend?

    I figure not much on local support for the Eagles. I figured on some DallAss fans. Surprised at SF as not really a national team any more.
  6. jamiller

    Anyone going to New Orleans this weekend?

    Let me drop this in here too, since I am such an expert on NOLA. 1) They are some of the most hospitable people in America. Like stay in their house hospitable, which I did, on 2 occasions, one with permission (kidding). 2) It is unique culturally. Black, white, Cajun. Freaking trippy world of influences. 3) It, like, several other cities I can think of, has an actual vibe to it. Pretty neat. 4) As @Captain F said, you need to be careful in the Quarter. This is THE largest living breathing tourist attraction in the US. With bad people mixed in with the good. And it has 1000 bars inside of 1129 feet of sidewalk, so you need to pay the F attention or you will fall into some crap. It is a walking felony.
  7. jamiller

    Anyone going to New Orleans this weekend?

    Music and food. Top notch. I don't recall a lot of transplants there. Do you have a resident pocket of fans from another team? That was me. And you should have bought the damn beads. A-hole.
  8. jamiller

    Anyone going to New Orleans this weekend?

    A GREAT away location. Especially for the younger alcoholic fan. Been there 5x. 1 Eagles game, 1 jazz festival. 1 Mardi Gras (1988 or 89), 1 wedding and 1 football camp with the little sproles grandson. Each of the first 4 were its own form of craziness. The 5th was a four day Bataan Death March of cold, rain, sobriety and kids' football.
  9. jamiller

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    1) seeding always seeding where the bye is concerned 2) desire not to play a dangerous opponent; all div opponents in the playoffs are dangerous; we have first hand experience with that 3) then you get to because it is DallAss and you want to lay the wood just because. This is the reality.
  10. jamiller

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    It is not TEMPTING to have a shot at the bye. IT IS DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET IT. THE BYE is critical and you do whatever to get it. The Bears will be playing to win FOR SURE. And so will we.
  11. jamiller

    canadian eagle

    Dem Canadians have a way with names, eh?
  12. jamiller

    Here in London

    Just drink....
  13. jamiller

    Here in London

    Just looked her up.....