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  1. birdman#12

    What good options are left at WR in FA?

    If they can secure Perriman and get one of the top 5 WRs in the draft.....they'll be in good shape. Like to see Jeffrey come back early too, but who knows. And I think the practice squad guys will battle it out in camp. Green, Davis, Burnett and of them will earn a spot on the roster.
  2. birdman#12

    Anyone watching XFL?

    You're right, in much of the south, college ball is huge. But the XFL is playing in feb, march and april. And that may be an opportunity to extend the football season after college football season is done.
  3. birdman#12

    Anyone watching XFL?

    I agree, but putting teams in place where the NFL team has a such a loyal following doesn't seem to go well. I do think in NY and LA, they have such huge populations and media, they can draw crowds and coverage. But if they want to eventually compete with the NFL, it would make sense, to me, to create teams in cities that want a pro franchise but may never get an NFL team. Like I said, it seems to be how the old AFL successfully built itself years ago.....creating an alternate league that mostly starting in non-NFL cities.
  4. birdman#12

    Anyone watching XFL?

    I don't understand these leagues......the XFL, AAFL, USFL.......whatever. They put teams in cities where an established NFL team already exists. Why? There are plenty of cities in the US that would like to have a pro football team, even a 2nd tier league team. Plus cities like San Diego, St Louis, Oakland who got f----- by the NFL may support a new team/league. I understand that big cities like NY, CHI or LA can provide more media coverage or bigger populations to pull fans, but those cities also have either 2 teams or die hard fan bases. Then you have cities like Hartford, Huntsville, San Antonio, Raleigh, Orlando, Austin, Boise......They have college stadiums, some are growing well, and most don't have any pro sports teams. I get that they want to compete with the NFL at some point, but going head to head with them in certain cities, or with the same time of year schedule is nuts. The old AFL only had 3 of 8 teams in NFL's XFL has 7 of 8 in NFL cities.
  5. The biggest mistake the cowpies made is signing Elliot to that ridiculous contract. Handing out these enormous contracts for RBs is simply not necessary in today's NFL. Between drafting RBs and signing vets, you can build an effective and productive backfield without paying enormous salaries.
  6. birdman#12

    Patriots at it again

  7. birdman#12

    The Evil Empire ending?

    Well, they're 10-3.....and while their offense hasn't looked as good as in the past, it's a known fact that they're not happy with the current group of WR. Brady's numbers are down, but he's had seasons like this before, sprinkled in between great seasons. Brady himself doesn't talk about retiring yet, so I really think he'll play until he's 45, like he wants to. Which gives them 3 years to draft and develop a QB to replace Brady. Belechick will be over 70 years old by then and just may be ready to hand it over to Josh McDaniels. And as far as the Patriots are concerned, they have good talent all over the roster, they have 9 draft picks in the 2020 draft, and they'll have an estimated $45 million+ in cap space. So it may appear that there is a crack in their armor, I'll wait to see when they go 5-11 or 6-10 before I declare the empire dead.....
  8. birdman#12

    Mack Hollins - What Went Wrong?

    An effective NFL WR is a lot more than speed. Many good athletes and good college WRs can't master the other aspects of pro WR play. Hollins was just another one. He had a few good moments, but, after the injury, he just never seemed to be the same.
  9. birdman#12

    Ex NFL players as Announcers and Media analysts.

    Booger McFarland is like listening to that drunk at the end of the bar babble on about everything in the game. He's the worst one yet. Favre is a f------ moron who was a great, but unpredictable QB with a cannon for an arm. I don't want to listen to any "insight" from him......He drove every coach who coached him crazy.
  10. If they wanted to expand so much, they could buy the Canadian Football League, which would add 9 teams, some of which could be relocated to England and/or Mexico. But adding teams to England and Europe, adds a problem of travel for games....unless they use some sort of sister cites system where a team plays half it's games in the US and half in Europe. I think the NFL needs to address it's current problems of officiating, bad rule changes, phony player safety changes, player behavior and punishment, public perceptions, among other things. As expansion becomes a possibility, so does quality of play and players.
  11. birdman#12

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Well, you're opinion tells me that you're incapable of being honest or brutally uneducated....
  12. I'm not impressed with the cowpies or the eagles right now......any game is a toss up.
  13. birdman#12

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    No, it absolutely wasn't founded on racism and white supremecy. It was founded on freedom and principles in the constitution. Racism existed long before this country, and racial supremacy is a mindset that different races had all over the world. To think it was so unique to this country is ridiculous. Racial, tribal, religious and ethnic superiority is what was so prevalent back then. And it's no surprise that it still exists to today. And yes, Kaepernick went about it the wrong way and that's why it hasn't gotten any better. He didn't bring attention to the issues.....he didn't bring any attention to the crimes committed that caused police to become involved in those incidents. Like all problems, they are multifaceted and addressing one aspect won't solve anything or may even make things worse. And PLENTY of people called out white people as the problem, specifically, older white men. To deny that is happening is just lying. Calling out racism and discrimination is important when it's really happening.....not for every time you criticize or disagree with a black person. Or to expect responsibility and accountability...that's when the screams of racism start...... This country has addressed it past......but if you think that you'll eventually eliminate racism or discrimination, you need to have your head examined. It's human nature, and every race, culture, ethnicity practice discrimination in some form.
  14. birdman#12

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    When racism, bigot, homophobe or misogynist is screamed every time someone white either criticizes, disagrees with or expects accountability from someone from those classes, it becomes just that, victimhood. You just did it by saying racism and "white supremecy" were original sins of this country. You cannot fight racism or any of the challenges of class, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity by just pointing fingers, assigning blame and demanding people agree with you. There are tons of good people who have never been racist or discriminatory to any group, but that narrative is never considered....if your white, you must be racist or prejudiced or a bigot, or intolerant.......and people are getting fed up with that. Personally, I'm tired of a-- holes claiming I had some kind of white privilege because I was successful. Any person of color, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever could have done what I did if they had the same work ethic, persistence, perseverance and yes, thick skin as I did. If facing and confronting challenges is laying blame, pointing fingers, and screaming racism at every issue, nothing will be accomplished. Nothing. This country has had all kinds of problems and it's not limited to this country, it's a worldwide and human thing. Everyone confronts challenges. But constantly claiming YOUR challenges were harder is always going to get pushback. Racism exists. And it always will. Gender and sexual orientation issues exist. And they always will. But transferring that racism and discrimination onto another group is not something anybody wants to talk about. And that's what the blame game and the victimhood persona do.....they don't solve anything, they just create animosity, bitterness and even more racism. I think that focusing so much time and energy on the negatives of one's life simply leads to those negatives becoming bigger in your mind and becoming huge obstacles. I say that because I have had the unique opportunity of being a white man and raising 9 kids, 2 of which were black and adopted. I saw them, and my wife and I, experience racism and prejudice in all kinds of ways. But we never let them focus on that, we made them focus on their ability, their personality, their faith and how to excel regardless of obstacles. Racism and prejudice are borne mostly from ignorance...and some stupidity. The stupid can't be fixed, but the ignorance can be met with integrity, being genuine, accomplishment and a dozen other qualities. Kaepernick went about his dealing with his issues completely wrong. He pointed fingers, laid blame and angered and divided people. And although his supporters claim he raised more "awareness", he also raised a lot more anger and division by everybody taking a side. So, what really was accomplished?
  15. birdman#12

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Kaepernick is a cancer. He's just another whiner who has embraced the "victimhood" persona, and that enables him to blame anything and anybody for his shortcomings except himself. He was in a position that would allow him to use his fame and his money to do all kinds of things for underprivileged people. He had access to all NFL players, and could have leveraged that with advertisers to create opportunity programs and promote racial healing. But instead he chose the victimhood method of doing something controversial like having a tantrum during the national anthem.....then hating on cops. Well, f--- him......don't care about his career, his cause, his stupid workout, his whining, his opinions or his f------ victimhood. Tired of the blame game.....STFU and do something constructive instead of being a pampered, privileged, a-- hole who loves playing the victim card.