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  1. I don't watch ESPN except for MNF........But they have to get rid of john gruden and sean McDonough. Gruden overstates everything and McDonough is a walking valium. I like bringing Hank back though.....
  2. No, the excitement of the regular season isn't pointless because the love of the game still exists for most fans. The regular season IS a drawn out preseason that determines playoff seedings and draft order. So why watch it now? Everybody knows early in the season who the teams are that are a lock for the playoffs and who doesn't have a chance. They play 82 games to determine the 6-8 teams that are fighting it out. This crazy scenario could encourage the bottom teams to play hard to try to avoid Golden State or Cleveland in the first round. The other teams will want to improve their positions to get a home court advantage in the 2nd round if upsets occur in the first round.
  3. No, there is nothing wrong with the NFL draft except being way too overanalyzed, commercialized and drawn out. The draft process is clean and effective. Teams at the bottom of the standings are paying for it by forfeiting merchandise sales, prime time exposure, season ticket sales and some other factors. I don't believe any franchise owner wants to be out of the playoffs and a terrible football team. It's just that some don't have a clue how to select people to run a successful football operation. In the NHL and NBA, they can handle tanking in other ways besides the ridiculous draft lottery. I think they should cut the regular season down to 66 games and have a full league playoff based on rankings. No reason to tank, the losing team in each series still plays a minimum of 70 games. The worst case scenario is the the eventual NBA champ has to play 101 games if every series goes 7 games. Losing teams suffer from loss of revenue due to less games. Draft order is determined by playoff exit then records. Same could be done for the NHL. Yeah, I know it's crazy.....but it eliminates the tanking, the leagues still play a full slate of games and the excitement of playoffs mean even more.
  4. Never trust a defensive back to evaluate QBs...... Prescott could have been a 2nd rounder if he didn't have a pre-draft DUI........Mayock's evaluation was all wrong.....sometimes I wonder if he ever saw him play.....
  5. Kaepernick is not a very good QB....... And owners don't want to him represent their teams. We all have issues within this country......kaepernick disrespected the flag, the national anthem and anyone who has died or served defending this country. It was the wrong place and wrong time to vent your victimhood. Let him go be an acitvist....who cares?
  6. In this society, empowering women has also has the negative affect of women being more aggressive toward men.....physically. And many, and I would say most, boys aren't taught not to hit girls nor are they taught how to handle a situation when girls hit. They hit back. But girls aren't taught either that when you get in a guy's face, especially in public or in front of his friends, he gets humiliated and as soon as she gets physical, he's most likely going to hit back.....just as he would with a guy. And because of the politically correct atmosphere, you can't blame both sides.....
  7. Well, he did have a reason to hit her, but not a socially acceptable one. She escalated it and hit first. Now I agree, he should have pushed her aside or just blocked her. But your reason for it not being the same as hitting a guy is weak. How is violence more acceptable by gender? What if he hit a smaller guy and broke his jaw? that's ok right, because he started it and mixon was defending himself? I don't agree with hitting women.....but in today's world, women are becoming more aggressive like that, thinking that a man won't hit back. Well, woman are demanding more equal treatment as men and young men today, lacking partental guidance, are more than willing to hit when hit first. She should have been punished too for attacking him. Any guy would have been regardless of how much he got hurt. I've always taught my girls, don't ever hit a guy or hit a guy thinking he won't hit back....ever.....and don't ever dare one. I told them to get out of the situation once it becomes physically intimidating or physical.
  8. Wentz wasn't anything special last year, so he still has a ways to go to make that trade worth it. With that being said, cleveland has a ways to go, even with all those picks, to make the trade worth it for them.
  9. Actually, I thought prescott was close to pro-ready and would be drafted in the late 1st or 2nd round. He was extremely fortunate to be drafted by the cowpies.....who had the best offensive line, they had good receivers, a good TE, just drafted Elliot and they have a coach who is very good with teaching QBs. Elliot performed and did what they asked him to do. By all the measures, he was a top 5 QB. And actually, it didn't surprise me........I wanted the eagles to take him in the 2nd before they traded up for Wentz. Prescott used the talent around him very well and he learned a ton without making a lot of mistakes. Now that he's had a whole year in that offense he's in line to continue to improve. Dallas's defense was nothing special last year, so if they make advances in their pass defense and turnovers, prescott numbers should improve even more working with shorter fields. Nothing about this post is good for the eagles.
  10. Like any offense with any all depends on how rivera and newton use him.
  11. He did pay a price......from the college and from a settlement outside of civil court. So get your facts straight. Just because you don't like the price, doesn't mean he didn't pay one. I think what he did was disgusting. As the father of 4 daughters, the thought of anybody doing something like that to them would make me want to kill the guy. However, violence against women is not as appalling to the courts as one would think. With women demanding more and more equal treatment as men, the less an incident like this will impact a guy legally, especially since she was the "aggressor" and became physical first. How would you feel if he did this to a smaller guy? Would you be as appalled? Would you demand that he never play ball again? I'm curious, because of what I mentioned above. The left loves to sensationalize social issues but not so much when the victim isn't a member of one of their "protected groups". And don't let the NFLs talk about this make you believe they're serious about it.......that's all PR for the most part.
  12. Well, the crazy thing is that Hernandez, from what I've read, had a pretty good childhood. His issues started in college and when he went back to his old neighborhood. The thugs he ended up befriending used to kid him about the nice life and upbringing. It's almost like he needed to prove to scumbags how tough he was.....
  13. It always makes me wonder what makes a guy turn to crime when he has so much going for him.
  14. How in the world do you come up with "he's not a good QB"??
  15. The snap count is entirely on the offense, so there is no unfair advantage.....a defender's leap has to be timed just right, clear the lineman and make the block without hitting the kicker. There is absolutely no advantage to the "leaper". It's a super athletic play that has a much larger potential for failure than success. Again, you're ignoring the fact that leaping happens all the time, with guys moving a lot faster than over a center. This rule is ridiculously inconsistent with the other things going on in the game. When a RB is running a DB dives at his legs, he leaps and everybody declares how great it was. Sometime the DB gets a foot or a knee to the head and nobody is whining about it. The rule is inconsistent and stinks of some idiotic reason that somebody got in their head and then hiding behind the "player safety" nonsense.