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  1. Once they're drafted and make the team, it doesn't matter where they were drafted. And I said pro athletes need a combination of characteristics.......everybody drafted by the NFL has talent. EVERYBODY. However, they have differing levels of talent and maybe their talent isn't fully developed when they are drafted. This argument is ridiculous. Owens is a HOF player. Who gives a f--- what shortcoming he overcame to produce like he did? Tom Brady was a 6th rounder and was timed in the 40 yard dash with a calendar......and belechick didn't want him in the first place. But who cares?
  2. Being a pro athlete is a combination of a number of characteristics........the more you have, the the higher the likelihood of becoming a any sport. Talent Work ethic Perseverance Physical strength Intelligence, ability to learn Emotional intelligence Self confidence. They all come in different levels, but it's the ones that can develop those levels higher and overcome the shortcomings in other areas that are successful The ones that have high levels in all of them are the ones that usually end up as stars or in the HOF. Dismissing a guy like Owens as just an overachiever or a guy with average talent is shortsighted and ridiculous.
  3. Cleveland is a QB graveyard.......It's not the QBs they have picked, it the front office attitude and the HCs they hire that have no clue about developing a QB. They want some kid to save the franchise with poor skill players around him and a weak offensive line. They have been in the offense for a few months, so they're going to make mistakes...then they take them out when they do make mistakes. Geez, If my kid got drafted by the browns as a QB, I would make him sit out the year and get redrafted. I wouldn't care if he dropped. It's better than having your career destroyed by a idiotic franchise.
  4. That would be the worst......almost as bad as dallas winning a SB.
  5. Any team on any given sunday....... The giants just beat the broncos. The jags destroyed the steelers last week. The dolphins beat the falcons in atlanta this week. It happens all the time. The eagles are playing well, but they could beat anybody and lose to anybody. And that is the same with all NFL teams.
  6. And there is absolutely no way of knowing this.......that's just an opinion not based on much. And what is top 10 worthy? If he has an effect on the carolina offense that creates more mismatches and opportunities for newton, which has already started, how to you measure the value based on draft position?? Too many guys think that a 1st round draft pick MUST be an all-pro or HOFer but that is still and always has been in the minority of draft picks. They want starters who will be productive and dependable, and if they get a top player, then that's a bonus.
  7. Holy sh--, he's been in the pros for 6 games. And he's going to be an all-around back. That means running, receiving, punt returns, KO returns.....he's not going to be a back that runs the ball 20-25 times a game, but he'll get 15-20 touches and accumulate a lot of yards.......As I said, Carolina was looking for a certain kind of productive back. I'm not interested in giving you an example of a RB that means your ridiculous cherry picking criteria. That's not why he was drafted.... Geez, how come you guys put a player in a box? He's an ALL AROUND SKILL PLAYER. That's what carolina wanted and they didn't think he would last until they picked again. Then they took Curtis Samuel. They wanted to get newton all around type players. Yes, McCaffery was a first round talent. Give him a f----- chance.
  8. Horsesh--. Who cares that you can't see it? He was projected as a 1st or 2nd rounder by every draft analyst and pro personnel office. He fit into exactly what carolina needed. Barnett isn't exactly lighting the world on fire.....was that a mistake? There's plenty of 1st rounders who don't contribute much their first year. ' Talk to me after his 1st and 2nd year and see how many all purpose yards he gets.....
  9. I'm defending it with a possible HOF player. Sproles is 5'6" and had to prove he could play in the NFL. McCaffery is a similar player who's bigger and as fast. McCaffery was projected to be a 1st or 2nd rounder....... And the point is that people are typically shortchanging a rookie because he isn't playing at an all-pro level yet. Too many fans slot players according to the pre-draft ratings and expect them to go off the board in order. Well, carolina needed a player just like McCaffrey and he probably would have been gone by the time they picked in the 2nd. So they took him and got Samuel too. 2 dynamic players who will help Newton alot. It was a dam good pick for them and he's being used more and more....and to say he wasn't worth it is just ignorant of how teams operate.
  10. LMAO.....McCaffery has played 6 games and philly fans are declaring that he wasn't worth a 1st round pick. He still learning the offense and adjusting to the pro game along with being used just like sproles. In today's NFL, a player like McCaffery is a dangerous and versatile weapon......he's going to be difficult to defend in the coming years, despite the idiotic comments on this board.
  11. No, some team will sh-- the bed and allow the browns to squeeze out a win...
  12. I think the NFL starting annoying fans and casual watchers when these things happened: 1) too many's ridiculous.....they try to squeeze in a commericial on every stoppage of play. 2) The phony attempts at player safety with changing the game. The kickoff is one of the most exciting plays and it has become a formality with the deep kicks and touchbacks. 3) Too many flags for defensive contact on WRs and the QB. The referees are changing the game. People are frustrated with the bullsh-- calls to enhance the offense or to protect QBs. 4) Getting into social issues and politically correct issues. Those things are divisive and can be handled in other outlets. 5) Not enforcing their own policies during this bullsh-- anthem protests. No matter what your race, political affiliation or social opinions are, we all love football. Football that is not hampered by phony player safety rules or changing the game. Or an opportunity to watch football and forget all the whiny social issues and politically correct crap for just a couple hours.
  13. The pass and run games compliment each other. But make no mistake, the QB position is much harder and influential than any position on the field. Prescott is already a very good QB and to write that off as being caused mainly by the dallas running game is ridiculous. Yeah, he still takes 3-4 years for young NFL QBs to become highly proficient, assuming they stay in the same offense their first few years. But his learning curve isn't what keeps dallas from winning, it's the bad defense. All QBs struggle occasionally. I went to Heinz field this weekend and watched Roethlisburger throw 5 INTs. 4 of which were not his fault, but people were coming out of the woodwork to declare that he was done. Having Leveon Bell in the backfield apparently didn't help. Prescott is a very good young QB.
  14. I don't give a sh-- what anybody says......Dak Prescott is a very good QB and going to be a great one. He and Wentz will have epic battles over the next 10 years. After watching the dallas-packers game yesterday, it was great watching 2 QBs like that battle each other...... I'm a bleeding green eagles fan for 50+ years, so it pains me to praise a cowpie QB.....but that kid is not only very good, he's a good and decent guy and denying it is just stupid.
  15. He's much better than average.....and ALL teams look for top notch QB team wants a so-so guy and hope their defense dominates. The league is a passing league and top notch passers as hard as hell to come by......Again, detroit had little option.......they either resign him at the going rate, or go into QB hell for 5-7 years looking for a replacement.