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  1. Hey Dave! Today is Thursday, September 8, 2016 and in 3 days the Eagles will open the 2016 season against the Browns. As of now the roster spot that was vacated by Rowe being traded to New England is still empty. I know there is no rush to fill the available spot but I am curious as to what you think could happen here. Do you suppose we will open the season with an active roster of 52 players and continue searching for that perfect key player to fill that spot or could we still see someone activated from the practice squad between now and kick off? (Turner, Smith, maybe Cherry)
  2. I am generally pleased with what I've seen so far this year. I'm thrilled with the coaching changes, I'm happy with the personnel upgrades, and I am even glad that we locked up our vital core players with lengthy contracts. However, being an avid Eagle's fan you know there is always a "but" coming! BUT, it is infuriating to see some old habits inexplicably worm their way into each and every game. Today's topic is not wrapping up on what should be sure tackles that end up yielding extra yardage. This was a huge problem in the past and I have seen substantial improvement recently. In last night's game against the Colts there were no less than six (6) times that Eagle defenders put good, hard hits on ball carriers as though there were going to knock them off of their feet with a shoulder, only to see the guy bounce off and gain another 6/8/10 yards. In this game it wasn't catastrophic. However, if not corrected as a fundamental flaw it will come back to bite us in the a** during the course of the regular season. Not that it has been rampant, but it should not happen. Re-watching the game this morning I could isolate the cases last night. Carroll, Goode, Graham, Perry, and McKelvin were all guilty last night. I am not saying that any of these guys has forgotten how to tackle. I am saying that last night they blundered! It needs to be one of the things to be cleaned up before the season opener. Chip is gone, the secondary has been upgraded, and we have brought in several receivers that I think can improve our down the field threat. Now, let's play good fundamental football and I think we will surprise some skeptics. GO EAGLES
  3. Nelson Agholar! I always try to be patient and give young guys plenty of time to transition to the speed and complexity of the NFL before giving up on them. However, I am glad that I am not the only fan that has reached my threshold of not waiting any longer. There has not been any sign of maturity, significant improvement, consistency, or even effort on his part. It's not just that he is still dropping very catchable balls. There have been numerous times when he has the opportunity to effectively block downfield in order to turn another receivers reception into a big play and he has whiffed on the block. He has also had multiple false starts when he is lined up wide, LOOKING AT THE BALL. Why is he moving before the ball moves? He just has not caught up to the game and I don't think he ever will on a consistent basis. I believe the term "Bust" is appropriate here and it's time for the Eagles to move on from this mistake.
  4. Typical. If formatting is the criteria you use to judge the worthiness of a post here, in a forum discussing the "State Of The Birds," then you probably have nothing to say of value about the topic being discussed. Your arrogant, flippant comment does nothing to dispute anything I posted. If you feel that this coaches "Big Picture" vision for the Eagles is righteous then say so. If you feel that these three running backs have performed well enough to be nicknamed, then say that. Reasonable people can disagree periodically. However, your rationale that because I didn't format my post in a manner to your liking that I should not participate in this forum is quite childish. I have read your little quips correcting people's spelling, making little sarcastic comments about their post, and in general just being an a**. You have nothing of substance to contribute to any conversation other than moronic quips. I doubt if the photo you have posted is real because your contributions here have convinced me that you can't be more than 11 or 12 years old. Out, FOR NOW!
  5. Just stop it! Nicknames of this nature are given to outstanding performers. This trio is anything but! This TEAM is anything but. You can call me cynical if you want but I am completely disgusted by what's going on with this team. I have been an Eagles fan since 1953 and never have I seen a team that was competitive, nearing what I would call a piece or two from being a serious contender, (secondary) completely gutted by the ego of a guy that has yet to have earned the right to think his way will work in the "professional" world of football. He has set this franchise back a decade. If you look at the schedule, this team will be lucky to finish at 7 & 9. possibly 6 & 10. That is totally unacceptable with the talent that this racist has shipped out of town in the past 2 years. Bradford looks like a deer in the headlights, missing wide open receivers, even with no pressure on him. Receivers are dropping passes on a regular basis. Play calling has been suspect and audibles are non-existent when obviously necessary because of defensive shifts. This is not college ball! There is no threat of blowing the top off of the coverage with speed, there is no speed! Murray is built for the A gap yet he is constantly run wide on slow developing plays, out of his useful comfort zone. Three very good tight ends are completely under used in an offense that cries for tight end screens. I would ask who is calling the plays for this offense but I'm sure the play selection is laid out by the Oregon Guru! So stop worrying about silly nicknames for a failing running game and be concerned with trying to salvage respectability! Out