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  1. GoGreen27

    Waxy Oconners Pub London

    The NFL has teamed up with a London pub for an Eagles themed bar for the week. It looks like the Eagles will be at The Admiralty 66 in Trafalgar Square. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000964049/article/6-london-bound-teams-to-take-over-pubs
  2. GoGreen27

    You want Cleveland Cleveland?

    I don't feel like it takes away from our Philly Special. Whenever I see it ran again, it brings back great memories from our first ever Super Bowl win. Eagles did it at the biggest stage of the game.
  3. GoGreen27

    Call your sleeper team now!

    My sleeper team this year is the Ravens. Yes they beat a bad Bills team, but they are at least a wild card team.
  4. All Amtrak inbound routes Thursday morning are sold out. I was considering using the airport as an option. The airport line will take you to center city. Obviously, you'd have to pay for parking at the airport, but it's a secure area, and I wouldn't think the trains would be as full as the regional ones.
  5. I recommend any of the hop on hop off bus tours. Buy a day or two day pass, and it will take you to all the touristy spots in the city. This is a great way to get acclimated to the city and see the major highlights. Besides this, use the Tube! Get an oyster card, and take the underground to where you need to go. This is the most cost effective and efficient way to get around besides walking. London is a great city, and there will be so much to do besides the game festivities.
  6. GoGreen27


    Check out the Pourhouse which is partnering with NBC Philadelphia for a Philly takeover party on Saturday from 12pm-3pm.
  7. GoGreen27

    Tailgate at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis MN?

    Check out the Pourhouse on Saturday from 12pm-3pm! 10 5th St S Minneapolis, MN 55402 They are hosting a Philly takeover party with NBC Philadelphia. I'm not sure what they are doing for the actual game, but it will be a fun thing to do Saturday. https://sports.yahoo.com/nbc-sports-philadelphia-hosts-authentic-192354358.html
  8. GoGreen27

    Which Super Bowl Matchup does the NFL actually want?

    Eagles-Patriots was definitely most ideal for the NFL. Having the Vikings in the Super Bowl would have been a great hometown atmosphere for the Minnesota fans and nothing else. Eagles fans travel well, and have filled up flights and hotels unlike if the Vikings would have been in it. Patriots and Eagles are big TV markets and have fans throughout the country. Eagles-Patriots is definitely the best for the NFL. An Eagles win would be even better. Our parade would be national news and the merchandise we would buy as a result would be great for the NFL.
  9. GoGreen27

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    Honestly, I don't have hate for any particular team. I normally will save that for any team that is the biggest threat to us whether that is in the division or conference. Sometimes that has been the Cowboys, Packers, Giants, or Seahawks, but when those teams are not threatening us, I don't hate them. This week I can say I hate the Patriots, but still have to respect their dynasty though.
  10. GoGreen27


    Flights are around $1,800 on Delta and hotels are around $400 a night. What is everyone doing who does not get a game ticket? Will they set up watch parties?
  11. Awesome game, but for now on, going to have to only watch on TV. What has gotten into our fans and their behavior before games and at the stadium? Have some class and enjoy the game. I don't get assaulted in other cities when I have Eagles gear on.
  12. What are these fans doing in the parking lots? The win and Super Bowl anticipation are being ruined because of the people in the lots causing trouble. No police in the tailgating lots, throwing stuff at opposing fans, and much more! They need to check tickets and only allow ticket holders in the parking lots. If this is going to keep up, I'm not visiting the city anymore. It used to be enjoyable.
  13. GoGreen27

    Eagle's bar in South Central PA(York Co)

    I don't know of any in south central PA, but I can name two that probably are not far from you. Magerk's Pub and Grill is in Baltimore, the Federal Hill Neighborhood, a great place to watch Eagles games. http://www.magerkspub.com/federal-hill The other one is Mr. G's Sports Bar in Harrisburg. http://www.mrgssportsbar.com/
  14. For those making the trip, check out this new Philly inspired restaurant and bar opening up in London! https://www.passyunk.co.uk/
  15. GoGreen27

    Next year in London

    London is an amazing city, and the British are great people. This is a trip worth taking, and I hope they release the date soon, as I have flights to book. For those making the trip, check out this new Philly inspired restaurant and bar opening up in London! https://www.passyunk.co.uk/