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  1. darrylmars

    Giants asked for 2 first round picks for OBJ

    Dude is a toxic team destroyer. Capable of making plays on the field, but an absolute cancer in the locker room & on sideline. Not sure any wideout is worth 2 number ones. Beyond TO level, reminds me of Shawn Andrews, who cd have been a HOF OG if not for mental health problems. Dallas Sux
  2. darrylmars

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Winning fixes everything, & the whole team just won the Super Bowl, but what was wrong w the D line? Was the flu bug going around? I know the Pats are no joke, but I expected some kind of pass rush & pressure on Brady; don't think I heard Cox mentioned once.
  3. darrylmars

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    Are you kidding. All right thinking Eagles fans hate the Cowturds w a passion. When I bought a pick up truck, the 1st thing I did was paint DALLAS SUCKS in green on the tailgate. At the Super Bowl party I am going to, the host & I agree that if anyone shows up wearing Cowturds gear, we will burn it. btw, I understand that next Sunday, most of the Cowgirls will be performing sex acts for loose change in the parking lot of that shopping mall they call a stadium. DALLAS SUCKS!!!
  4. And every single Eagles fan wd say, "Welcome home, Chris." Big Play Long has done more w limited snaps than any "back-up" in history, & his donation of whole years pay to charity is the classiest move I've ever seen in a lifetime of watching sports. No one wd be even a little surprised if he got Brady w a strip sack or caused another INT like last week. 1 more Win! Dallas still does & always will Suck
  5. Won't say I predicted it, but I did think this sort of rout was possible. This team is just plain loaded. Good enough to win & maybe even put a Super beat down on a fading dynasty. Like most Eagles fans, I will be happy all year if we get just 1 more win. Go Birds. Dallas Sux
  6. Let's not miss a good opportunity to kick Dallas' a**. When you worry about getting hurt is usually when you get hurt. Hold out a few starters on D; Offense needs the work, at least in the 1st half. Sit Foles, Jeffries & Ertz at halftime. Beat Dallas & win a damn Super Bowl. Speaking of the big game, the hometown fans in Minn might be hating us after we beat their Vikes for the NFC. C'est la vie.
  7. darrylmars

    Defense Is a liability

    Whoa, calm down. (Says the guy who the neighbors understand cheers & yells & swears loudly during Eagles games) The defense played even better than the offense during the winning streak, & will likely carry us as far as we go. The last few games have been ugly, but I believe the pass rush will return fr its absence & that will fix everything else. Malcolm Jenkins whiffing on an open field tackle just is not who he is. It will be alright. (or I will need that straitjacket) and Dallas Sucks
  8. We can & will win it all this year. Run more & throw deep off play action on offense, w Foles favorite plays for possession. We have plenty of targets. Did you see the defense step up & win the game after Carson went down? (After a very good Scrams offense ran all over us most of the game). It's their championship to win. Chin up; parade coming.
  9. darrylmars

    Eli HOFer?

    Not even close. Credit where it is due, did step up, twice, in the playoffs, but game in & game out he was a guy who fell apart if you knocked him around a little. On the subject, putting Jerry Jones in the year they passed on Dawk is a crime against nature. Who's next, the Fox robot?
  10. darrylmars

    Wentz > Dak

    Wentz & Dak is not going to be Brady/Manning; more like Peyton Manning/Ryan Leaf. Dallas sucks, forever.