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  1. gch, by now you should know the Dallas organization is a very closed-knit, what they show to the media and feel and do internally are totally two different things.
  2. I have yet to meet a 'Girls' fans that wishes Wentz ill, the opposite really. Dak & Wentz are forever tied together, drafted at the same time in the same division, NFCE of all places. Both good kids. I do think Dak has gotten more help (coaching, personnel, etc) then Wentz. These two guys are going to forever leapfrog over each other for years, and there lies the most fun for me - the competition between them. /Wearing green tonight, I hope Wentz wipes the condecending air off Rodger's arrogant face.
  3. I get the 'impression' that Wentz may be a little short on leadership qualities thus far, not natural football talent certainly. The Chiefs & Dallas have many excellent leaders on both sides of the ball, perhaps that is helpful to their young and very personal QBs.
  4. Must agree, Garrett is best as a manager and instrumental to keep everyone focused, serious and even keeled, win or loose. No hysterics.
  5. Btw, talking about receivers and what a difference they can make, two of the TDs Mahomes made today were really due to two amazing one-hand catches made by his receivers, he was not perfect in either throw. Looking at Dak's games, Gallup & Cooper (and D.Smith) definitely are making up for less than perfect throws also. Good sure-handed receivers make a world of difference, no doubt.
  6. Mearns

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    I was happy to see the Jones kid play today, and get that win, even if he got a break in the process. Beats having to 'suffer' through another Eli-depressing-face show. Good for you guys to finally pull the trigger. Eli in the HOF? No, it took a string of defensive miracles for the Giants to even be in the SB 07 & 11. Favre voted into the HOF? I would have put his bust in a corner and put a sign over it - 'The most selfish player in the history of the NFL'.
  7. The Jones's have quietly made many changes in the coaching staff in just the last year and taken much of the power away from Garrett. They not only shifted to OC-Moore but to QB-Kitna & OL-Colombo offensively, but added Richards defensively (secondary). Woicik is their superb conditioning coach (29 years), but here is the real key - take 3 players out (Witten 37, Ladouceur 38, Lee 33) and their starters are the 3rd youngest in the NFL. No guarantees of course, fluke injuries can happen to anyone, but it is a young man's game, except quaterback it seems.
  8. At Halftime, Dak apologized to the OC (Moore) for getting well away from his gameplan. They win by 25 points yet he says: ""I was just being too greedy. This is a great tape to learn from, for me probably more than anybody else. [I need to] just take what the defense gives me. Period.". Be interesting to imagine what Moore (and Kitna) could do with Wentz. /Happy to see the Giants win, that kid Jones gives Giants fans something to cheer about. No hope is no fun.
  9. Mearns

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    @Weko; Will McClay is their draft 'guru', the guy hits on about 85%-90% in the draft, with rounds 1st-6th usually making the team, but it is in the 4th-6th round were he has really excelled. Quiet guy, very unassuming, but the Jones' duo give his opinions a very wide berth.
  10. Mearns

    Dak vs Carson

    I see no reason whatsoever why what we been seeing thus far from Prescott this season will not basically continue; the 'evolution in thinking' in Dallas started with the addition of Amari Cooper last year, when Dallas saw first hand how that single move got them abrubtly jumped start out of a 3-5 funk. Since then they have doubled down on their 'discovery' by changing OC (Moore, talking about risk) and brought in Kitna to personally coach Dak (fired Wilson). Then added Cobb, and took a flyer on D. Smith (2nd round of Jets, but hurt first two seasons). Gallup meantime has taken a quantum leap in his second year. Now they have ~5~ good receivers, and they did not neglect whatsoever to keep infusing better, young talent into the OL by using quite a few 2nd picks on offensive linemen all along the way, so that Dak does continue to have the ~time~ to get the benefit of the above-mentioned receivers. Regardless of who they face the rest of the season, I can't think of a team that has 5 excellent corners to cancel them all simultaneously AND at the same time have a ferocious pass rush (with still accounting for Zeke) and overrun a good OL, and cause Dak to change course and revert to the 'old ways'. Is there one thing about Dak is that he IS coachable, incredibly coachable, so he was easy to convince to the new order (use all the talents available). Of course, no guarantees, the NFL is filled with pitfalls (injuries, bad officiating, etc), but the new trend is promising. And no Stephen, If I was in the Eagles' team I would definitely re-structure Wentz' game, somewhat, more like Rodger's type of game (rely on your quick accurate release), NOT Favre's who I always took as a very irresponsible, yet talented QB that was more concerned with personal heroics and Monday highlight reels than team goals, constant killing interceptions be damn. The media constant fawning over him (specially Madden on MNF) contributed to his forever selfish ways his whole surprisingly long career.
  11. Mearns

    Dak vs Carson

    I remember this same QB conversation 3 years ago here. At the time, one side claiming "no comparison" (Eagle fans)', the other (Dallas fans), 'we will see'. Wentz ~OF COURSE~ started with the better pedigree, it stands to reason why Wentz in the #1 round (2nd overall pick) and Dak on the 4th round. In time, they have gotten closer in results, perhaps because of their style of play because they have been in two different situations. Dak has grown slowly and has shown is mentally tough and very coachable (thank God), but he is physically very tough; he HAS a linebacker's body (like Wilson's). More a 'system' QB behind a good OL all alone and playing in a safer atmosphere, and now with an excellent receiving corp to boot. The new OC (Moore) will extend his playing life. Brady for example is no punk, but he has played smart his whole career and still standing. Wentz has been subjected to a higher ~risk~ for 3 years behind a less consistent OL (see injuries), and is more chancy and less formatic by nature, which is more exciting to watch yes, BUT perhaps needs to start playing more cautious and when a play is 'dead on the water, time to bail' and live to play another day. Romo had to play Houdini to compensate for a lack of a real defense in his days, but Wentz being inherently more naturally talented need play the same high-risk way. His talents remaining available on the field (not hurt on the bench) IS most important. Btw, Dak took two unnecessary hits in Sunday's game, hitting a defender head-on after even getting a 1st down, I am sure the OL coach told him - 'Cool it with the unnecessary macho moves hoss'. /My two cents on the subject, for all its worth.
  12. Mearns

    Is the Cowboys defense good?

    Like I predicted well before the season right here: Dallas is the best team in the NFCEast (with Zeke), Eagles just a tad below them: they will both be battling for years. Giants maybe 3rd, and Redskins you never know. I also predicted the Cowboys will loose a few close games because almost an all-rookie secondary (that is temporary fortunately). so will start slow, then slowly come into form. Unexpectedly, they lost Lee, Hitches (injuries) and Irving for 4 games (an over-the-counter medication with a HIDDEN substance); that wouldn't have happened they be 7-1 now, since they lost to GB (with Rodgers) & Rams by seconds even without those players. Neither of those teams the Eagles got to play. Future, what really counts ultimately: Once Chido starts playing in their secondary, the Cowboys will have a complete team for years. They may hit a bump on the road (Zeke suspension, injuries) now, but otherwise count on them to be on Eagles' way every turn, this year maybe, but certain by next season. Eagles, this year: everything is going their way, timing, schedule and playing very well. They are in a groove, but sustainable in the long run, probably not to this degree. Are they as talented as the Cowboys, no, but not that far behind either. It is their year as it looks now, better take advantage of it, because Dallas is coming, and that is a mathematical certainty. because they have the talent, which in the NFL, you better have, luck could only take a team so far.
  13. Mearns

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    Trust you fellows enjoyed the Kansas City - Dallas game. I am sure you all be rooting for Goodell to get his way this week, even if he then will have the power to railroad an Eagles player in the future. It is the season for supreme hypocrisy. Zeke doesn't doesn't get suspended this week, Eagles loose in 2 weeks to Dallas..
  14. Mearns

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    So "the "benefit of its bargain" under the CBA outweighed any harm that would be suffered by Elliott were he to be suspended." She should have added - or any other player, since there will be more harmed by this ruling. If there is a work stoppage, she will be part of the reason.. Incredible logic. She followed the 'company line'. This is what the NFL gets for getting so involved with 'women issues' and for PC reasons allow them to set the low standards that sexual harassment and domestic violence cases should be considered, standards totally OUTSIDE the law of the land, that should protect anyone accused of anything. She should have also considered the harm to the integrity to the league, since now NFL records will be artificially changed based on an event that happened before a player even started playing football in the NFL! The day Goodell drops dead, I will rejoice. In the meantime, I hope Jerry Jones single-handedly destroys his career.. He deserves nothing less. And the hell with any hypocrite that feels this is right.
  15. Mearns

    Week 8 Open Discussion.

    Trust you boys enjoyed the Redskins-Dallas games. The Cowboys had to beat Redskins, the Referees and the insane weather. The pressure is still on, Eagles show up with that silly OL play with Dallas, they will get swepted. You want the division, you will have to earn it, unless tomorrow Zeke is finally suspended handing the Eagles the division. F the NFL and F Goodell. You all know that was railroad job from Day #1; stay tune could happen to one of your players; careful what you wish for. /out