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  1. Mearns

    NFC Championship: Packers @ 49ers

    SF ran the ball and kept doing it as long as GB primarily stayed in pass-defense the entire game, which they did; shows the GB coaching staff is either inexperienced or slow-witted. GB was a very lucky 13-3 team, going 9-1 in 7 points or less games and a lot of things fell their way (officiating & no major injuries). They weren't in the same league as the 49ers even if both were 13-3. The SB looks like a battle of QBs, everything else is similar in both teams; advantage Kansas City. (Personally, I would be happy for Andy Reid, cool guy, if KC wins it).
  2. Mearns

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    You guys are always talking the silly bar smack. Hiring McCarthy was a bad move - for the Eagles! It took quite a few 'minor miracles' for Dallas not to win the NFCEast this last season, and they did go toe-to-toe with the Vikings, New England, Saints (all 2-4 points losses) and lost some fluke games to others in freaky ways (Jets - 2 crazy desperate bombs, 2 games to missed field goals and so replaced kicker with one that went 10/10 since, 2 tripping calls on Frederick that the NFL said that never should have been called cost them another game, etc etc) They also get LVE back who was sorely missed, especially against the run. They now pick 17th and have all their picks. And they do have most of the needed talent already! And ~$100 million~ in cap money! Now they have a rejuvinated 'fresh' 56-year old good coach coming off one year that will bring the consistentcy they were lacking. Oftentimes, it is best to go well 'under' to leapfrog the following year, especially in a year the team wasn't quite ready for the SB anyway. Still laughing? Eagles better rebuild and fast otherwise they will get run over by them in the next 3-4 years. Have a great off-season of wishing and dreaming. P.S. Stephen Jones and Will McClay do run the team not Jerry. And also, no, the Eagles were picked by most 'experts' to run away with the division , not the Cowboys but that silly annual bs narrative continous to amuse the 'masses'.
  3. Mearns

    Ex NFL players as Announcers and Media analysts.

    Funny you should say that, I got that impression also. Soon he will go into > coaching.
  4. Mearns

    Ex NFL players as Announcers and Media analysts.

    Romo is the best now IMO, just like that. Many. many others are good. Some (Deion, McFarland, Barber) are like torture to listen to. Shannon & Skip are disgusting. Most women in sports programs are annoying because they really have no business being there; unless they have big 'marimbas' of course; not that I am being shallow or anything.
  5. Mearns

    Cowboys could lose Cooper & Jones in Free Agency

    Brinson of CBS wrote that story, a life-long always wishing 'Dallas drops dead' sports 'journalist', because he had nothing intelligent to write about this season that is happening right now. Cooper is not going anywhere, because he and Dak are on the same page, proffessionally and personally. And Dallas does have the money, another calculator had them at $71 million. Yes, Jaylon Smith has already been signed long term.
  6. Mearns

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    Haha. Looked it up. Went over my head the first time, but now I get it.
  7. Mearns

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    (I am still stuck on that post above that said the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. and no one noticed. 🙄) The game of football has an unusual degree of luck for two reasons: the ball is not round and officiating (the ultimate crap shoot). Teams that loose by 2-4 points, but show they have the TALENT to compete with anyone, are the ones that all of a sudden CAN jump and 'surprise' everyone. If you have the base (talent) in the long run they will do well - it is ~almost~ mathematical certainty. 'Almost', because of the 2 reasons given above. If you loose by a total of 22 poinst to teams like NO (2 points), Minn (4 points) & NE (4 points) that means you are close and if they get to the 'Tournament', anything could happen. No, the difference between the Cowboys & Eagles is NOT just 1 win. And yes, Kellen Moore has made some mistakes (Garrett doesn't call the plays), but he is learning, because - he is not stupid. If you have no talent and are stupid, nothing will ever change.
  8. Mearns

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    ^^^ I like that: 'Entitled Drama Queen'. Not only is he walking Drama Central, but feels entitled to the accompaning attention he feels he deserves. He has found a friend in Goodell, the ultimate kiss a**.
  9. Stats could never replace actually watching every game both have played carefully and remembering what did take place. Example, Dak has had 4 passes hit receivers square on their chest, bounce off 5feet and land perfectly on an opponent's hands like it was some designed trick play designed that way. The stats show HE threw an interception! While on the podium, here is another NFL stat that defies any logic. They rank defenses according to absolute yards they have given in games; WELL, a defense that is on the field an average of 40 minutes per game, because their OFFENSE sucks, is not going to fare too well in that statistic. Conversely, the defense of those of teams that have slow, methotical grinding offenses usually look better than they are. Defenses should be judge by yards given / time on the field. Two tricky games tomorrow: Seattle vs. Eagles, Dallas vs. NE; don't forget to root strictly NFCEast now. 😁
  10. Mearns

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Goodell continues to placate to Kaep in the remote hope that he finally becomes somewhat less 'angry' and starts behaving somewhat amiable. What a joke on society some clowns try to pull on the rest of us.
  11. Dak is NOT playing both sides of the ball, and he has ZERO to do with the defense. The question should be - 'Will Dak play well enough to win playing against NE, in NE'? So far, he has played well against every team, after all they have lost 3 games by a total of 8 points. Even in the NO games, which for some stupid reason the play calling stayed 'conservative' from start to finish and in the Minn game when they went into - 'Let's run Zeke ONCE MORE against an 8-man front to be tricky' - mode. I hate ~direct~ QB comparisons; this QB lost against that QB, they do not play each other! Nor do they have the same supporting cast. Be fascinating to see HOW Cooper, Gallup & Cobb would do playing with Wentz as the QB, that be so freaking interesting to see.
  12. Mearns

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Kap is one big exhausting pain-in-the-a** with all that baggage he loves to push on others to carry, which no team wants to deal with. It is not that complicated. hIS
  13. I have no idea why some of you are so concerned about the Dallas Cowboys or the opinion of fans, of ANY team. Nor of the trash sports media, who exist only to forment division among humans. None are football genuines, and fans are always emotionally all over the place, just like they are on THIS board. Dallas is doing just fine: most valuable sports team in the world, good owner, great drafting, coach, QB, players and even fans. The fact the mainstream sports media or ~some~ 'fans' think they know better and have all the answers has no relevancy whatsoever to their happiness.
  14. Mearns

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    I agree with you, Garrett is a good overall manager, but should concede total power to OC and DC and stay out of the way. Just keep everyone even-keeled and focused. They got a good shot to go to SB in time, because for some miraculous twist of fate Dak has turned out to be one serious, bright student of the position and a hell of a leader, who ~everyone~ follows. Beats a QB with mental, egostical or emotional problems who is hard to follow and is all over the place.
  15. Mearns

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    I consider that a ridiculous statement, probably stated at a time of frustration. Take away fluky plays (like tipped balls falling right into the opposition's hands), moronic unlucky calls (the vein of the NFL) or the ball not bouncing their way (fumbles), and which NFC team (NO, Minnesota, Seattle, SF) is just dying to play them if they are such 'a mess'. You think the first two who ~squeaked~ a win over them wants any part of them again? As to this freaking 'hump' you all constantly talking about - EVERY year - you have one (1) team win the SB but if you really look closely you can count no less than 10 plays (or calls) throughout the playoff process, that if just ONE of them had not gone their way they would not have won it; no wonder teams do not do so well the following year after winning the SB; luck evens out over years NOT within just one season. It really takes a bit of a 'miracle' to win the SB. The NFL has it designed that every 32 years each team wins a SB. Of course you have exceptions, and they tend to occur in 'cupcake' divisions where there is one dominant team (with an exceptional QB & coach) and three patsies (looking at you NE). And in the NFCE patsies do not tend to last for long; anyone could beat anyone on any given day, never mind within a few seasons, thus makes every NFCE team's journey to the SB absolutely brutal (lower record > no homefield advantage). OF COURSE you can fault the play calling in Dallas with the NO game (not unleashing Dak) and Minn game (the 3-running plays at the end), called NOT by Garrett but Moore, a rookie, but he is learning because HE IS NOT STUPID. Garrett took the sword as any good coach would do. Stupid people would definitely worry me, because they never get 'it'; Moore will, he already started playing Pollard out of the backfield one game after the Minn game. You think they will be headbanging Zeke in the coming NE game, like they so foolishly did in the Minn game (a first really) - watch. And speaking of being too obstinent (aka stupid), Wentz is getting no ~football TEAM~ help, screw his 'natural talent' BS, force him to play simpler from the bottom up, DISCIPLINED, and he will progress, not regress. He is still playing like a 2nd-year QB, on his 4th, way too jumpy and trying to be personally 'heroic'. I could name 10 good QBs of the last 40 years that played for highlight reels, but were lousy TEAM players (looking at you Cunningham). And the reason Cooper, Gallup & Cobb (who drop passes also) are doing so well in Dallas is because of the rapport they have with Dak, the ultimate TEAM player, who they hate (their words), to dissapoint. Another year and another NFCE tight race and the 'survivor' will probably be so tired by the time the playoffs begin, they may be one & done, but so freaking what, at least we are guaranteed, once more, to be at least a hell of a journey!