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  1. Anyone watching our potential playoff opponents?

    Slivered out of your hole i see! Do yourself a favor and sliver back in it and STAY there!!!
  2. Defense Is a liability

    Not in Panic mode and the playoffs are right around the corner and we are trying to lock up home field? Really? wow
  3. Defense Is a liability

    Did we watch the same games the past few weeks? If our D plays like it has the past few weeks in the Playoffs we WILL be one and done and for that some people WILL need to lose their jobs! Gotta hold people accountable!!! If you don't it will be atleast another 57 years without a Lombardi for this franchise! I don't have another 57years to wait so yeah i expect something to happen!
  4. Defense Is a liability

    SOMETHING BETTER HAPPEN! No excuses! It is ALWAYS something with this team when it comes time to winning it all! 57 years is long enough!!! Cut the slackers! Keep a eye open for any potential trades. To come this far and puke it all away would be beyond words!
  5. Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    Yep.. It is what gave Dallas the game as it allowed them to move on from 4th down.. They used a folded index paper to measure for a first.. SERIOUS!!!!
  6. Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    The REFS gave Dallas that game ( folded paper my arse.. And this just one of a few bad calls that mattered ) as they did the Patriots earlier. NFL doing everything it can to keep the cowgirls and Patriots relevant. Thing is it is so disgusting blatant to all that even announcers cannot avoid talking about how blatant it is. NFL is doing itself in with this crap and thus doing far more irreparable damage.. You can only crap on so many fan bases for just a couple of teams before it really hurts everyone..
  7. Something has got to be done about these refs

    Agree with this totally!!!
  8. Week 13 Schedule

    Besides our game the other biggie is MN vs Atlanta. Atlanta wins and we have a 2 game cushion in the NFC.
  9. NFC Final Eagles vs Saints

    Have heard a few say that Cam does better the less he has? The Eagles just need to make damn sure the road to the Superbowl goes through Philly!
  10. Sean Lee likely to miss next two weeks

    Does the name Pete Morelli ring a bell?
  11. Basically what i said about Wentz last year when Johnson went down and we had nobody that could catch. Ofcourse those critics have vanished as of late. Not saying you were one of them either.
  12. Cowgirls Got Smoked!

    Dak had his issues for sure but i would put more of it on piss poor coaching. How do you not get some help on the line and or pull that dude?
  13. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Considering Sun, Mon, and Thurs night games are the best shot i get at seeing Eagle games ( Michigan ) i would be pissed if they pull the plug on them.
  14. Week 8 Open Discussion.

    Punk you need to get with the times. You keep the trash talking in this forum ( Take it to RnR ) and the report button WILL be used. So move on punk and troll elsewhere.
  15. Bob McNair is an idiot or calls a spade a spade?

    I have. Usually it is that but i have heard the other as well. Really nothing to get worked up about regardless of whatever is or was used.