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  1. I had heard of it. But never seen in person. It was more than i expected. We met some guys in xfinity live and went back to their car for a couple of beers and some food. Not the crazy tailgating stuff though.
  2. Amazing atmosphere in the lead up to the game. Tailgating is the coolest thing ive ever seen. We have nothing like that at home. Managed to stay warm except for me feet that went numb from the cold. Even with 2 pairs of socks on. Over all a great experience made better from the many Philadelphians who made us feel welcime in the city and the stadium. Unfortunate result. Was sad to see the stadium nearly empty at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Thank you all for your help. I hope to come back for another game sometime.
  3. Went for a little wander around the city last night after getting in about 6pm. I must say its a beautiful city. The wife and i both bought an Eagles beanie and scarf each. Any must see things i should check out while in town.
  4. Cheers guys. I did see it had been moved. Im very excited now. I checked the weather and looks like its gonna be a bloody cold night. Fly into philly tomorrow. Can not wait.
  5. Nah we arent making our way to Washington. Our stops are Mexico city, New orleans, Philly, New York, Las vegas then home. It s our last big trip before settling down to make babies. Im glad the wife wasnt aware of Black Friday, or else we'd be spending the whole day shopping. I dont think ill tell her either. We have big sales on Boxing Day, do you guys have the same thing? Cause she is looking forward to that.
  6. At the moment, no theres isn't a fee at all. However we have a 10%goods and services tax in Aus that never use to apply to online purchases, but the government is in the process of installing a tax on online purchases. I have no idea how and when that tax will become payable though. Our dollar is the worst its been in a long time from AUD to USD. But when they were closer, a lot of peple shopped online because things were a lot cheaper in the United States. The hard part about preparing for the trip is that we are pretty much in summer now so not many shops hear have any kind of cold weather gear. although I did see a jacket at an outdoor adventure store for $540!!!! thanks.. We will be in new orleans before we head to philly so hopefully I can find something there. We also have some time in mexico before that. Leaving Aus on the 27th November. Not sure id be able to purchase online and be certain it would deliver on time. Althought that Jacket looks perfect and says 4-10 business days so it may be ok.
  7. Thank you all again for you advice. Very helpful and appreciated. Yeah it is the 20th. Just a typo. its my first live nfl game. Been a philly fan for about 10-15yrs. Im trying to get the mrs up to speed with the game. Australia hosted an exhibition game years ago but i wasnt able to go. Some of the heavier clothing suggested, like a coat, i dont own. So may have to buy some of it at the airport if it is really cold when i arrive. My warmest clothes would be a few hooded sweaters (we call them jumpers) but they wouldnt have wouldnt be big enough to fit multiple layers underneath. Iwant to buy some supporter gear anyway so it will be fine. I have some woolen hats(we call them beanies) but i definitely want an eagles one. Also i see some of you suggest sweaters and some say sweatshirts. Are they the same thing or different.
  8. Thanks again guys. Sarafina04 just brought up extremities, so i assume that means i should be wearing gloves and a beanie as well. My warm clothes that i already own arent very big because i wouldnt ever have to layer so much. So i might have to buy some clothes once I'm there. Im feeling cold just thinking about it.
  9. I couldnt imagine sitting in 8inches of snow for a game. Winter where we are would sit around 60F. Im winter id wear what you call a sweater. Do you tink if i wore a tshirt, Sweater and then a jacket it would be good enough. What should i look for in a winter coat? One with duck down inside
  10. Hi all My wife and i are heading to philly around xmas time and we have tix to dec 22nd game against the cardinals. How cold should i expect it to be? And what would you normally wear to keep warm at a game? And would that be the same sort of clothing to wear around the city. I'll be coming from an aussie summer where the temp sits around 35-40c thats about 104F. Sometimes warmer. Any help greatly appreciated.