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  1. nottingham14

    Is Jon Gruden in way over his head?

    Gruden will be fine. People act like he took over NE or PITT. He’s in for the long haul and they need to reload. Cooper isn’t who they thought he would be. Crabtree is gone. MarShawn is ancient. Their D sucked with Mack. They were losing either way. You got to give him time to get his guys in like college.
  2. Honestly it would depend on the price. He’s kind of a poor mans Landry. If he’s commanding any serious money I’d let him walk. With Ertz and Goedert taking up the middle, we could really use someone opposite AJ.
  3. nottingham14

    Patrick Mahomes breaks records.

    They are hot, but their D is still getting shredded too. We will see once people figure him out some and still keep shredding their D.
  4. nottingham14

    Will the NFL admit their screw-up?

    Admit their screw up? ??????? Bro this shizzle is head toward flag football. Can’t you see that?
  5. nottingham14

    Jimmy Garoppolo

    I doubt it after his play to start the season. He looked like he regressed to STL Foles.
  6. nottingham14

    Jimmy Garoppolo

    He was having a good game too. That’s a shame. Not this year lol MIA 3-0
  7. This sounds DOA to me. First off it’s only the the HOF players, which is alienated non-HOFers. Then they expect the owners and CURRENT PLAYERS to give up a chunk of revenue to them? Which should be mostly guys who made a lot of money. ☠️⚰️? DOA
  8. He will be the last for a while, barring injury.
  9. Gonna have a Drew Brees like career with those dome games and talent at WR.
  10. nottingham14

    I’d be ashamed if I were a_________ fan....

    No shade at Saquon. But the Gmen wanted to make another run and this is just embarrassing.
  11. If you were a fan of another team, which one would you be most ashamed of and why? I would’ve typically said Buffalo, but NYG is my answer. Because their fans had HOPE. Buffalo knew the best thing they had going this season was power bombing girls through tables pregame. NYG actually thought they would contend one more time with Eli. ??? Passed on a future QB for the present. ???
  12. nottingham14

    Richard Sherman Broke the Seahawks

    BTW I don’t think it was really all just that. Looked like a power struggle to me on a team of stellar D players who knew their dollars were gonna get hurt in SEA because Wilson was set to cash in.
  13. nottingham14

    Richard Sherman Broke the Seahawks

    Sherman is too smart a guy to be so childish. That D allegedly never let go of that damn play call. Big deal! It was a bad call. The Butler gets no love for making a great play though, which is disrespectful. Wilson won a SB with them and Carrol coached them to it. Anyone who would turn on them for one bad call is s fool. Hell they allegedly wanted Wilson to apologize! For what? Throwing the pass that was called?!!!! Childish!
  14. nottingham14

    Your team can't win Super Bowl LIII ...

    Chiefs got to be #1 for me. Andy deserves to go out with one to cement his greatness. Besides picks by Philly associations, I’d say CLE or MINN. ive sat in the Dawg Pound before (awesome experience BTW). They’ve got some hella loyal fans and 99% were very friendly. I feel a kindred spirit with them as a loyal fan base who had greatness before they slapped a fancy name on the title game. MINN because, like someone stated, it would really hit the Washington Racist Name fans hard.
  15. nottingham14

    Your team can't win Super Bowl LIII ...

    Hell nooooooooo! Besides anyone in our division, and Pittsburgh, that would be the last team I’d pick. No way id want to see that greedy ownership they got payoff. Marvin being vindicated with a trophy, F THAT!