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  1. In2football

    Week 8 Open Discussion.

    Maybe hfa and a bye We havent locked anything up but right now as Eagles fans there is a lot to like. Great record, seems like great chemistry and mostly really likable players. Most importantly Wentz is looking like a franchise qb Injuries are a bit concerning but thats the nfl. Hell your oline is shredded right now. Dont know how it will end but I am enjoying the ride.
  2. In2football

    Week 8 Open Discussion.

    He may be very plugged in and be right on the money. I am just not sure I am in favor of throwing draft picks around. Ill be in wait amd see mode I guess. 7 -1 justififies a move but cant imagine who we could land that would be a difference maker. Id kick the tires on oline or lber though
  3. In2football

    Week 8 Open Discussion.

    Jay glazer report saying expect Eagles to be aggressive at trade deadline Now what that means exactly.. Who knows
  4. In2football

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Could you have your prince friend pm lovee to triple my have enough for 2 happy meals
  5. In2football

    [News] What Is Eagles' Plan For First Round?

    Maybe but they happen every year. I might end up being wrong but i see 1 OT and 2 QB going before we pick at 14. Should be some really good names on the board when we are up
  6. In2football

    [News] What Is Eagles' Plan For First Round?

    While not definite its at least a reasonable chance. I'll bet even in this draft 1 oline goes top 15
  7. In2football

    [News] What Is Eagles' Plan For First Round?

    Of course not but there are a few guys projected as first rounders. If someone wants 1 before the colts we might get an offer
  8. In2football

    [News] What Is Eagles' Plan For First Round?

    I dont think he is saying we should take one. I think he is suggesting some who really needs an o linmen might trade up. Also suggesting we stock piled olineman so we wouldn't need one this draft
  9. In2football

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    As an Eagles fan I was thrilled with Wentz performance, couldn't have asked for much better for a first start, from a kid making the kind of leap he made to the NFL and given he missed most of preseason. All signs were positive. He recovered nicely from poor throws and progressed as the game went on. Watching Dak you could see he has some issues to work on and needs to improve but a first start from a 4th round pick thrust into a starting role after a rare and surprising Tony Romo injury, Dak managed the game well, made some plays, went through progressions. Yea he had lots of time but absolutely no run game. A fair assessment of his performance is tough because I hate the cowboys but if i was a cowboys fan I would be happy with the start and hope he improves.
  10. In2football

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    Agreed on the lines. I actually like the eagles on dline but not opposed to adding another piece The nice part for the giants at WR is with beckham they dont need a stud just a relaible guy to move the chains. I see oline as the eagles biggest challenge and dline for the giants. With both teams needing another piece on the other side. How much input will spags have in who is added. Spags is a pretty good dc when he has a dominant dline. You guys need 1 or 2 in FA and then still hit on a draft pick. But half that will gove you a shot at the east
  11. In2football

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    Every team in the division is filled with question marks Although giants are solid at qb for a few more years and with lt working out means most of what they need on offense should be easier to acquire I think their real issue/ challenge will come with the front 7. Will spags do hiz own thing or will mcadoo put his own stamp on defense
  12. In2football

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    Oh right mcadoo.. Giants need another weapon at Wr and a running back. What kind of shape are you in on the oline? Spags needs some more pass rushers and you guys need some lbers. Like us a lot of work to do. What do you see the giants doing this offseason?
  13. In2football

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    At the shrine game they were loooking at and talking to some maulers. Add size and stength bring in a full back eagles fans might yet fall in love with murray
  14. In2football

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    I meant 2 oline not necessary guards. And 1 would be a seond tier guy that woukd compete for a job and or be depth. Id still look to add 2 guys in the draft as well. Oline is in bad shale after being neglected
  15. In2football

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    This year and in this situation it makes perfect sense. First of all there were no cant miss coaching prospects, no must have names.Secondly if you are the NY Giants your wagon is still hitched to eli for the next 3-5 years (my opinion only). So you have a franchise qb who progressed under this assistant and your qb openly backed this coach. Given the circumstances what else were they supposed to do? I hope it blows up in their faces but regardless of outcome it was the right move. Much like chip kelly was 3 years ago for the eagles. I hope NY has the same success