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  1. ESP?... is that you asking these questions?
  2. Dang...I thought if maybe it was subliminal enough........
  3. RTK... if you didn't have something to cry criticize and complain about...... we would never hear from you.
  4. well man.... take this off.... who DON'T you want to see donning the Midnight Green?
  5. you mean the 3 stooges are on?...what channel ?
  6. I'm mad we cut him, only reason I'm mad is because we didn't get a freakin' dime off of this guy.
  7. No kap ain't working....the kid ain't got it.
  8. Dear God, Jeff Lurie.... Stop the madness... opposing teams claim to know what's coming!! Players are telling the media they are tired, they got "outcoached" and so on and so on...Look Chip gave it the good old "college try".... but that's not enough here.... send him away....bring in Josh McDaniels....he's ready this time.
  9. But..but it was on the internet !!

  10. Jersey Color is how to lead in to an article..... man we ARE in rough shape.
  11. Actually I saw the highlight of the thread and saw that you were the most recent poster and thought " Hey lookit here!!..... over a year later and this dude is still at it". And I wondered how anyone could carry that much hate for so long. So for my amusement I decided to see for myself. Once I did I realized that Nick Foles stole your lunch money in third grade and you have never gotten over it.
  12. You're still hating over Foles?....He's gone man....move on...I never saw this much hate for Nnamdii...... I'm convinced either 1. Foles kicked sand on you at the beach 2. You must have lost a fantasy football championship because of him or 3.You're Marcus Vick
  13. One trophy before my last limo ride please?

  14. is he worth the money ?....ask Andy in a few years.... obviously Kelly did not feel that way. regarding the votes I cast..... 1 I would not have offered him more than that.... as good as he is.....he's not a # 1....and doesn't deseve # 1 pay.... Matthews just might make us forget about him this coming year..... that kid put up great numbers between 2 QB's that were very unpredictable. 2 I would not have franchised him.....unless I was not making all the moves Kelly just made.... it would have brought the cap way down. 3 Would he have stayed ?.... that remains to be seen..... I have a feeling a some point his reasoning will comeout in the press... but for now I said no.