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  1. Cool... Imma gonna see if we can get RTK to test out the catapult
  2. ..... Yep...I MADE ya do that.... I have ESPN..... still think it's a good idea tho
  3. Still annoyed no one likes my earlier suggestion
  4. Really ?... Pansies !!!!.... Let's go all out..... put howitzer's and browning's along the top rows of E, S, and W sides for any opposing fans that even look like they are about to clap. On the NE terrace section I would like to see a flaming oil pit, and the SW flight deck a large catapult to toss randomly selected offenders into the oil pit. Finally for you nostalgia buffs, a M4 Sherman tank for those morons that dare run onto the field.
  5. ESP?... is that you asking these questions?
  6. Dang...I thought if maybe it was subliminal enough........
  7. RTK... if you didn't have something to cry criticize and complain about...... we would never hear from you.
  8. well man.... take this off.... who DON'T you want to see donning the Midnight Green?
  9. you mean the 3 stooges are on?...what channel ?
  10. I'm mad we cut him, only reason I'm mad is because we didn't get a freakin' dime off of this guy.
  11. No kap ain't working....the kid ain't got it.
  12. Dear God, Jeff Lurie.... Stop the madness... opposing teams claim to know what's coming!! Players are telling the media they are tired, they got "outcoached" and so on and so on...Look Chip gave it the good old "college try".... but that's not enough here.... send him away....bring in Josh McDaniels....he's ready this time.
  13. But..but it was on the internet !!

  14. Jersey Color is how to lead in to an article..... man we ARE in rough shape.