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  1. SBorBust

    Rank the Owner, GM, HC, and QBs in the Division.

    Jerry Jones paid for his own stadium. That makes him the #1 owner in the NFL, IMO. Obviously, Mara has always been a class act. I only know Tisch from Shark Tank.
  2. SBorBust

    Hackenberg traded to the Raiders

    Hackenberg wasn't good in college. The problem wasn't the coaching. It was drafting him in the first place.
  3. SBorBust

    New 'No Kneeling' Rule May Go Ballistic

    I couldn't disagree more. The NFL released a vague statement, then allowed the narrative to be hijacked by Shaun King and the rest of the lunatic fringe. Had they (starting with Goddell) stopped the cloak and dagger BS and met the issue head on they wouldn't be in this nightmare scenario. The owners most certainly deserve blame as well. On a side note: Had the moron Dee Smith (who might do his job worse than anyone on earth does anything) tried to demonize me with that hateful rebuttal he would be spitting out teeth.
  4. SBorBust

    New 'No Kneeling' Rule May Go Ballistic

    Roger Goddell is so incredibly poor at his job.
  5. We can't let this thread die. Now Eli's theft has cost someone his job of 20 years. I'm so disgusted.
  6. SBorBust

    NFL Trivia Game!

    Damn. I was excited to see it had been updated.
  7. Does a more annoying human being exist on planet earth? The guy who openly talked retirement three years ago now openly complains about using a value pick on QB. Oh, yeah. He also made it clear that he doesn't want to help the kid. Its easy to see why the Steelers have underachieved recently. Their best players are punks.
  8. SBorBust

    Many "reaches"?

    Honestly, I wouldn't call trading up to draft Ryan Leaf a historically bad move. Obviously, we have the benefit of hindsight. He is an all time bust. However, at the time there was an actual debate about who should be taken between Manning and Leaf. Christian Ponder was an injured QB who wasn't great in college. I'd debate EJ Manuel and Ponder before Leaf and Ponder. Tannehill was a reach, but not close to a Ponder reach. People were debating Akili Smith at #1. Youre right about free agent Haynesworth. Even at the time, the general consensus seemed to be "buyer beware".
  9. SBorBust

    Many "reaches"?

    How did Albert Haynesworth and HALL OF FAMER make the list of bad draft picks?!?!?!?
  10. SBorBust

    Many "reaches"?

    A 1st, 2nd, and 5th for a guy from UTSA who may not be good enough to play at the next level? Name 10 that were worse.
  11. SBorBust

    2018 Arlington Draft Vs Philadelphia 2017

    Dallas did a surprisingly underwhelming job. Chicago was a better host. If you "official" numbers are anything close to the bogus numbers they were quoting while the draft was going on, then we know that "official" numbers are worthless.
  12. SBorBust

    Many "reaches"?

    IMO, that was the worst move in recent memory. CHECK THAT: The Vikings drafting Christian Ponder was the worst. This was second.
  13. SBorBust

    Many "reaches"?

    IMO, if Rashaad Penny makes the HOF the Seahawks still reached when they took him in the first round.
  14. This draft capital was also spent on Darby, Ajayi and Bennett. That being said, they need to restock in next year's draft.
  15. SBorBust

    Many "reaches"?

    It's maddening when you look and see that DEN, IND, BUF, CHI, SF, and ARI weren't taking Ward, yet the Brown stay at 4 and make the pick. With the Broncos and Colts threatening to trade out, I can't believe the Bills wouldn't have given up a draft pick to move from #7 to #4. It was reported that the Colts really wanted Chubb, too. It's also ridiculous that they passed on Chubb, then took a DE at the top of the 3rd round.