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  1. IF the medical red flags were overblown, Foster slipping to 31 has more to do with the incompetence of 75% of the NFL's decision makers than anything else. I'm in no way down on Barnett. He's the guy I wanted the Eagles to draft. I'm just interested to follow Foster's career.
  2. It's going to be interesting to follow this guy's career. He was the dream of almost every fake armchair scout on these boards (including myself) until injury concerns pushed him down the draft. The 49ers expect him to be ready for training camp. Will he become this decade's Earl Thomas? Will Derek Barnett dominate and make us forget about Foster? Time will tell.
  3. Again? The Linc has been one of the quietest places in the league since it opened. Terrible design and planning.
  4. This shows just how much they don't get it. After alienating half the fanbase and causing massive ratings drops, ESPN decides to make a politically motivated decision to attempt to appease these people. It never occurs to them that this appeasement is alienating the other half of the fanbase.
  5. You must not spend much time on these boards. The Redskins' window is already closed. That being said, I'm really hoping for a monster Cousins contract. Enjoy the basement of the division.
  6. It's your lie. You tell it how you want. All things being equal, the sense of impending doom brought about by the Presidential "choices" would have caused more escapism, not less. Also, why hasn't the cord cutting boogie man affected NBA playoff ratings?
  7. Smart job by the NFL. We all know why ratings took a sharp fall last year, but players and talking heads tried to convince us that outlawing celebrations was the culprit. Now they have to come up with another excuse.
  8. I would have thought the line would have previously been drawn at murder. Also... Chris Henry
  9. The four guys drafted around him were some guys named Marcus Golden, Ty Sombrailo, Ali Marpet and Quinton Rollins. Had he been clean, Gregory would have been the slam dunk 3rd pick in the draft. I stand by my original assessment of it being a good pick. Obviously, it didn't work out.
  10. Once upon a time, a raw #2 draft pick was booed by 30 people as part of a radio stunt. His name was not Ricky Williams, so the 30 were instructed to boo. The national media ran with this story and changed some facts in order to advance several preconceived narratives. 100's of booed draft pick later, let's fast forward to Sunday night: Will the Bears/Bulls fans be vilified until the end of time for this spontaneous decision? Will Trubisky paint himself as a martyr for the next 20 years? I guess time will tell...
  11. The Brandin Cooks leak changed the future of the franchise. I'm sure there are many leaks in NFL history that have done much worse. This was before Big Data took over the world.
  12. Saints are on the clock.

  13. Dave, What purpose did it serve the Eagles for Roseman and Douglas to have that pre-draft press conference? At this point. giving other teams information is the worst possible thing that could happen. They go up there needing to lie and if someone does uncover truth it could be disastrous for the team's future.
  14. I can't believe some of what I'm reading. He is, was, and always will be a murderous piece of trash. The world is a slightly better and safer place today because he is no longer among us. There is now no chance that a lying lawyer and nine idiots may release him into the wild, where he would have taken more lives. We're talking about a guy WHO SHOT HIS FRIEND IN THE FACE in an attempt to eliminate a potential witness.