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  1. SBorBust

    Rank your top 5 coaches in the NFL Today

    This seems to be a good time for young, up-and-coming coaches. Of course McVey is the poster child for the movement, but: - Frank Reich - Matt Nagy - Mike Vrabel - Kyle Shanahan - Sean McDermott have all shown promise. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Mike Zimmer. My TOP 5 would be: 1. Please. No contest. 2. DOUG PEDERSON - He out-coached the best of all time in the biggest game of his life. 3. SEAN PAYTON - I can't stand his arrogance. However, as The Norseman said, he get results. I argue that Payton helps Brees more than Brees helps Payton. I move Payton down one spot for his performance, then excuse making, after last year's NFCCG. 4. PETE CARROLL - He's won at both levels for many years with the "always compete" approach. 5. ANDY REID - He would have a ring had his guy lined up on side.
  2. SBorBust

    Rank your top 5 coaches in the NFL Today

    I agree that McVey’s Super Bowl performance was pathetic, but Payton really gets a pass for coaching his team out of a win in the NFCCG.
  3. I’ve heard in the past that the Raiders struggle with the liquid capital necessary to cut signing bonus checks.
  4. SBorBust

    Over rated Head Coaches ?

    That was 5th and 1.
  5. The preseason is necessary for the guys with talent who got a raw deal in recruiting when they were 18-years-old. Removing two games will just help the blue bloods and allow incompetent GM’s to stick by their lousy draft picks. Without the full preseason guys like Corey Clement, Wes Walker, and Kurt Coleman’s hard work might have gone unnoticed. That would have been a shame.
  6. SBorBust

    Over rated Head Coaches ?

    Tony Dungy. It’s not close. The fact that people name Gruden and we all understand Gruden to be superior to Dungy is all you need to know. No list of overrated coaches/managers would be complete without Joe Torre.
  7. SBorBust

    Top 5 non eagles games to watch this year

    That was a great list. 👍
  8. Would the current contracts also increase by 12.5%?
  9. I think the current playoff format is perfect, but I understand why they would want to expand it.
  10. SBorBust

    Ex NY Jet Mark Gastineau Is Very Ill

    These are the same guys who repeatedly voted to screw over Bart Starr and his generation. ”This is the players’ association, not the retired players association” was Gene Upshaw’s famous refrain. Now they reap what they sewed.
  11. SBorBust

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Is Schefter one of the fake offended, divisive forces, too? I can’t say I feel sorry for Foster, but you have to wonder what part the head trauma plays into his actions.
  12. SBorBust

    2019 Hard Knocks - Who gets it this season?

    I could see it being the Giants. HBO would love the "rise up in the face of adversity" angle, though. The Mina Kimes reaction would be in the pre-credits scene, fans would be booing, etc. It would do a lot for Daniel Jones' brand, too, so the Giants are probably on board. (I'm assuming he isn't as unlikable as Ryan Tannehill.)
  13. 30 for 30... and the 30 for 30 Shorts... are awesome.
  14. SBorBust

    2019 NFL draft in Nashville - who's going?

    My initial thoughts about Nashville were wrong. They did a tremendous job hosting the draft.
  15. SBorBust

    What is Chucky up to?

    I don’t think I’d trade any Raiders pick for any guy you suggested.