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  1. RAVENS: Please take our millions. We just need someone with a pulse to backup Flacco. KAEPERNICK and RGMe: Sure, but let me first tell you how tough the world is for me. RAVENS: I can't believe this is happening. Never mind.
  2. I don't think you understand the concept of incremental losses. Also, the people on this board are not an accurate representation of all football fans. People who will discuss the pros and cons of a backup LB in February are not going to stop watching football any time soon. When you rob the audience of their momentary diversion it doesn't take some people long to figure out they can easily find another diversion.
  3. The fact that they took $2 billion from the tax payers of Los Angeles makes this even more disgusting.
  4. By what metric does 2-0 (with one win in the division) in a 16 game season make you significantly less than a playoff team (C+ vs. B)?
  5. We've seen Ertz have monster games in the past. We've also seen him disappear for long stretches of the season. Is there anything tangible you can point to that makes you think Ertz will be more consistent in 2017 (and beyond)?
  6. Thanks, man
  7. Dave, Am I just not finding Pederson's day after press conference? I've been looking for it since I got back from lunch yesterday.
  8. It's the thrill of victory and agony of having to read/hear about it. We all (should) understand that this is an imperfect team who is not currently a favorite to win the Super Bowl. Yesterday, I watched the performance of Wentz, the linebackers, Ertz, and (most importantly) the defensive line and was extremely entertained and pleased. Basically, everyone who we are counting on in the long term acquitted themselves well. Literally seconds after the game the complaining started. This morning I check in on a local radio station and hear complaining (with a side of complaining because I have the nerve to think they're complaining).` Does this wear on you? How can it not wear on members of the organization?
  9. It's funny to look back and see that the Eagles drafted Thomas Hamner (#171), then used the BOBBY HOYING and RODNEY PEETE compensation for John Frank (#178) and John Romero (#192) in the 6th round of that draft.
  10. His fall is completely shocking. Aguayo's junior season was the greatest year for a kicker that I've ever seen.
  11. Dave, No offense to you personally, but truer words have never been spoken.
  12. Big hits hits are the best part of football. Unfortunately, they have to be legislated out of the game. As a result, the enjoyment suffers.
  13. Do we have one? This could be a problem. Brian Mitchell and (for one year) JR Reed changed the course of multiple games.
  14. I understand that the piece was a hatchet job of DeMaurice Smith, but... WOW!!!!!!! I've never seen someone come off looking like more of a buffoon. The NFLPA seems to be preparing for war. This isn't going to end well.
  15. The Dead Tree Crew must be jumping off cliffs after hearing all this bad news. So, I guess the news isn't all bad.