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  1. SBorBust

    2020 Hard Knocks - Featuring the Rams & Chargers

    Wasn’t one season of Jared Goff one too many? Tyrod Taylor was very impressive in Cleveland (in fact, he seemed like the only adult in the room), but that’s already been done, too.
  2. SBorBust

    CBA discussion thread

    That is outrageous. How does union leadership allow this to happen? By the way (and obviously), any players making over $4 million get cheated.
  3. SBorBust

    CBA discussion thread

    If an extra regular season game is added, do existing salaries increase by 1/16th?
  4. SBorBust

    Travis Frederick Retires

    This is BS for a team. Oh, well
  5. SBorBust


    IMO, it’s an even bigger problem when the rookie deal is up and you have to re-sign them. Two franchise tags seems like the only way to go.
  6. SBorBust

    CBA discussion thread

    This is good for the rank-and-file, but you should never take the first offer.
  7. SBorBust

    CBA discussion thread

    The number I heard was 60%.
  8. SBorBust

    CBA discussion thread

    Imagine having to extend the deadline to vote due to worker apathy. Also, the majority of the apathetic people are the ones set to get a 15% pay increase.
  9. This is the exact reason why it's problematic to give either of them $30 million. The act of paying this much theoretically takes away from what is needed (other star players). Even New Orleans fell apart when Brees became the highest paid QB in the league.
  10. I'd say Prescott and Cousins are on the same level. Good, but not good enough.
  11. SBorBust

    CBA discussion thread

    The owners really, really want this 17th game. At the very least, the players have to use this as leverage and get major concessions. This is the first time I can remember the owners negotiating from such a position of weakness.
  12. SBorBust

    CBA discussion thread

    Who cares less about the rank and file: The owners or the player reps? I say this understanding the owner’s current offer is meant to screw the players.
  13. SBorBust

    Anyone watching XFL?

    The first game seemed promising. Every game since has been what we expected. Two yard halfback dives and in-game coach speak can’t be what the league founders envisioned.
  14. SBorBust

    Jaguars to play 2 games in London now

    The hometown fans should boycott. This is disgusting.
  15. SBorBust

    Anyone watching XFL?

    I watched parts of the first two games. The product is WAY better than that of the failed football leagues of the past. Unfortunately, I think all the hype and expectation for the dreadful failed leagues has made people not want to give this new XFL a chance.