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  1. 2017 ESPN Playoff Machine

    Getting the Rams in the Divisional Round would be ideal. I don't see Jared Goff winning at The Linc in January.
  2. Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    How egocentric and ignorant must one be to believe that people who customarily give children names such as Lightning Born, Large Forehead, and Friend of Birds would have a problem with Redskins?
  3. "Guys, stop setting my money on fire! You're killing my business!" - Jerrah "You saying that out loud is detrimental to the league!!!!" - NFL
  4. His employees are burning hundreds of millions of his dollars on two fronts. I can't blame Jerrah for threatening the nuclear option.
  5. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Out of curiosity: What's the weather like in Fantasy Land?
  6. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Even before the players started tarpedoing the league, the ESPN overpayment for MNF was thought to be incredibly financially damaging. This news doesn't come as a surprise.
  7. Richard Sherman done for the year

    QUESTIONABLE: Achilles was a sign that he might be in big trouble. i remember Charlie running Ryan Howard onto the field with a bad Achilles in meaningless games. It ended the same way for him.
  8. Giants Suspend Janoris Jenkins Indefinitely

    What I envy about the Giants organization is that I have no doubt this problem will be corrected this offseason. They'll clean house, get their franchise QB, and put the right people in place to help him succeed.
  9. Week 9: Lions @ Packers

    Why would, "HAMMER, HAMMER, HAMMER" be your audible for HB dive?
  10. Speculation on Eli's future with the Giants

    PLEASE let the Giants' front office have this same way of thinking. Unfortunately, they won't.
  11. Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner

    It's getting more ridiculous. The Texans are meeting tonight to "discuss if they need to engage in some sort of demonstration." BWAHAHAHA!!!!! This might be the most ironic news I've ever heard. THE INMATES ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM!!!!!
  12. Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner

    I've always heard the expression as, "You don't want the inmates running the asylum." In fact, I've heard that hundreds of times in my life. Would that change have made a difference in the reaction?
  13. Are they incredibly stupid, incredibly racist, or just trying to win a game? Is it possible for a thinking human being to draw any other conclusion?