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  1. SBorBust

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    He’s the only head coach to go to the SB with an NFC and AFC team WITHOUT Bill Belichick being the reason all the teams went to the Super Bowl.
  2. SBorBust

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    Big Red is finally going to do it!
  3. SBorBust

    Finalsts for the 2020 Hall of Fame Class

    Drew Pearson is going the Bert Blyleven route. Cry like a baby until they let you in.
  4. SBorBust

    Finalsts for the 2020 Hall of Fame Class

    Cowher isn’t in the same conversation as either of them.
  5. I had no problem with decision to fake the punt.
  6. SBorBust

    AFC Divisional: Texans @ Chiefs

    Because the local media had a 10-year hate propaganda campaign against Reid and people are sheep.
  7. SBorBust

    AFC Divisional: Texans @ Chiefs

    Big Red is finally going to raise the Lombardi Trophy. Let’s go Chiefs!
  8. SBorBust

    Bill Cowher — HOF?

    I would have assumed only good coaches got into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  9. SBorBust

    NFC Divisional: Vikings @ 49ers

    Bad spot for the Vikings. Bad matchup. This game could get ugly.
  10. SBorBust

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    Interesting. Everyone loves to rip the Belichick coaching tree. Truth be told, though, I’d hire Vrabel or Flores in a second.
  11. I’m much more disappointed that the cheap shot went unanswered. I guess it’s just a different era.
  12. SBorBust

    NFL Win Totals

    As a group, we crushed these totals. @Captain F I hope you took the flight. $$$
  13. SBorBust

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    You actually used that graphic to try to argue against my point. Ummm, okay. 2-14 the year before he got there. 2-14 the year after he was fired.
  14. SBorBust

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    I must be the only person who believes Marvin Lewis is an above average head coach. HE WON WITH THE BENGALS. They are a worse organization than the Cleveland Browns... by a lot... In fact, if I were Joe Burrough I would refuse to play for that team. I’m really hoping the Cowboys go with Mike McCarthy.
  15. That question isn't quite analogous. How about: Anyone opposed to Bell's drug tests, quick question. I will give you your dream job, pay you, say 5 million a year. I will subject you to some of the easiest drug testing in use. But, if you ever violate the league's substance abuse policy, I have the collectively bargained authority to subject you to a ridiculous amount of drug tests. You taking it or not? Be honest.