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  1. SBorBust

    Johnny Manziel kicked out of the CFL

    To be honest, the only one I can remember with more college success immediately given up on was Tim Tebow.
  2. SBorBust

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    You’re wasting your time. Facts and logic don’t resonate with the pro-Kaepernick crowd.
  3. A sideshow like this is usually spotlighted around Week 3 or 4.
  4. Plus, the Giants play the Eagles twice a year and know they have to block Fletcher Cox. Gettleman has done a pretty good job of overhauling that atrocious line.
  5. SBorBust

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    You’re being ridiculous by definitively calling weed non-addictive. It infuriates me because you know you’re being ridiculous.
  6. SBorBust

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    The Boolean argument that weed is either a Schedule I narcotic or else it’s completely harmless is so counterproductive. This guy literally chose getting high over acquiring money that changes his family’s future for multiple generations. This has happened time and time again. Tell me again about how it’s harmless and not addictive... The pro-weed people are just as delusional as the ridiculous Jeff Sessions crowd. IMO, society will be much better off if we tell the truth.
  7. What are the Browns doing? This annoys me.
  8. SBorBust

    Case Keenum Traded To Washington

    They just got a starting QB for free.
  9. SBorBust

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I’m still trying to figure out if this is a smokescreen in order to drive up the price of the #1 pick. Im also still trying to figure out if Tua will be a franchise QB. He has a long delivery.
  10. SBorBust

    NFL Trivia Game!

    I hate to say it, but... Troy Aikman?
  11. 3 NFL teams offered him a job. SF, DEN, and BAL. Also, it’s not your right to cost an employer hundreds of millions of dollars.
  12. SBorBust

    All Time Winning Percentages for All Teams.

    You have Dak Prescott. He isn’t very good AND wants to break the bank with a new contract. Looking to the past is all you’ve got for the next decade.
  13. I think you might have quoted the wrong person.
  14. Paying off the fake victims still saved the league hundreds of millions of dollars.
  15. Plus, the other side makes so much money that throwing away $50-$100 million made the most financial sense.