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  1. My prediction is that the Raiders, Browns and Jags will be fighting it out over the 2016 No.1 Pick!
  2. Well he's made it this far and the new found hype around the NFL in Australia is astounding!
  3. Is there a team that would not be better with Rodgers?
  4. We have all been reading about Bradford being the No.1 and Sanchez No.2, then it's either Tebow or Barkley at 3. What about G.J. Kinne? Where does he fit into trying to win a roster spot? If he has no chance why has he survived Chip's axe? Some 'experts' in these forums say Tebow is 'Just a camp arm', 'He's only here until Bradford is ready'....... The way I see it a left handed QB poses unique problems for a team or their opponents, it's a rarity with in this league. The delivery of the ball to the receivers is different, the mechanics and timing or routes are different, the 'blind side' is reversed for example. For a defense they would then line up differently to counter the change in angles and so on. So Dave here are my questions. The 3 relating to Kinne and why is Tebow really in Philly?
  5. My top 6 for what it's worth, in no particular order: Seahawks Packers Colts Eagles Broncos Steelers
  6. I hope he makes it to!
  7. In no particular order: Teddy Bridgewater Jadeveon Clowney Ryan Shazier Brandin Cooks Blake Bortles
  8. The 49ers Website has him listed as a RB He has picked #38 as his jersey
  9. Apparently he has been catching Kapernick passes, he's a little short for TE, so maybe as a slot receiver! If you google his Rugby highlights he may be a handy K/P returner.
  10. Any thoughts on former Australian Rugby League star Jarryd Hayne trying out for the 49ers? He is 27 years old, 6'3" and 220lbs. Has no Gridiron experience, he has won two Daly M medals (MVP) in the Australian Rugby League competition.