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  1. I will be in a lot on east morehead st. behind a tavern been told parking is 10 bucks there. Looking to get there around 230-3
  2. From what I've been reading up on there a ton of lots around the stadium. Nothing like what we have in Philly as far as being in one giant lot. Will post when I figure out where I am parking. Have a cousin who lives in Charlotte try and give us some tips
  3. Citizens Bank Park lots you can't cook in. Wells Fargo lots, K, M and N I know you can cook can drink/hangout in the Citizens Bank lots just no open flames.
  4. Dolphins November 15th
  5. We have some other Eagles fans traveling down that we are also meeting up with so the more the merrier and hopefully we can get something set up where we all bring a little something and take over Charlotte.
  6. I will be down there tailgating with a bunch of Eagles fans. I don't know where we are going to be parking yet as I have never been there.
  7. Will be in Charlotte on October 25 to watch a big Eagles victory!