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  1. Pallidrone

    Rank your top 5 coaches in the NFL Today

    I agree with that and I do believe that Pederson is a much better coach overall then McVay. I think both have dealt with some adversity when it comes to personnel, I mean McVay made a fat CJ Anderson look really good, but when it matter most Doug delivered and McVay did not. Doug changed what he did in the Super Bowl, was completely fearless and surprised the Patriots. McVay seemed to play conservative and scared, and really did not change up what he did, which is a recipe for disaster against the greatest coach of all time who had two weeks to prepare.
  2. Pallidrone

    Rank your top 5 coaches in the NFL Today

    I thought maybe it was some inside joke that I missed.
  3. Pallidrone

    Rank your top 5 coaches in the NFL Today

    My list would be 1) Belichick 2) Carroll 3) Reid 4) Harbaugh 5) Payton I love Doug and he will be on this list soon, but he just does not have enough of a body of work yet. A couple more productive years and he should be on here, along with McVay. Also is there a reason why everyone is spelling Sean McVay's name wrong?
  4. Pallidrone

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    What is taking Jerry so long to do this? It is easy - give him that 6 year $300 million fully guaranteed contract and be done with it. He is well worth it!
  5. Pallidrone

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    You guys are all suckers. The people that are not going to buy Nike products, are people that usually do not buy Nike products anyway. This was a ploy that puts Kaepernick back into the news and helps Nike out in the long run. They already created the shoe and it was on the shelves. They are recalling them back. How much do you think this shoe is going to worth to a sneakerhead? In 3 months when football is back in the swing of things, nobody will care anymore and will be championing the next thing that offends them. It will not effect their jersey sales one iota.
  6. You dont need your vets playing much, if at all, for those 2 games. They can be dedicated to these fringe players. Those that think that Vets NEED to play in the preseason only need to look at Week 1. It is a clusterF as it is, vets not playing in the preseason is not going to change that. I am for an 18 game season only on 2 conditions. 1 - it cuts out 2 preseason games, which all suck. 2 - they add in an additional bye week or at least have a week off between the last game of the season and the start of the playoffs.
  7. Pallidrone

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Dak does that on purpose to show how good he is.Rodgers took 9 years to get 14 game winning drives while it only took Dak 3 years. I am telling you Dak should be the first $50 million a year QB.
  8. Pallidrone

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Dont you think that Jerry built it that way and embraces that completely? As much as I can't stand him the man knows how to market his team. I swear he takes on bad seeds because he knows they will be in the news eventually which means the Cowboys will be in the news.
  9. Pallidrone

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    But his clutchiness and non injury factor has to make him worth so much more then Wentz. I think his agent is low balling the Cowboys at $34. It has to be a lot more then that.
  10. Pallidrone

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Absolutely! Dak should get paid at least $48 million per year fully guaranteed. I mean how in the world can you really put a price tag on being clutch?
  11. Pallidrone

    Concerning DirecTV

    So an update on Vue. Downloaded Windscribe from the Amazon APP Store and it looks like they updated it. I was able to start it up, select a city (which you could not do before) and then connect. Once connected Vue saw that I was in that city. This makes it a lot easier to run now. I dont have Roku but I do have the Nvidia shield, which I will try it out on later on today.
  12. Pallidrone

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    It started because he missed a player in the flat one time and struggled last year after being injured. Add in that Dak has 8 4th quarter comebacks in 48 games and Wentz has 4 in 40 makes is so obvious that Wentz is not clutch. Dallas should pay Dak at least $46 million a year. That would be a bargain.
  13. Pallidrone

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    You are right- that has to be worth $45 million a year at least.
  14. Pallidrone

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    If you are only counting games that matter, then why are you including that 7-6 win against Nate Sudfield. I dont think he is a scrub, but I do not think he is good either. He is very middle of the road. But with that said, I also think that Elliott is more valuable and a bigger thorn in the side of the Eagles then Dak will ever be. With that said, Dallas should pay him at least $42 million a year, fully guaranteed. He should not take a penny less!
  15. Pallidrone

    5 in / 5 out of the playoffs....

    I dont mind the Bills, their defense is good but that offense is just putrid. I really think that they are just going to run the ball, play defense and try not to get into any shoot outs.