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  1. Pallidrone

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    I care so little about this. Just enough to post how little I care.
  2. Pallidrone

    NFL Trivia Game!

    Hmm - I am just going to throw out a guess and say Jim Kelly - just thinking that he had 4 straight SB and had to get through the likes of Marino, Moon and Elway.
  3. Pallidrone

    NFL Trivia Game!

    My guess is Steve Young. First team all pro 3x and second team 3x from 92-98. He retired in 99 so I am pretty sure most of those guys are retired or dead. And he is criminally underrated as a QB.
  4. Of course the big problem with this philosophy is when the entire committee goes down....
  5. Pallidrone

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Ehh that might be going to far. I think a lot of this falls on McVay's shoulders. As silly as it sounds, they needed to run the ball more against them, but they needed to run more on the outside instead of the inside. They would have found some success eventually and then they would be able to settle into their game of play action and what not. When they abandon the run too early, they end up losing. That is exactly how the Eagles beat them.
  6. Pallidrone

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Eventually they will move on. Every fanbase at one time or another has had a bad call (or non call) effect a game or season at one point or another. The Eagles had a bad non call on Kevin Curtis, who was interfered with in Arizona. We ****ed about it, but got over it. We all eventually move on. Those whiny fans will move on as well. Eventually they will figure out that the referee did not tell the Saints defense to stop playing with less then two minutes left in the game when they had the lead or tell Brees to throw an interception in overtime when they had the ball. Sorry this is now getting to be borderline insane - especially some far fetched conspiracy theory that the game was fixed because of it.
  7. Pallidrone

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    I dont think the NFL really cares about a bunch of whiny Saints fans. In a month nobody will care about that game and will have moved on.
  8. Pallidrone

    Sean McVay: I got out-coached

    The thing that I still do not understand is Gurley. It is the last game of the year, the Pats are trying to take away the run and you just allow them to do that. He should have just ran the ball over and over again and ran it more to the outside then inside. Use both backs to get it done.
  9. See this is where I am on the fence about that. One one hand Wentz was balling before he got hurt and even with the lull he had in Seattle, he was still the MVP leader. On the other hand, him getting hurt and everyone doubting the Eagles really fueled the team through the playoffs. If Wentz never got hurt, they would have never been an underdog (at least in the NFC) and maybe they do not have that same fire.
  10. Pallidrone

    The Call People SHOULD be Complaining About

    It is not hatred - I couldnt care less about the Saints or their whiny fans. I would say this same thing about the Eagles as well. I would be pissed, no doubt, but I would not blame the outcome of the game on one missed calls.They didn't lose that Cowboys game because of an awful call at the beginning of the game, they lost because they could not get off the field on 3rd down. I do not dwell on bad calls, because bad calls happen in every game, in every sport and it is not a new thing. The only difference is that there are more camera angles and better technology to see these bad calls, where before all we had as fans was the one camera view that the broadcast showed us. The problem is that no matter what you do, nothing will make everyone happy. Refs are human and plays happen in realtime. They are going to make mistakes. If you want to make sure that they did not make mistakes, then you have to have a review on all questionable plays. If they do that, dont complain when a game is 4 hours long.
  11. Pallidrone

    The Call People SHOULD be Complaining About

    That is complete speculation. Let's say they did call that penalty - What if Payton gets cute and decides to throw the ball and it is intercepted? What if the kicker misses the kick? What if there is 20 seconds left and the Rams return it for a TD? Too many factors and time left on the clock to say what could have or would have happened. That fact is that the Saints defense ished the bed in the 4th quarter and Brees did in overtime. If the Saints were behind and this non penalty happened in the end zone with no time left on the clock, then they would have a legitimate beef. Right now they have no one to blame but themselves.
  12. Pallidrone

    Lawsuits field from Rams-Saints game seeding do-over

    Exactly! We are all about the attempted murder versus the silly lawyer, suing garbage. We are all about class!
  13. Pallidrone

    Lawsuits field from Rams-Saints game seeding do-over

    There is a difference between being pissed over a missed call and crying, suing the league and trying to call in play some obscure rule that has no barring. They still had AMPLE opportunities to win that game and they just did not. Blame it on Brees for that terrible interception in overtime or that horrible throw on 1st down that saved the Rams a timeout. Blame it on the defense that decided they could not stop Goff. To blame it on one missed call, one where there was no guarantee that the WR would have even caught the ball, is ludicrous and petty.
  14. Pallidrone

    Time for the Rams to right a wrong

    I didnt care either way, but now I am leaning towards wanting the Pats to win. Maybe with this win Tom will finally retire. Also adding another ring puts them another step above the Cowboys which is always delicious.