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  1. Pallidrone

    The Dak Prescott 16

    You couldnt have pasted it in Notepad and then copy and paste that?
  2. Pallidrone

    I wouldn’t jump on the Daniel Jones hate train just yet

    That is a lot of speculation. Do you think that Wentz would have led the Eagles to a Super Bowl win if he stayed healthy? Would they have responded that same being the lead dog instead of the underdog that drove them during the entire playoffs? I do think that he is very talented and still would have led the team quite well if not better. I think that Wentz would have benefited from sitting on the bench and watching for most if not all of his rookie season. Sometimes he plays like he has to be Superman and try to make the big play instead of taking what is in front of him. That habit may not be there if he was watching someone and things were pointed out to him during the season, instead of being thrust into this role as the franchise QB.
  3. Pallidrone

    I wouldn’t jump on the Daniel Jones hate train just yet

    I neglected to say that as part of the point - Darnold would have rode the pine, learned the playbook and practiced behind Eli ready to take the reigns over this year.It would have been a good thing for him. I think that all QBs should sit on the bench for a year and the Eagles should have done that with Wentz even with shipping Bradford out of town. You say that now about OBJ, but coming from an Eagles fan who has seen absolutely trash at the WR position for years, you may be wishing that they never shipped him out. He was a baby but he was also very good. He made other players better just by being on the field. The Giants are going to miss that part of him (but definitely not the diva part). Look you gotta believe in your team otherwise what is the point in rooting for them, but from this vantage point I think that Gettleman is a fool that is going to make the Giants bottom feeders for years to come. I really dont know how you go from Young to Accorsi to Reese (who I think is really underrated by Giants fans - yeah he had his issues and McAdoo was an abject failure but he did deliver 2 Super Bowls and had some decent picks along the way) to this clown.
  4. Pallidrone

    I wouldn’t jump on the Daniel Jones hate train just yet

    Darnold would have had a year under his belt, would have sat on the bench to learn the playbook and learn from Eli. He would have better players to throw to on the Giants then the Jets. He is also a much better prospect then Jones by miles. It is not what he did on the Jets last year more then what he could have done on the Giants this year. The dynamic would have completely changed instead of sticking to the same ole same ole. Eli would be gone this year, OBJ probably would not have been traded because they probably would have wanted to keep him with the young signal caller and he probably would not have said there was a QB problem because there was a succession plan in place. The Giants would have been trending upwards instead of meddling around in the middle to bottom of the pack. Barkley probably is the best RB in the league, there is no question about that. However, when was the last time a team won the Super Bowl with the 'best RB in the league'? Today's NFL is about the QB position and then how to fill around it. It is about throwing the ball on offense and attacking the QB on defense. The Giants seem to be trending in the opposite way of that and that is because Gettleman thinks it is still 1985.
  5. Pallidrone

    I wouldn’t jump on the Daniel Jones hate train just yet

    He is garbage and I am happy he is running the Giants. If they had someone competent running that organization they would have been a threat this year. We would have been in year 2 of Sam Darnold, with probably Nick Chubb at RB and they would have taken Josh Allen.
  6. Pallidrone

    OFFICIAL: Packers-Bears to be 100th NFL Season Opener

    You are really pushing for this Black Friday game. I really dont think itnis ever going to happen. Friday night is a dead zone for TV.
  7. Pallidrone

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    One would think that an economics professor would know the difference between socialism and communism, which makes me think that this entire story is a bunch of internet garbage.
  8. Pallidrone

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Why not?
  9. Pallidrone

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    I care so little about this. Just enough to post how little I care.
  10. Pallidrone

    NFL Trivia Game!

    Hmm - I am just going to throw out a guess and say Jim Kelly - just thinking that he had 4 straight SB and had to get through the likes of Marino, Moon and Elway.
  11. Pallidrone

    NFL Trivia Game!

    My guess is Steve Young. First team all pro 3x and second team 3x from 92-98. He retired in 99 so I am pretty sure most of those guys are retired or dead. And he is criminally underrated as a QB.
  12. Of course the big problem with this philosophy is when the entire committee goes down....
  13. Pallidrone

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Ehh that might be going to far. I think a lot of this falls on McVay's shoulders. As silly as it sounds, they needed to run the ball more against them, but they needed to run more on the outside instead of the inside. They would have found some success eventually and then they would be able to settle into their game of play action and what not. When they abandon the run too early, they end up losing. That is exactly how the Eagles beat them.
  14. Pallidrone

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Eventually they will move on. Every fanbase at one time or another has had a bad call (or non call) effect a game or season at one point or another. The Eagles had a bad non call on Kevin Curtis, who was interfered with in Arizona. We ****ed about it, but got over it. We all eventually move on. Those whiny fans will move on as well. Eventually they will figure out that the referee did not tell the Saints defense to stop playing with less then two minutes left in the game when they had the lead or tell Brees to throw an interception in overtime when they had the ball. Sorry this is now getting to be borderline insane - especially some far fetched conspiracy theory that the game was fixed because of it.
  15. Pallidrone

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    I dont think the NFL really cares about a bunch of whiny Saints fans. In a month nobody will care about that game and will have moved on.