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  1. I love Good Morning Football - it gets me through my mornings. That is all I watch on there unless it is TNF.
  2. Because we live in a misogynistic society. That is starting to change though and soon those jokes will not be tolerated.
  3. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Images are not - opinions and conclusions made from them are.
  4. Concerning DirecTV

    LOL - I hear you on that. I only have one NAS that is a 8 GB with a Raid backup on it. I have 4 other drives that are all 1 TB on the network, all in a closet on the local network.\ MKV is the way to go - Look into MKToolsNix. You can also put in subtitles if you want to go through that hassle as well.
  5. Concerning DirecTV

    Ahh That makes a lot of sense. It is a lot of work, but I have to imagine it is a labor of love. :) How many season do you go back on this? While you have 18TBs of storage, that is a still a lot of data to store there. I like to collect TV collections and I have around 12 TBs of storage that is almost filled up and I am looking to expand by adding a couple more NAS drives. EDIT : Funny I just saw your post that said the same thing.
  6. Concerning DirecTV

    Do you always get all the post games shows? I am just wondering if it is easier/cleaner to just get a 1 month subscription to Game Pass at the end of the season and make a digital copy of the games from there.
  7. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Yeah - no bias or political agenda with that source..... BTW those pictures are typical of most games I have been to. Depending on when the picture was taken is when you will see empty seats. All you have to do is watch the recap of the game and you can see how filled all those were.
  8. Yes in May - only 7 months ago. He has been the commissioner since 2006, 11+ years which the NFL has seen a lot of growth and has lined the owners pockets. On top of that he has protected the owners and has played the proverbial 'heel' in the NFL. He gets booed at every draft and takes it all in. He is being paid to not only grow the sport but also to take all the heat from the fans, which he does day in and day out. When you are the fall guy for not one but 32 billionaires, why not shoot for the moon? The only thing that will happen is that they say NO. Negotiations can start from there and work there way down. but if you never ask for the most you will NEVER get it. The only reason any of this has come out is because Jerrah is butt hurt over Zeke.
  9. Everything you just said. EDIT : There is a reason WHY they unanimously voted to extend his contract. He is protecting them by taking all the bullets from the fans thrown at him and he takes it all. Fans hate him because they all think he is the bad guy, which is EXACTLY what his role is suppose to be. How much is that worth to a billionaire owner?
  10. It is obvious that you have never negotiated a contract in your entire life. He has been the shield for all 32 owners for the tenure of his contract. He is implementing everything that they want and taking all the bullets that come his way. He is doing his job because fans like yourself are more obsessed with him then you are with the owners who employ him. He knows this and will shoot for the moon on any contract that he is trying to get.
  11. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Maybe because college football's rating numbers also include streaming where the NFL does not. The NBA also includes their steaming numbers as well.
  12. Concerning DirecTV

    Mine is still working perfectly.
  13. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    The earth is also flat, the sun rotates around the earth and spontaneous generation is a real thing.
  14. Concerning DirecTV

    You are welcomed! 😁