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  1. That cracked gear is both Groh and Schwartz. One can't develop corners and the other has the most predictable scheme I've ever seen since Chip's offense.
  2. I still think the best move at this point is to fire Jim Schwartz
  3. We better end up with Chris Harris or Patrick Peterson. That's all I'm saying
  4. lol we all took Frank Reich and Joe Douglas for granted.
  5. Craig James looks like our best corner out there. In the td he gave up in the endzone, he had good coverage, diggs just made a good catch and that'll happen. But he's a better press corner than the two other bums out there, Nnamdi and Maxwell lol
  6. Anyone know whats up with Fletcher? He looks either injured or uninterested out there. It was apparent in the GB game when Rodgers scrambled out of the pocket and he began spying him instead of rushing him
  7. We need more stunts and disguised blitzes. Our dline is not what it once was.
  8. Exactly. Having our corners play 7 yards off and letting Thielan and Diggs get a head start is the coaches decision. On that second td to Diggs, there was man to man on the outsides with safety help over the top (1). It didn't matter where Cousins decided to go because both outside Receivers were wide open
  9. Lack of talent on D is the issue. It's sickening watching no name guys on other teams make plays week in and week out, and that's gotta do with the Coaching. Jim is so headstrong on his scheme and making sure guys do what he wants, instead of what there instincts tell them to
  10. The lack of pressure from the D is on Jim and Howie. The 4 man rush is not generating any pressure, they've all regressed. Graham is better inside, Cox - idk what the hell is going on but he's been non existent, Barnett's gives up the edge on every fricken play, falls for the play action, Ridgeways been ok. Bradham is looking awfull, Brown is a run stopping lb who fails at stopping the run, Gerry's been ok
  11. Doug's play calling is getting predictable. How many times are we going to call that wr screen to Jeffrey???
  12. Our corners suck but Schwartz still needs to go. No fire lit under his a**, almost as if he knows his job is secured
  13. it helps having guys that can cover lol
  14. Finally Doug is relying heavy on the run game and it's paying dividends, Oline is starting to pick it up. Our whole D as a unit is mediocre but it was able to make plays when it mattered. Dline dropped a couple steps. Fletch looks terrible out there, but that may be due to injury. On that 4th and Goal where Rodgers was scrambling in the pocket looking to throw it and Fletch gave a half-a** attempt of a qb chase, I was losing my mind. Nnamdi and Byron Maxwell coming out of retirement to be our starting corners next week, you heard it here first lol
  15. Great game to watch! Jim had me up the wall all game with his soft coverages and weak blitzes. Whats the point of playing guys 10 yards off if we're just going to give them 10 yards a play? and why are they left on an island? Last time I checked, we don't have prime Revis out there. Same thing with Jimmy Graham, they seemed like they could get 10-15 yards through the air easily.