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  1. Lane talked about holding guys accountable, whether that'd be with plays, or showing up late to meetings/ practice. This means doug has lost control of the guys. Reminiscent of the Chip Kelly era
  2. Vic Beasley better be on a plane to Philly by the end of this week
  3. But I agree with you, unless Cox is playing injured and isn't telling anyone then we should look to move him. Taking way too many plays off
  4. Draft capital? Lol with how we've been drafting?
  5. Boston Scott with better burst and shiftyness than Sanders
  6. Lurie should've doubled down on Doug's "Guaranteed win"
  7. Sean Fing lee. 3rd and 4 and we go for a 15 yard pass
  8. We have a team full of "has beens" and that extends to the coaches too
  9. Does Gerry think Dak is Peyton Manning? He can RUN WITH THE BALL
  10. Great diving effort by Agholor.
  11. Hyder making plays but our "stars" can't even generate pressure
  12. How often do star players go on the market? Ramsey takes away half of the field. If our dl needs help then we're screwed because that's supposed to be our "strength". 1st rounder in Barnett, 1st Rounder in Cox, and 1st rounder in Graham, 2 of which are paid top dollar
  13. It's frustrating to see teams with much less offensive talent perform better than us
  14. Which DL are on the open market and worth trading for? You trade for whats available
  15. Dline is swiss cheese, our lbs are way too undersized. Our secondary makes Maxwell and Fletcher look like stars