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  1. gotta love the sarcasm Ute: To me doesnt seem Kelly cares either way or wants to find out, all he cares is if one wants to be part of the company or not and if not he doesnt care why and its Adios. Kelly's a true system guy ONE SIZE FITS ALL .
  2. For Diss'en Obama, ALL IS FORGIVEN TOM!
  3. Go ahead and laugh at this coming season, after all, you Chip fans will be laughing so much it'll make you cry. In the end, you'll be begging for Mathis to come back.
  4. OK Goat
  5. Buddy Ryan and Chip Kelly have some things in common, both are good on one side of the ball, both give you winning records...see where I'm going with this? Continue the list yourself, LOL Goat
  6. yeah, and look what happened to the Eagles when they stood on principle with TO, McNabb got exposed, and now Sam will suffer a similar fate
  7. Just look at the first play of the SB last year, with one of the greatest football minds in the game today, he got so into gesturing and reconfiguring and directing he forgot that he was supposed to catch the snap.
  8. Dude, Nick is going to be here for a long time and it's going to be fun watching people like you having to come to grips with that reality.
  9. latest news, it was discovered that over 347,000 US veterans were put on a VA waiting list for receiving needed medical treatment for serious war injuries, but it is comforting to know that 'our' government is on top of this 'Washington &^%skins' evil name thingie, which should be the overwhelming priority, eh?
  10. yeah, but if you're're going to hell any way, what's the rush? Prison is bad, but I'll bet it's not as bad as hell.
  11. Damn if Don wasn't his own worst enemy, like a Greek tragedy, when he turned on TO he destroyed any possibility of proving Rush and friends wrong. It would have been the equivalent of Randal Cunningham dissing Randy Moss, or better yet, Joe Cool making fun of Jerry Rice. But ole'Don just couldn't help himself.
  12. I don't really know who to blame for the last 14 years, McNabb/Vick being so dumb as to not understand all those plays coming in from the sidelines, or Andy for keeping these guys in all these years and still sending all those plays he just must have known McNabb/Vick wasn't going to understand anyway...of course one has to blame Andy for this. Damn, if Donovan only had Joe Gibbs as a coach, winning the Superbowl with Joe Theisman, Doug Williams and Mark Ripien, Gibbs had to be one of the best of all time.
  13. If and only if Gronk can stay healthy, forget it, he's awesome.
  14. watching his alligator arms in the Superbowl, I don't know if any fans would try to keep him out of jail.