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  1. Don't get me wrong, Zeke is a beast & will thrive with the Cowboys, I just think the Cowboys get good enough production from the run game due to their O-line anyways, for example Demarco Murray running for 1800+ yards & DMC last year had 1000+ rushing with over a 4.5 YPC. Imo the Cowboys didn't need a star RB as much as they needed talent on Defense. While Jalen Ramsey didn't have a lot of picks due to atleast 4 drops in 2015 he was still a top 3/5 Player & lock down Corner. If you look at the last few SB champs they had stud DB's like Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, TJ Ward, Darrell Revis, Devin McCourtey, Legion of Boom. The Cowboys could of have a Byron Jones-Jalen Ramsey tandem at CB & then with 2d RD pick could of gotten Noah Spence which would of been huge as well for the Cowboys Defense & their passrush but instead they went with a player who might be the overall best talent in the Draft in Jaylon Smith, too bad the guy has a possible career ending nerve injury & might never play or be the same player he once was, really a shame too because Jaylon Smith is 1 of the most talented LB's I have seen coming out of CFB. Again I think the Cowboys got a legit RB in Zeke Elliot & I am not looking forward to having to watch the Eagles try to contain Romo, Dez, Witten, CBeasley, & Zeke Elliot twice a year but I rather have that situation than for the Cowboys to have gotten legit talent for the Defense that it sorely needed. Other than Romo's health it's the Cowboys Defense holding them back from winning right now & the pairing of Ramsey & Spence/Jack would of been huge for the Cowboys Defense, just glad I don't have to see a pairing of Byron Jones & Jalen Ramsey twice a year tbh.
  2. You don't know how glad I am that the Cowboys chose Zeke Elliot & Jaylon Smith rather than Jalen Ramsey & Noah Spence or even Myles Jack.
  3. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  4. Can't wait for when Roger Goodell says Ladies & Gents, with the #2 pick in the Draft the Philadelphia Eagles select Carson Wentz.
  5. Ugh, atleast we will get to see him match up against Dez & Odell twice a year, should be interesting.
  6. His name Is Brian? Damn I have been calling the guy Billy Hoyer for the past couple years tbh.
  7. Queue Beast coming in saying how he always thought Lovie Smith was a bad fit lol.
  8. Yeah even though he has character issues I think its a great fit for the Redskins & I think people are over looking them this year. If RG3 can just be solid & not wet the bed I wouldn't be surprised to see them battling for the Division crown this year, I actually think talent wise they are better than the Giants && arguably better than the Cowboys as well. Just suspect on RG3 & Jay Gruden tbh.
  9. Murray may rent one of the Eagles trainers table but it's a damn FACT that Murray OWNS Cowboys franchise records & they are not being broke anytime soon tbh.
  10. That's just how the media, fans, writers, etc are tbh. We trade McCoy they all go bonkers over the deal & say Chip has no idea what he is doing. Yet Dallas lets the NFL's leading rusher walk right out the door for NOTHING & to a Division rival & it's oh hum no big deal & same thing with New England, they let Revis walk out the door for NOTHING to a Division rival & its oh hum no big deal. Just the way things are apparently.
  11. Just shows how immature he is to still tweet passive aggressive comments towards the Saints. I agree though the R words organization is dysfunctional, never implied they weren't, just mentioning that they have some solid pieces on Defense & the addition of Galette should help them.
  12. I'm assuming he is being sarcastic because that statement is just baffling. Anyways the R words do have a nice pass rushing duo in Kerrigan & Galette now. Plus they beefed up the middle of the line with the additions of Potroast && Stephen Paea. Don't forget they still have Jason Hatcher as well who has given the Eagles fits over the years.
  13. I bet Evan Mathis feels real stupid right now. he should fire that clown shoe of an agent Drew Rosenhaus for costing him millions of dollars.