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  1. Don't get me wrong, Zeke is a beast & will thrive with the Cowboys, I just think the Cowboys get good enough production from the run game due to their O-line anyways, for example Demarco Murray running for 1800+ yards & DMC last year had 1000+ rushing with over a 4.5 YPC. Imo the Cowboys didn't need a star RB as much as they needed talent on Defense. While Jalen Ramsey didn't have a lot of picks due to atleast 4 drops in 2015 he was still a top 3/5 Player & lock down Corner. If you look at the last few SB champs they had stud DB's like Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, TJ Ward, Darrell Revis, Devin McCourtey, Legion of Boom. The Cowboys could of have a Byron Jones-Jalen Ramsey tandem at CB & then with 2d RD pick could of gotten Noah Spence which would of been huge as well for the Cowboys Defense & their passrush but instead they went with a player who might be the overall best talent in the Draft in Jaylon Smith, too bad the guy has a possible career ending nerve injury & might never play or be the same player he once was, really a shame too because Jaylon Smith is 1 of the most talented LB's I have seen coming out of CFB. Again I think the Cowboys got a legit RB in Zeke Elliot & I am not looking forward to having to watch the Eagles try to contain Romo, Dez, Witten, CBeasley, & Zeke Elliot twice a year but I rather have that situation than for the Cowboys to have gotten legit talent for the Defense that it sorely needed. Other than Romo's health it's the Cowboys Defense holding them back from winning right now & the pairing of Ramsey & Spence/Jack would of been huge for the Cowboys Defense, just glad I don't have to see a pairing of Byron Jones & Jalen Ramsey twice a year tbh.
  2. You don't know how glad I am that the Cowboys chose Zeke Elliot & Jaylon Smith rather than Jalen Ramsey & Noah Spence or even Myles Jack.
  3. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  4. Can't wait for when Roger Goodell says Ladies & Gents, with the #2 pick in the Draft the Philadelphia Eagles select Carson Wentz.
  5. Ugh, atleast we will get to see him match up against Dez & Odell twice a year, should be interesting.
  6. His name Is Brian? Damn I have been calling the guy Billy Hoyer for the past couple years tbh.
  7. Queue Beast coming in saying how he always thought Lovie Smith was a bad fit lol.
  8. Who's the noob that said the Eagles will finish 3rd in the Division this year?
  9. Sam Bradford in 3 drives is 10-10 120 yards 3 Touchdowns , where are the haters now?
  10. Good to see Eli Manning is in mid season form, he just threw a pick 6. In the meantime Sam Bradford has 2 TD's in 2 drives & Walter Thrumond just got a pick 6 as well. How bout them birds baby!
  11. First of all, his hand wasn't under the ball, i'll use your own logic against you on this, you obviously saw what you wanted to see because it's clear as day the ball hit the ground & bobbled out which therefore is an incomplete pass, kind of hard to see it with the naked eye when watching live but when the replay was showed even coach McCarthy thought it was worthy of challenging & he was right, no catch. 2nd of all, I find it funny Cowboys fan's are bishing about a call being overturned even though THAT REQUIRES CLEAR VISUAL EVIDENCE. Does the 3rd down Pass Interference the Cowboys were called for against the Lions not ring a bell? It was obvious Hitchins did not play the ball & illegally played the receiver with out turning his head which resulted in the ref's throwing the PI flag & actually calling it on the mic for the whole world to hear then the most BS thing I have EVER witnessed occurred when the ref's decided to pick up the flag & change their mind's now saying it's a 4th down. Never in my life have I ever seen a ref throw a flag, call it out on the mic for everyone to hear then decide to pick up the flag & take the call back, talk about some BS where they changed a call even though that would require clear visual evidence for that to occur. Cowboys got what they deserve vs the Packers with the Dez Bryant no catch call though in honestly this case the ref's got it right by overturning it, in order for that play to have been considered a catch Dez had to maintain control of the ball after hitting the ground & obviously that didn't happen because he was selfish & extended the ball which caused the ground to make it bobble when he hit the ground. Like you said though, you saw what you wanted to see, it was a ''catch'' for Dez & he had his hand under the ball.
  12. What other Eagles fans called me out for that? It was you & a Patriots fan LOL. Anyways like I said, the voice of the NYG said DRC is a weapon, even with all the credentials he has he went & named DRC as a weapon? To each there own, I wouldn't name DRC who is a soft CB a weapon but he does have some talent so there's that. The players I mentioned are on OFFENSE & a DEFENSE has to account for them or bam they're making plays. To say Murray/Mathews/Sproles/Matthews/Agholor/Huff/Celek/Ertz are not weapons is just proving that you don't know what you are talking about. Plus you did say some guy named Street is a weapon on the Cowboys LOL. I never said our players were straight up better, matter of fact to the contrary I said Romo/Dez/Witten are better than our players, what I mentioned was we have MORE weapons, they might not be as great but they are still talented players who feed off each other due to our Spread Offense. If Matthews & Ertz are so bad how did they punk the Cowboys in their home on Thanksgiving with ButtFumble at QB to a score of 33-10? Another comparison I can make about weapons is the Patriots, Brady/Gronk are obviously studs & top talents in the NFL, but after that they just use a plethora of weapons to beat a team which in all includes Gronk/Edleman/Amendola/Lafell/Blount/Vereen(last season in the SB he was a WEAPON)/Gray & of course Brady running the whole show. Tbh you don't really know much about football so there is no need to repeat myself on how the game of football is played. If you want to be ignorant go ahead.
  13. No way you are bothering with that because obviously your statement of Rookie CB's often make an impact in their first as year as Rookie WR's do is completely false, not only did I list a BUNCH of Rookie WR's who made a big impact for they're respective team's, you can also point to how the rules of the NFL favors Offensive players & it makes it all the tougher on DB's. Anyone with half a brain would know your statement was just ridiculous, it's even more baffling because you provided NO PROOF, EVIDENCE, or anything to back up your statement while I have by naming all the Rookie WR's that had huge years. No Rookie CB made an impact last year like Rookie WR's Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, Odell Beckham JR, Sammy Watkins, Brandin Cooks, Jordan Matthews, Jarvis Landry, etc etc etc dic. Sorry buddy but you clearly were in over your head when making that statement, it's okay were not right about EVERYTHING as clearly you were wrong on that statement & to blindly support it just shows how ignorant you are tbh.
  14. Your not going to list the name of recent DB's that made as much as an impact as recent WR's because you CAN'T. I listed a ton of WR's who had great Rookie seasons & set records like ODB, sorry but I just stumped your theory of Rookie CB's often have as much of an impact as Rookie WR's. You claimed that Rookie DB's make an impact as often as WR's well guess what, that's just another BASELESS opinion of yours with no facts or evidence. I just heard the voice of the NYG Papa say that DRC is a weapon, if DRC is a weapon than I don't see why I can't name Murray, Sproles, Ertz, Matthews, Huff, etc as weapons, I mean at least they play on Offense & are weapons on the field a Defense has to account for, but than again you are clearly showing you don't know much about football by claiming a WR named Street is a weapon LOL ROFL. How about you feel free to show me credible opinions that Randy Gregory is the best pass rusher in the Draft because if he was & I mean IF than why did he fall in the 2nd RD & not the others? Don't blame him failing the drug test by testing positive for weed because so did Shane Ray & he went in the 1st RD so clearly the Broncos thought he was a better player. You are again supplying no evidence or facts about Gregory being the best pass rusher, just a baseless opinion that is pretty worthless tbh because it's coming out a Cowboys fan mouth, go figure you think he is the best pass rusher, let's just forget about Dante Fowler JR, Vic Beasely, Shane Ray, Bud Dupree, etc. If Gregory was the best pass rusher in the draft he wouldn't of fallen to #60 in the 2nd round. BTW here is a link from NFL.com saying Gregory is not the best pass rusher in the Draft & not even in the top 3 which includes Dante Fowler JR, Shane Ray, Vic Beasley, kind of funny since I told you those players were better pass rushers than Gregory. Multiple NFL analyst's claim Dante Fowler JR is the best pass rusher from the Draft. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000486540/article/2015-nfl-draft-the-skinny-on-this-years-edge-rushers
  15. I asked how often does a Rookie CB make an impact & you replied about as often as a Rookie WR, are you kidding me? I will name some Rookie WR's from the past two years who have made an impact, you name me some Rookie CB's who made an impact since apparently you think Rookie CB's make an impact about as often as a Rookie WR. Rookie WR's past two years : Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, Odell Beckham JR, Sammy Watkins, Jordan Matthews, Martavis Bryant, Jarvis Landry, Brandin Cooks, Tavon Austin, Deandre Hopkins, Cordarelle Patterson, Keenan Allen, Kenny Stills. The list goes on & on sunny, Rookie WR's often make more of an impact than a Rookie CB, so you saying about as often is just ridiculous. As for the Gregory claim I see your back peddling saying you read he is the best pass rusher well I can make a case for the rest as the best pass rusher as well, you just decide Gregory is the best because he is a Dallas Cowboy, doubt you would be saying that if he was an Eagle/Giant/Redskin or any other NFL team. The Nelson Agholor comment was still demeaning of his skill, saying he doesn't have much upside pretty much means he is a JAG (just a guy). Look the point is you can spin how your team is great & the Eagles are not && I could do the same thing, we don't know whats going to happen so lets just wait & see when the season starts, than we can talk all we want since we will actually have records & stats to point too for reference. You are entitled to your opinion & I respect that, just like I am entitled to my opinion & hope you respect it as well, just don't get the senseless bashing over & over.